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3 Types of Men Have Affairs: How to Spot

Do you feel like something feels off with your husband? Maybe he has increased his expenses without a good reason or comes home late at night?

Your husband might be seeing someone and may as well be keeping the relationship hidden from you. Men who have affairswill also suddenly start to act differently, leaving telltale cheating signs for you to follow.

Now, what are these cheating signs, and how to spot them early on in the relationship? Read on as I explain everything you need to know about 3 types of men who have affairs.

men who have affairs

Part 1: 3 Types of Men Have Affairs

Although every case will vary to a certain degree, 3 types of men usuallyhave affairs, and they are pretty easy to spot if you know what you are looking for.

1.1 Mr. Charming

The charmer will have a lot of opportunities to cheat, and opportunities often lead to infidelity. So this shows that men who have affairs can already be happy in their primary relationship and still cheat when provided with the opening.

This cheating based on an opening is also found more in men than in women, and after infidelity, the person may feel a hint of regret, but do cheaters ever change? However, the intensity of their guilt will decrease over time as they fear less and less about being discovered.

So, what are the warning signs of a Mr. Charming?

The problem with catching a charmer is that they are not cheating unless they get the right moment, which means they will generally not show the general signs of an unfaithful person.

However, even a charmer can be caught; keep a lookout on how committed they are to a relationship. If you feel their lack of commitment is alarming, they may cheat when a window opens.

You can also ensure that a charmer stays away from these ‘opportunities’ as much as possible. For example, they should avoid getting drunk with their friends, or partying all night, if they know they can get carried away and commit infidelity.

1.2 Mr. Horny

Mr. Horny is one of those types that almost cheat the most. They have sex just because it makes them feel good and validated, or just for the heck of it.

Most will also think they have a high sex drive and cannot be satisfied by their primary partner, so they will cheat just to fulfill their ‘needs.’

Men who have affairs and are of the Mr. Horny type will usually have a charming personality and can smoothly talk a person into having sex. Moreover, they might cheat just because they are bored and may often neglect the emotional problems of cheating.

So, what are the warning signs of Mr. Horny?

Mr. Horny types are the ones that you feel can change when you meet. However, these people will rarely change and still have a high chance of committing infidelity. If your man has also been a cheater in the past, chances are he’ll do it again.

Also, horny guys will disregard sex as an emotional connection and consider it something a person needs biologically.

Mr. Horny guys also have a smooth way of charming you, flattering you with shallow words only to get in bed and then cheat later.

1.3 Mr. Frustrated

As the name suggests, Mr. Frustrated will lean toward infidelity because their current relationship does not offer what they want. Unlike Mr. Horny, frustrated men might not always have unfulfilled sexual needs, as the deficiency can also be emotional.

Besides, Mr. Frustrated often feels that a particular piece is missing from his relationship and will look for that piece elsewhere.

In addition, this does not mean they don’t care for their partner; it just means there might be a significant desire of theirs that is either being ignored or not catered to. Frustrated by their partner’s negligence, they will fulfill their need elsewhere.

So, what are the warning signs of a Mr. Frustrated

A frustrated person will find satisfaction in cheating due to their partner’s negligence or inability to voice their desires.

Avoiding a conversation, a frustrated cheat will often hide feelings from his partner just to avoid further arguments and instead show his feelings through passive aggressiveness.

Part 2: The Reasons Why Men Have Affairs

Every person is different and might have a complex reason for their infidelity. However, some scenarios increase the chances of cheating.

reasons why men have affair

2.1 Why Do Men Have Affairs at Work?

  • Compared to their primary relationship, the workplace presents a more polished version of people.
  • The workplace has rules to stop affairs from happening, giving the whole scenario a sense of thrill.
  • A high-pressure work environment can form strong bonds

2.2 Why Do Married Men Have Affairs?

  • Forgetting about your partner as they are not a part of your work life
  • Unhappiness in a relationship
  • Unfulfillment of desires, whether sexual or emotional

2.3 Why Do Older Men Have Affairs?

  • They crave sexual attraction and are not getting it at home
  • Their partner no longer appeals to them
  • They want to satisfy their ego and see if they still feel attractive

Part 3: What are The 7 Types of Affairs Men Have?

Most relationship experts and researchers have discovered different types of affairs for which the root cause varies with the person’s current stage.

It is essential to know about these 7 types for deeper insight into the behavior of your spouse:

3.1 A Sexual Affair

According to proven studies, it is suggested that men have increased sexual desire compared to women; sometimes, one woman can’t satisfy their needs.

In such conditions, men seek a partner to quench their sexual desires without necessarily having any emotional connection with them.

3.2 An Emotional Affair

Almost every marriage ends up in a lack of expressions and emotional distance. You and your spouse usually part ways, getting busy in their own lives.

Due to lack of attention or care from the spouse, men typically go for girls who give them more empathy. Initially, they share their problems which build up emotional links with other people, leading them to an affair.

3.4 A One-night Stand Affair

When men have a night out, they usually drink a lot and wake up in bed with a random stranger with their heads shaking.

Moreover, such affairs are known as one-night stand affairs, where you don’t even know your partner or won’t be meeting them again. Furthermore, it mostly ends with one sneaking out before the other wakes up.

3.5 A Distraction Affair

Breakups are difficult to overcome, but once you see your ex with someone, you tend to get an urgency to find someone for yourself to move on from them. These relationships are called distraction affairs, where you use a person to get over your problems.

3.6 A Double Life Affair

One of the worst kinds of affairs is double life affairs, where men are married to two women at a time without letting both of them know. In such cases, they keep their spouses in either different cities or as far away as possible.

Even men are scattered in this situation, handling both wives and attending all the special events. Sometimes, they end up having kids from both wives, and even then, they don’t reveal the other marriage till one of them catches him randomly at a restaurant or a mall.

3.7 A Serial Affair

Some men are so used to cheating that they switch from one woman to another while turning into sex addicts and keeping their wives as permanent partners.

They are involved in repeating inappropriate behavior and are seen flirting with almost everyone wherever they go.

Part 4: How to Spot Men Who Have Affairs?

Although there are various ways to spot men involved in extramarital affairs, some apps and software are dedicated to tracking them to know their truth.

Spylix is one of those apps that works anonymously so that the target isn’t unaware he’s being followed.

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Features of Spylix

Some of the key features offered by Spylix are:

  • Call tracking: Monitor all incoming and outgoing calls on the targeted phone. You can even check the call duration, date, time, and other details about the calls.
  • Text monitoring: Another feature is message monitoring, where you can read the entire conversation. Moreover, you can track the deleted message without any restrictions
  • GPS tracking:Configure the location of your spouse and check whether they’re lying to you or not.
  • Contact logs: Get complete contact information about any certain person from the targeted phone.
  • Changing Settings: The app also lets you change the settings of your spouse’s device or even change passwords without letting them know.

Steps on How to Shot Men Who Have Affairs with Spylix

Following are some simple steps to track your spouse’s Android or iOS device:

For Android Users

Step 1: Create Account

Go to Spylix’s official website, sign up and create a free Spylix account.

Create new spylix account

Step 2: Set Up Spylix

Complete the procedure as mentioned on the platform to install the APK app on the target Android device, and tap Continue.

Install spylix app on android

Step 3: Start Spotting the Men Who Have Affairs

To check the location of your targeted device, open the control panel. Check their real-time location and history.

Start spotting the men who have affairs on Android

For iOS Users

Step 1: Make a New Account

Visit Spylix’s website, and sign up for free to create your account.

Create new spylix account

Step 2: Enter iCloud Details

Now, add the user’s iCloud account credentials to verify the iPhone or iPad. Finally, tap Continue.

Enter the icloud account info on spylix

Step 3: Track the Men Who Have Affairs

To end, access the Spylix dashboard and open any of the tracking features to learn whether the man is cheating or not.

track the men who have affairs on iPhone

Why Choose Spylix?

The basic advantage of choosing Spylix as a tracking app is that it is free to use and secure. Also, an issue with most apps is that they take up storage, letting others know about them.

However, thanks to its lightweight capacity, Spylix doesn’t take up a noticeable amount of space and keeps running in the background without ever getting detected.

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Part 5: FAQs on Men Have Affairs

Want to know why do men have affairs? Well, check out this FAQ section to learn about some facts!

5.1 What percentage of men have affairs?

According to the latest research held in 2021, around 20% of men in committed relationships have affairs. According to the Department of Psychology of the University of Colorado Boulder, men often initiate a cheating situation, although both engage at a similar ratio.

5.2 Do all men cheat and have affairs?

Not all men are the same, and it would be unfair to generalize the entire gender. Every person is different, and so is their mentality; some men cheat because of dissatisfaction, while others do it just because they can get away with it.

5.3 Where do men have affairs the most?

If a person is a cheater, they can find their cupid of affair anywhere possible. However, as per research, most experiences happen at offices, gyms, and social media.

Most of the time, emotionally, people undergoing the same situation tend to have more chances to get involved.

5.4 How long do affairs usually last for men?

There are many reasons why most affairs don’t last much longer. Sometimes, both realize what they’re doing isn’t ethical and break the affair, while others are caught by their betrayed spouse.

A recent survey shows that around 50% of affairs don’t last longer than a year. However, 30% of experiences lasted up to two years.

5.5 How can my husband love me and have an affair?

There is a solid chance that a person who is in love with someone or married to someone falls for someone else.

Sometimes, the need to have multiple women can trigger their senses, while other times, they might have a certain desire that their wife might be neglecting.

5.6 How to protect yourself from getting involved with a man in an affair?

Some of the easy techniques to keep yourself away from falling for a man who’s already married are:

  • Always keep your spouse or partner first
  • Avoid sweet talks or flirting
  • Don’t meet alone or chat late at night
  • Never give a crying shoulder to a colleague

If you somehow fall in love with someone you shouldn’t, don’t hesitate to seek help from a psychologist or therapist.


Remember, cheating is wrong and there’s no justification, and knowing why it happens and having a clue of the signs to look out for can help expose the 3 types of men who have affairs.

When you still cannot confirm your doubts, simply use a tool such as Spylix to determine whether your significant other is heading towards infidelity.

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