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How to Catch Cheating Spouse Text Messages for Free

Why is knowing how to read cheating spouse’s text messages for free necessary? Texting has become the current way to communicate. You can now talk to someone who’s geographically distant from you via texts. The advancement in technology has brought about several text messaging apps that anyone can use to communicate.

At the same time, the many messaging platforms have paved the way for cheating among spouses to increase. You can be sitting and talking to your loved one, but they at the same time could be sending cheating text messages on iPhone.

Couple Sitting on the Sofa and Showing How to Read Cheating Spouse's Text Messages for Free

If you are suspicious about your spouse who is always glued to their phone, making those happy facials, you may want a way to read their text messages, right? Well, this article got you covered because it will introduce how to check your spouse's text messages for free using the best spy tool.

Part 1: Can I Read Cheating Spouse via Text Message for Free?

The most popular way that people use to communicate is messaging. Text messages have become the easiest and most people’s favorite means of communication. Via messaging, you can send or receive messages and even save messages in a draft. For people cheating in a relationship, using text messages is more convenient than making calls.

A Man Is Viewing Cheating Text Messages on iPhone

So, yes. If you can get hold of someone’s text messages, you can get more details about them, and if they are cheating, you will easily find out. The question here is, “How then can I access and read cheating spouse’s text messages for free?” You need a reliable spy app to access another phone’s text messages secretly, and I will introduce you to the best spy app you should use.

Part 2: How to Check Your Spouse's Text Messages for Free

2.1 Spylix - The Best Way to Spy on Cheating Wife/ Husband’s Text Messages

If you haven’t come across the best spy app before, Spylix is a spy app that offers the most convenience and features in accessing your spouse’s text messages. The Spylix spy app works in a hidden manner when tracking your spouse’s text messages, ensuring they don’t notice that you are spying on them. With Spylix, you will access all details and activities of your spouse’s phone remotely, including catching cheating spouse’s text messages for free.

Spy on Cheating Wife/Husband’s Text Messages with Spylix

What Features Does Spylix offer?

1. Read All Text Messages in Thread View

Spylix is undoubtedly the best way to read cheating spouse’s text messages for free. With Spylix, once you have finished setting up the target device, you will access all the text messages sent, received, and deleted on the target phone. Spylix will also upload the message details associated with each message, such as contact details and timestamps.

2. View Social App Conversations

Spylix can intercept all the messages and media files shared across various social platforms installed on your target device, such as Kik, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. Spylix can access all the installed apps and their activities uploaded to your Spylix dashboard for easy monitoring.

View Social App Conversations with Spylix

3. Access Call Records

If your spouse loves making or receiving calls that she goes to pick elsewhere, they could be hiding something. Luckily, Spylix can access all the incoming and outgoing details on the target phone. Moreover, all details of the call, such as duration, will be displayed on your dashboard. If your spouse is cheating on you via calls, you will easily catch them cheating.

4. Track Spouse’s Location

If you have a cheaterr for a spouse, they are probably visiting places in odd hours and won’t tell you where they go to or have been. To save you this hassle, Spylix offers a way to track the real-time location of a target device and display its location on a Google Map. The previously visited places will also be displayed.

Track Spouse’s Location with Spylix

5. Works in Stealth Mode

If you are worried about being caught when reading cheating text messages on iPhone or Android, A free cheating spouse text reader ensures you remain undetected throughout the entire time you are monitoring your spouse. Such as, Spylix will automatically hide on the target device. Moreover, the app is 2 MB in size. Thus, it can’t even affect the target device’s performance.

6. Has a Web-based Interface

Read cheating spouse’s text messages for free should be done remotely. Spylix offers a web interface from which all the target device’s activities can be accessed on the Spylix dashboard.

Bonus Benefits Offered by Spylix:

1 User-friendly interface

Spylix offers you a very user-friendly interface to work with when spying on your target device to catch cheating spouse text messages for free. You need no technical expertise to use Spylix as the dashboard is straightforward to ensure you have a smooth time reading your spouse’s text messages remotely.

2. No rooting or jailbreak required

With Spylix, everything is kept straightforward. To set up Spylix on your target device, no rooting or jailbreaking of their phone is needed, yet you will access all the advanced 40+ features offered by Spylix without any rooting or jailbreak.

3. Compatible with Android and iOS

Being the best text spy app, Spylix is compatible with all versions and models of Android and iOS. So, regardless of the phone your target person uses, Spylix can still spy on it and read their text messages to check if they are cheaters, which means read cheating spouse’s text messages for free is not bound by the phone systems.

Spylix Choose Device to Start Catching Cheating Spouse's Text Messages for Free

4. Quick set-up

The process to set up Spylix is simple. Only three steps are involved, and you will have Spylix up and running to catch cheating spouse text messages feely.

2.2 Three Simple Steps to Read Cheating Spouse’s Text Messages on iPhone and Android:

Step 1: Register for An Account

Register for a free Spylix account using your email ID by clicking on the “Try Now” button below.

Register Spylix, A Free Cheating Spouse's Text Reader

Step 2: Set Up Spylix

Using the guidance instructions on the web page, choose your target device, then set it up for spying. For Android, you need to install the Spylix app. But for iOS, you need the iCloud credentials of your target device to set it up.

Spylix Guidance Shows How to Start Reading Cheating Spouse's Text Messages on iPhone and Android

Step 3: Read Cheating Spouse's Text Messages for Free

Log in to your Spylix dashboard and start catching cheating spouse’s text messages for free.

Use Spylix to Reads Cheating Wife's Text

Part 3: Signs That Suggest You Need to Catch Cheaters Texting

Researches have shown that various signs can tell you when your spouse is cheating on you and you should consider reading cheating spouse’s text messages on iPhone or Android. Such signs include:

1. Locking their phone

If you used to have access to your spouse’s phone and view their information, their phone is currently in a no-go zone, full of hidden passwords and patterns, they are hiding something. If your partner doesn’t want you to have access to their phone or passwords, you need to use Spylix to find out what they are hiding from you secretly. Meanwhile, you also need to know what chat apps do cheaters use.

2. Chatting till late at night

If you notice your spouse is starting to have those late-night chatting instead of enjoying your moment, chances are they are cheating on you. Someone else is entertaining them on their phone. No wonder they can afford to chat till late at night.

3. Hiding and lying

If your spouse starts to come up with lies and fishy behaviors, such as lying about their whereabouts, you need to use the Spylix tool today and spy on all your partner’s activities.

4. Weird behaviors

If you notice strange behaviors from your spouse, such as acting odd whenever around you or disinterest in you, they are cheating. Dig deeper using Spylix and catch cheating spouse’s text messages for free before it’s too late.

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A Man Is Sending Cheating Text Messages on iPhone

Part 4: What You Should Do After Catching Cheaters Texting

Discovering that your partner is a cheater can be so heartbreaking. If you end up in such a case, here are a few things that you should do.

1. Approach Your Spouse

Now that you have evidence of a cheating husband or cheating wife’s texts, talk to them directly, showing them the text messages that prove they are cheating on you. In doing so, remain polite and avoid causing drama or arguments. Give your spouse time to respond to the evidence that you have before them. Afterward, decide on whether to resolve the matter or move on.

2. Keep Calm

Being cheated on can arise various reactions. However, you need to take your time and allow the facts to sink in before doing anything. If you have children, avoid involving them in the matter.

Alone in a Daze After Catching Cheating Spouse's Text Messages for Free

3. Go Inward

When you discover your partner is cheating, don’t be too quick to blame them. Instead, go inwards to find the possible reason as to why they ended up cheating on you. Please don’t take the blame, but find out possible causes of them cheating on you.

4. Accept It

Coming to terms with being cheated on is not easy. However, you need to accept that your spouse has cheated on you, but what next? If you are to make the next bold step about the relationship, you must first accept what happened.

5. Seek Help

Look for a trusted friend or a professional marriage counselor to help you move on. Open up to them and let them advise you to accept the situation and heal from it easily.

Part 5: Conclusion: How to Check Your Spouse's Text Messages for Free in Least Efforts

Nobody loves being cheated on, but if you start noticing some change of behavior or fishy behaviors from your spouse, you need to use a spy app to catch cheaters texting. This article covered the best tool that you should use to effectively and efficiently read cheating spouse’s text messages for free. Try the Spylix tool today, and if you catch your spouse as a cheater, use the five tips given to deal with the situation. Act before it’s too late!

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