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Catch a Cheater: How to Check Your Spouse's Text Messages for Free

Cheating spouses use texts to communicate secretly with the person they're cheating with a lot, so knowing how to catch cheaters through texting is necessary when there are signs of disloyalty.

In this Internet age, how to check your spouse's text messages for free is no longer an impossible question. There are a lot of mobile spywares on the market, with which you can monitor your partner's SMSs, the messaging apps they frequently use and keep tabs of what's happening.

The guide below will show you some of the solutions helpful for discreetly catching cheaters texting.

a Couple Lying in Bed While the Wife Fails to Catch the Cheater's Texting

Part 1: Is My Spouse Cheating on Me &How to Catch Cheaters Texting

Cheating in relationships is a rampant vice that both men and women practice. Your partner may have some secret activities that they engage in constantly, and when asked about it, they act shifty. Some of these weird characteristics of cheating spouses are as follows:

  • Hiding things from you whenever you ask the simplest of questions
  • Always keeping the phone locked and having all sorts of passwords to access it
  • Late-night texting
  • Placing their phone with the screen facing downwards whenever you're together
  • Cheating partners will always find reasons to stay away from you
  • Act shifty when you request to use their phone, to the point that they might start a fight when you bring up the topic

You have every right to know what's happening in your partner's life and should be concerned when they're always acting secretive. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, a sure way to know is by going through their texts and catch cheaters texting.  

However, this is not as easy as it sounds, and that’s why spying tools like Spylix are helpful. Let's have a look at how these spy apps can help catch a cheating spouse' text messages for free.

Part 2: Spylix: How to Check Your Spouse's Text Messages for Free

Spylix is a top spy application tool that monitors incoming and outgoing messages on a target device. It is a reliable spyware for being secure and it's used worldwide to spy on a lot of forms of communication discretely.

Spylix can read messages even after they have been deleted. It can also monitor the contact information of both the sender and the receiver, such as photos, phone numbers and names, and show the timestamps of these messages.

Spylix - Ratings

Feature: ★★★★★
Design: ★★★★★
Ease: ★★★★★
Support: ★★★★★
Pricing: ★★★★★

Spylix is extremely advanced, with 40 different data types supported to help you get all the information you need to catch cheaters texting. Let's have a look at the pros of Spylix.

Check Your Spouse's Text Messages for Free

Pros: Like

  • Spylix incorporates Google maps and GPS positioning to track the whereabouts of your cheating partner.
  • Spylix is highly compatible with all Android and iOS devices.
  • It is highly advanced in that it can track and display deleted text messages. The App has an easy-to-use control panel that displays all your partner's activities at the same time. It also has access to the calendar, call logs, notes, contacts, text messages, etc.
  • Spylix doesn't require jailbreaking of the target device to allow you to use it to catch cheaters texting.
  • The app is stealthy in such a way that the icon is automatically hidden on your partner's Android phone, and if it's an iOS device, you can use iCloud to track the phone's activities. This form of stealth mode helps you track your spouse while they are none the wiser.
  • It uses very little space on the target phone, as well as your phone. The app is light enough that your partner will never notice that an app has been downloaded secretly, and it also uses very little battery power. 
  • Spylix has the most third-party features on offer for both iOS and Android phones. The app supports Snapchat, WhatsApp, LINE, and KiK and monitors all messages on these platforms.

2.1 How to Catch a Cheater on Android

Catch a Cheater on Android with Spylix

Catching a cheater using their Android phone is very easy in this age of technology and the Internet. Advanced spy apps are readily available for you online to help you track and catch cheaters texting without physically following them. Use the power of technology to spy on your partner remotely, and avoid being clueless if anything deceitful happens.

Follow the simple steps below and get started with Spylix today:

Man Peeks at Woman's Phone Wanting to Know Cheating Wife's Texts

Step 1: Register an account with Spylix for free.

Create a Spylix Account to Catch a Cheater on Android

Step 2: Install Spylix by following the guide provided in the welcome email, then set up the app. Once the downloading and setup are done, the icon stays hidden but still keeps operating efficiently.

Set up Spylix to Catch a Cheater on Android

Step 3: Open your browser and start tracking the target device using the control panel. It shows you all of your target's relevant information. Then you can start catching cheaters texting.

Catch a Cheater on Android with Spylix

2.2 How to Catch Cheating Text Messages on iPhone

Use Spylix toContacts

The Spylix app is also perfect for catching cheating text messages on iPhone. It can monitor 18 types of information, such as searching for a location, monitoring text messages, email, etc. A considerable advantage of the Spylix iOS solution is that you don't need to physically access the target's phone. All you need to do is to log in through iCloud and monitor the phone.

Let's have a look at how you can access this cutting-edge technology for your use:

Step 1: Register an account for free.

Step 2: Access the target's iCloud ID using their device and get their remote networking information.

Step 3: Start catching cheaters texting remotely and accessing all their phone's relevant information using the control panel provided by the app.

Part 3: XNSPY: Catch Cheating Spouse's Text Messages for Free

Xnspy Web Page: How to Check Your Spouse's Text Messages for Free

While Spylix is a fantastic way to catch cheaters texting without their knowledge, there are also other alternatives in the market. When looking for an alternative, there are some factors to consider, such as the type of information that is monitored, if the phone is Android or iOS, whether the app has a stealth mode feature, and whether the data being monitored is safe.

A great alternative app that considers the above factors is XNSPY. This app is easy to use and is safe for your cell phones and tablets. It lets you know who your cheating spouse is communicating with and what they talk about. It can give you some insights into the kind of person your spouse is and how they think about you.

This app allows you to read your spouse's SMS, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, IM chats, Line, and iMessage without their knowledge. You can also secretly monitor their phone calls, GPS location, and contacts.

XNSPY - Rating

Feature: ★★☆☆☆ 2/ 5
Design: ★★★☆☆ 3 / 5
Ease: ★☆☆☆☆ 1 / 5
Pricing: ★★★☆☆ 3 / 5
Support: ★★★☆☆ 3 / 5

Pros: Like

  • It offers transparency so that you can access the desired information at any time.
  • It gives you peace of mind as you can track your partner's whereabouts and activities.
  • You can access installed apps and keystrokes of the target device with total access.

Cons: Dislike

  • The app only works upon direct contact with the target phone.
  • The app is not as easy to use as Spylix hence it's less convenient.
  • The app only supports seven types of features for you to track cheating text messages on iPhone and 19 types on Android.
  • It is relatively slow in downloading information.

XNSPY is also a fantastic alternative to Spylix. However, both have their own set of performance metrics; hence the best way to judge which is better is to pit them against each other. Let's have a look at the comparisons below and find out which one comes out on top performance-wise:

3.1 Table Comparing Spylix and XNSPY

Spylix Xnspy
Features Android data type :40+
iOS data type :18+
Android data type: 19
iOS data type :7
Hidden Mode ×
Compatibility All Android and iOS Android 4+and iOS
Security High Medium
Customer support 24/7 24/7
Remotely control ×
Difficulty Easy Medium
Rating 5/5 3/5

Part 4: Spyier: How to Check Your Spouse's Text Messages for Free Online

Spyier Web Page: Catch Cheating Spouse's Text Messages for Free

Another fantastic alternative to the above two apps used to catch cheaters texting is Spyier. This app is top-rated and is used to monitor a cheating spouse's information on their phone. It monitors 29 different types of information on Android and 12 different types of information on iOS phones. 

Spyier - Ratings:

Feature: ★★★☆☆
Design: ★★☆☆☆
Ease: ★★★☆☆
Pricing: ★★★☆☆
Support: ★★☆☆☆

Pros: Like

  • You can remotely install it on Android devices and non-jailbroken iOS device is required for you to catch cheating text messages on iPhone.
  • You can monitor a device anywhere globally if it is linked to the same carrier network as yours and both operating systems are compatible.

Cons: Dislike

  • With Spyier, one is not able to capture the target's screen.
  • You cannot monitor the network connection of the target phone.

Spyier is a good app for mobile spying but has its pitfalls as well. However, no app is perfect, and it's only fair to compare apps against each other before you make an objective conclusion. Let's have a look at some comparisons between Spylix and Spyier below:

4.1 Table comparing Spylix and Spyier

Spylix Spyier
Features Android data type :40+
iOS data type :18+
Android data type :19
iOS data type :12
Hidden Mode ×
Compatibility All Android and iOS Android 4+and iOS 7+
Security High Medium
Customer support 24/7 24/7
Remotely control
Difficulty Easy Medium
Rating 5/5 2/5

Part 5: Data Recovery Software: How to Check Your Spouse's Text Messages for Free without Target Phone

Cheaters are deceitful and conniving and know how to cover their tracks. You might suspect that your spouse is cheating, but it will be tough for you to gather evidence by catching cheaters texting. It certainly helps if you could find a way to monitor their text messages covertly.

There is a way that you can discover clues to your partner's infidelity like a detective. Some of these methods include using your cheating spouse's phone, as this is where they are most vulnerable. You can back up their data using iOS data recovery, Android data recovery of iPhone data recovery to get those valuable clues.

Let's have a look at some comparisons between Spylix and data recovery methods available:

Data Recovery Software - Ratings:

Feature: ★☆☆☆☆
Design: ★★☆☆☆
Ease: ★★☆☆☆
Pricing: ★★★☆☆
Support: ★★☆☆☆

5.1 Table comparing Spylix and Data Recovery Software

Spylix Data Recovery Software
Features Android data type :40+
iOS data type :18+
Less features
Hidden Mode ×
Compatibility All Android and iOS Few are cross-platform, some only support Android or iOS
Security High Medium
Customer support 24/7 ×
Remotely control ×
Difficulty Easy Medium
Rating 5/5 2/5

Part 6: Things You Should Do after Checking Cheating Wife’s(or Husband’s) Texts

An Upset Woman on A Bench After Cheating Text Messages On iPhone Have Been Read

You have achieved your goal of catching cheaters texting, and it is probably heart-breaking. However, there are different ways to handle the situation as explained below:

  • Consider your children if any: If children are involved, it's a different ball game. Stay calm and handle the issue very carefully. Avoid making them choose sides and call a friend to help you resolve the problems if possible.
  • Be direct: Avoid trying to get a cheating spouse to confess because chances are they never will. Tell them what you already know and try avoiding arguments. Discuss whether you both still want to stay together and the possible outcomes.
  • Evaluate yourself: A cheating spouse is never your fault. However, cheating might arise due to a more significant issue. Look at the problem objectively but remember that cheating is not your fault.
  • Pray about the situation: Get away from that situation and take time to reflect and pray in solitude. This helps you decide whether you want to remain in the relationship or not and the possible outcomes of your decision.
  • Seek professional help: Get some professional counselling to help you uncover the issues.

Part 7: Summing up Ways of How to Check Your Spouse's Text Messages for Free

If you're still anxious about how to check your spouse's text messages for free with so many options, Spylix is the best option.

Spylix is fully functional and takes up very little storage space to ensure a cheating spouse will never notice being watched. Spylix will either help you catch cheaters texting or give you peace of mind if they aren't cheating on you.

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