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100 Messages to A Cheating Boyfriend

Most of us have had those moments when we think, “I could be sending my cheating boyfriend the right text to end things or confront him about what he has done.

But what, you ask, is the perfect text? How can you even know?

This article will help you understand that you deserve to be treated better than this and that you should not settle for the scraps that your boyfriend is giving you.

Here, we will discuss what messages to a cheating boyfriend you should sendto deal with the status of your relationship!

Cheating boyfriend

Part 1: 100 Messages to A Cheating Boyfriend

Do you not know how to construct a message to a cheating boyfriend? Check out our top 100 recommendations on how to make him feel guilty through text.

1.1 20 Painful Messages to A Cheating Boyfriend

Painful Messages to Cheating Boyfriend

  1. “Now I see that all the memories we had created were not important to you. You have shown me by deceiving me in such a way. I trusted you, but now I have learned that I was so wrong.”
  2. “I thought you loved me, but it is time to forget it, and focus on loving myself.”
  3. “I put my guard down and almost called you last night. But, I will not go through this pain again.”
  4. “I can not be with you anymore! It is best if we part ways, and I hope that one day you will realize what we had was special and how you threw it away due to your pride of thinking you can date many women.”
  5. “In just a few words, you have destroyed everything beautiful about our relationship. I thought our love would keep us together until we were old and gray, but I was wrong. Maybe you understand how hurt I am, but I will never forgive you for what you did.”
  6. “Right now, all I want is for you to disappear from my life completely - as though you never existed. I want to pretend that you were only a passing illusion, something that had no impact on me whatsoever.”
  7. “I knew you were up to something! The rotten thing always stinks, and the smell gives it away. Good riddance!”
  8. “I am finally letting go of the past and moving on to a partner who will cherish me now. It's time to forget about yesterday and start fresh with someone new.”
  9. “I would not have done anything like this to you. This is not what a person who is in love does!”
  10. “I know that it's better to be alone than with someone who doesn't care about me. I hope one day you'll regret everything you did to me and realize what an idiot you've been.”
  11. “I never thought I could hate someone as much as I hate you now. It's limitless. Thank you for making me fall in love with you like crazy. Now, even this hate feels satisfying. Hate you to the moon and back!”
  12. “Life has taught me that it's important to forgive but never forget. Just because I'm not angry with you now and can sincerely tell you that everything is okay, doesn't mean that things will go back to the way they were. Once the glass breaks, it can't be repaired.”
  13. “Go ahead and keep cheating. You're not disrespecting me; you're disrespecting yourself. And you deserve every bit of pain and heartache that comes your way as a result.”
  14. “I'm glad you're out of my life - you weren't the kind of person I thought you were. You were only a temporary happiness that I was too blind to see. Going through this experience has helped me realize a lot about myself.”
  15. “I really wanted to slap your teeth out, but I decided I would let Karma do it for me instead. It will come, just wait and see!”
  16. “Cheating is a major betrayal that can destroy what you have built with someone. It creates a lack of trust and can severely damage the relationship.”
  17. “Even though I am hurting and my heart feels like it's been shattered into pieces, I know that this pain won't last forever. There will be a day when I am happy again.”
  18. “Some people view love as a sacred bond between two individuals, while others see it as a game where the goal is to manipulate another individual and gain emotional power over them. People who see love as a game are more likely to have multiple love interests, and cheating is just another way they try to control their partner.”
  19. “If you think you can go out and cheat on a good woman without her finding out, you're sadly mistaken. You might think you're getting away with something, but you're not. You don't deserve a good woman who loves and cares for you - someone who is loyal and faithful.”
  20. “You don't deserve someone who would do anything for you, least of all me.”

1.2 20 Quotes Messages to A Cheating Boyfriend

quotes messages to cheating boyfriend

  1. “Cheating doesn't always have to involve physical contact. If you're already hiding things from your partner, like deleting text messages, you're already on the path to it.”
  2. “The path to greatness is never easy. Evil is the easy way out. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity are all easy things to do. That's why it's important to stay away from the easy way out. The easy way will never lead you to greatness.”
  3. “If you manage to cheat someone, don't think that the person is stupid. Instead, realize that the person trusted you a lot more than you deserved.”
  4. “Real men know the value of being loyal. They don't waste their time looking for someone else to love because they're busy cultivating self-love. They know that being faithful to themselves is the best way to live a happy and fulfilling life.”
  5. “A good person can forgive, but not stupid enough to repeat the same thing again.”
  6. “I was in love with a man who ultimately was afraid of my love and all I had to offer him.”
  7. “If a girl asks you a question, it's better to just give her the truth. More often than not, she is asking because she already knows the answer and wants to see if you'll be honest with her.”
  8. “If you cheat on a good woman, karma will make sure you end up with the worst you deserve.”
  9. “I am not the other woman. I am the only woman. Make sure you understand that. Got it? Good.”
  10. “No matter how badly people treat you, never allow yourself to stoop down to their level; just know that you’re better than them and walk away.”
  11. “You knew what you were doing and that it would hurt me, but you did it anyway. I don't understand why you would do something like that, knowing full well how much pain it would cause me.”
  12. “If your partner starts keeping secrets from you, it may be a sign that they're not interested in building a future with you. They may not be considering the long-term relationship with you and are instead just looking for something casual.”
  13. “Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care.”
  14. “I'm not crying because of you; I'm crying because I finally saw you for who you really are. The delusion I had of who you were is shattered, and all that's left is the truth. You're not worth my tears.”
  15. “My heart is one of my proudest accomplishments. It's been through a lot of tough times, but it still works perfectly.”
  16. “When people cheat, they not only hurt themselves but also damage their relationships with others by breaking the trust they have built. Cheating creates a sense of self-doubt and diminishes self-esteem.”
  17. “Everyone has feelings, and they shouldn't be used. If you're no longer interested in someone, you should tell them before you go and cheat or look for someone else.”
  18. “Don’t cheat in a relationship. If you are not happy, then just say goodbye and leave.”
  19. “When you start to wonder if you deserve better, you probably do. Whether it's in your personal relationships or your career, don't settle for less than you deserve. You are worthy of respect, love, and happiness. If you're not getting those things, it's time to make a change.”
  20. “Most people cheat because they focus more on what they perceive as lacking in their current situation, rather than being grateful for what they already have.”

1.3 20 Goodbye Messages to A Cheating Boyfriend

goodbye texts to a cheater

  1. “Goodbye and good riddance.”
  2. “I never thought our break up would be so bittersweet. It's bitter because you humiliated my love and sweet because I will never have to see your face again.”
  3. “Your lies have shattered any trust I had in you. I can't believe I was foolish enough to think you were different. You've shown your true colors, and you are not the person I thought you were. You've destroyed everything we had with one moment of deception.”
  4. “Cheating does not come from a lack of love. It comes from a lack of respect, selfishness, and being a dirtbag!”
  5. “Being alone is better than being cheated on and disrespected.”
  6. “I have given so much in this relationship, but it's become clear to me that I'm not your priority. I can't keep doing this – it's one-sided, and I deserve better. It's time to say bye.”
  7. “I know I deserve someone who is honest and loyal and who will never make me question how I feel about them. I deserve someone who loves me for who I am, not what I can do for them. I know that there is someone out there who will love me unconditionally, and I am willing to wait for that person. So goodbye, and good luck finding what you're looking for.”
  8. “Cheating on a good person is like putting away a perfectly shaped diamond and picking up a rock. And, you have chosen a rock!”
  9. “It takes a person without any principles or values to be able to betray the love of their life. I think the so-called great love you said you had for me was nothing but words and nothing more.”
  10. “It wasn't your fault. I was wrong for believing everything you said.”
  11. “I trusted you, and I thought we had something special. But I was wrong, and I got hurt because of it. I feel betrayed, but I know I deserve better than this. So I'm moving on.”
  12. “I am done with you. I don’t want to be associated with you anymore because all you bring me is pain and disappointment. I thought I knew you, but I was wrong about you, which hurts more than anything.”
  13. “With you, I thought we were forever, but I was so wrong!”
  14. “It's been a while since I first started doubting your loyalty, but I always thought it was just my imagination playing tricks on me. But, it was not to be.”
  15. “You can not steal a real man. With you cheating on me, I know that you never were one.”
  16. “Only a low life can cheat on a loving partner who has sacrificed everything. I am glad it is over before it is too late.”
  17. “The pain I feel now is nothing compared to the pain I would feel if I stayed with you.”
  18. “You will remember how much of a fool you were to cheat in this relationship. You’ll never find someone special.”
  19. “Your betrayal was the worst thing you could have done to me, and I will never forgive you for it. I forgive you for many things, but this is one thing I will never be able to get past.”
  20. “I'm glad I found out now rather than later when we would have been answerable to the lives of our children. I count myself lucky!”

1.4 20 Hurtful Messages to A Cheating Boyfriend

Hurtful Messages to a Cheater

  1. “I wish and hope you find someone who cheats on you deep down in a relationship, so you know how I felt.”
  2. “Your dishonesty has shown me your true face, which is pure evil.”
  3. “Finally, I know I deserve something better and will never settle for less than I deserve!”
  4. “Loyalty is not a thing everyone has, mainly if the person is vile.”
  5. “I am glad you won’t be the father of my children. I avoided this disaster.”
  6. “There is something that is broken inside you.”
  7. “I wished I could get back the time I had wasted trying to work on this relationship. Clearly, it was a mistake.”
  8. “Oh, look at you, having the nerve to cheat and then blame it on me. What a worthless person.”
  9. “I can tell that you don't care about our relationship anymore. You're always making excuses and trying to push me away. I don't need a man who isn't interested in me. ”
  10. “I hope you never find true love.”
  11. “Lucky escape!”
  12. “Go your own way because I deserve better than someone who doesn't care about me.”
  13. “Oh honey, please drop the idea that you are some hot stud who could get away with cheating.”
  14. “Karma will find its way to you. Just wait and experience.”
  15. “My father always told me how much of a toxic person you were, and I am happy that he was not wrong, and you showed your true color so quickly.”
  16. “You cheated on me and broke my heart. You hurt me deeply, and I don't think you deserve my love anymore.”
  17. “How pathetic you would have to be to do this to another living individual?”
  18. “If you were a gentleman, you could have ended things earlier. But you weren’t, and you chose to cheat.”
  19. “I hate you for making me go through this.”
  20. “I’d rather be with a person who needs to be appreciated, and you are not him.”

1.5 20 Subliminal Messages to A Cheating Boyfriend

Subliminal texts by girlfriend

  1. “I find it ironic that I was always giving my warmest hugs to the coldest person in the world. Your love was fake, but the fact that I hate you is real.”
  2. “I haven't been sure about your faithfulness for a while now, but I always thought it was just me overthinking things. But, it was not the case. :(”
  3. “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that Karma is about to finish her drink, and she asked for your address. I'm sure she'll be in touch soon! All the best!”
  4. “I don't miss him for who he is, I miss him for who I thought he was. Consider me stupid!”
  5. “I refuse to be subjected to your mind games and lies. I will not play a part in your constant drama. You will not manipulate me, nor will you control me.”
  6. “What you did was not just an act of infidelity against me, but against us. You didn't just break my heart - you shattered our future.”
  7. “Your words mean nothing to me because your actions speak on your behalf.”
  8. “Thank you for being the person I said I’d never been in my life. You’ve disappointed me to the core, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”
  9. “I had never known evil before I met you, and I am glad I did, as now I can become more prepared.”
  10. “Promises are even worse than lies because not only do you make the person believe what you're saying, but you also give them false hope.”
  11. “It seems like you think I'm not good enough for you, so maybe it's time to let you find someone better.”
  12. “I'm moving on from this, and I'll never look back. You meant nothing to me, and I hope you realize what a mistake you made in cheating on me.”
  13. “I will find someone who will make me truly happy, and it's important to not settle for anything less. This is what I believe.”
  14. “I was always good enough for you, but dear, you were not!”
  15. “Never settle for anything less, a love that betrays and lies. There is someone better for me out there, I know it.”
  16. “It is a choice to cheat, not a mistake!”
  17. “I'm wondering if the person who's cheating is stupid, or if the person who's being cheated on is stupid. Please help me figure this out.”
  18. “I feel liberated today upon finding out the truth.”
  19. “You will not control or overpower me with your false statements and stories.”
  20. “Your incessant games and manipulation will no longer work on me - I refuse to be a part of your drama.”

Part 2: What Do You Do After Your Boyfriend Cheats on You?

Once you finally learn about the whole infidelity situation, the next bitter step is to gather the courage on what to say to a cheating boyfriend or, most importantly, what to do next!

In this section, we will talk all about it. Read on!

2.1 Remember that You are Not to Blame

Under any circumstances, you should not be blaming yourself for the failure of the relationship. Whatever the reasons that caused your boyfriend to be unfaithful have nothing to do with you. So, please remember this.

2.2 Put Yourself First

Focus on your well-being first by doing the things you like the most, such as watching a beloved movie or trying out a favorite cuisine. Do not use negative habits, such as lying on the bed all day, as a coping mechanism.

2.3 Accept that Things are Going to Suck Sometime

Obviously, when a person you think of as the love of your life cheats on you, it is gonna hurt. So, start by accepting that things will suck for you, but they will get better with time.

2.4 Ask for Professional Help if You Need

If the news of infidelity has suddenly caused an aberration in your daily life, we suggest seeking a therapist’s help to discuss your issues. Doing nothing at all will eventually have a negative impact on your physical and mental health.

Part 3: How to Deal with A Cheating Boyfriend Who Lies?

It is vital to confront your boyfriend and talk about his actions face to face.

Here is how you can deal with him:

3.1 Ask Him to Talk When You are Ready

Once you are ready to deal with the whole situation head-on, then and only then call or text your cheating boyfriend for a meeting. Do aim to meet him in a public place such as a mall or a coffee shop.

3.2 Practice What You Want to Say Before Starting the Talk

Stand in front of a mirror and go through all the things you will go through during the final talk with your boyfriend. Never go unprepared!

Part 4: How to Deal with A Cheating Boyfriend That You Love

Getting cheated on by the boyfriend hurts the most when you are in love with him, and he still performs the immoral action.

4.1 Focus on the Future if You Decide to Rebuild the Relationship

If you are willing to forgive him and give him a second chance, then it is important to discuss the future of your relationship and where it is heading.

It is vital to know how committed he is and how much remorse he feels about his infidelity. From there, you can rebuild your relationship.

4.2 Break Up with Him if You Want to End the Relationship

What if you feel he would have continued to do the same thing again if he hadn’t been caught? Well, in that case, simply do it before it gets too late and move on!

Part 5: How to Spy on A Cheating Boyfriend (without Him Knowing)

If you ever get suspicious of your boyfriend’s activities and fear he is cheating on you via text with another individual, then it is important to gather the proof.

So, how can you do that? Well, simply enable the phone tracking app Spylix on his Android or iOS device, and allow yourself the opportunity to remotely check his text messages and real-time location. All of this can be done under Stealth Mode without him knowing!

By tracking the boyfriend’s GPS, you can find out whether he spends long hours at his workplace or elsewhere. Also, you can view the chat history to know who he is texting with at odd hours.

What Else Spylix Offers:

Here are some other handy features the spying app has to offer:

  • Contact Logs
  • Browsing History
  • Call Tracking
  • Social Media Spying without jailbreak or rooting
  • Photo and Video Spy

Steps on How to Spy a Cheating Boyfriend

These are the steps to keep track of your boyfriend’s Android or iOS phone:

For Android Users

Step 1: Make a New Account

Access Spylix’s official website, and enter your email address to sign up for free.

Create new spylix account

Step 2: Set Up Spylix App

Follow the onscreen instructions to quickly install the Spylix app on your boyfriend’s Android device.

Install spylix app on android

Step 3: Start Catching a Cheating Boyfriend

Open the Spylix control panel using your device, and open the GPS Locations or Text Messages options under the General Features tab.

Start Catching a Cheating Boyfriend on Android

For iOS Users

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to the website of Spylix and create your account using an email address.

Create new spylix account

Step 2: Enter iCloud Details

To verify the boyfriend’s device, provide their iCloud account details. Once done, tap Continue.

Enter the icloud account info on spylix

Step 3: Catch Your Cheating Boyfriend

Now to track the iPhone activity, open the Spylix dashboard and check their location and chat history under the General Features section.

Catch your Cheating Boyfriend on iPhone


After going through this post, you finally know how to catch your cheating boyfriend in the act using Spylix.

Also, if you are not ready to confront him face-to-face, take inspiration from the list of 100 messages to a cheating boyfriend, and send a text containing all your emotions and pain.

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