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5 Best iPhone Photo Hacks Apps in 2022 (Free & Paid)

Ben Patterson
Ben Patterson March 02, 2022

Photos are a good way to store our memories, and when you have your iPhone, taking photos and sharing them with others through posts or inboxes is common. However, you may want to see what your loved one is sharing with others or what photos they have on their gallery.

Many Phone Images

The question is, how can I access someone's photos on their gallery without them knowing? To help you answer this question, today's post will discuss the 5 best iPhone photo hack apps. To access someone's photos, you just need a photo hacking app, and I will introduce you to the very best one you should use.

Part 1: Why use iPhone Photo Hacks?

1.1 Parents to monitor their kids

Kids can be sensitive, and as a parent, you need to keep an eye on what your kid is up to. What's keeping them occupied with their phone always? Such a question can worry you and what you need is an iPhone photo hack to monitor their activities and gallery.

Sister and Brother

1.2 Couples to monitor their beloved one

How loyal is your partner? The only way to find out why your spouse is always glued and smiling when using their phone is by using a photo hack app. With an iPhone photo hack, you will view what photos your spouse sends to others or receives from them.

1.3 Business purpose

As an employer, your business is sensitive and knowing what employees do with their work devices, such as what photos they share with others, is key to protect your business's interest. Therefore, having an iPhone photo hack app is needed.

Part 2: Criteria in Choosing a Reliable iPhone Photo Hacks App

1. Functioning

How well does the photo hack app work? What features does it offer? A reliable iPhone photo hacks app should have the most features and work in the simplest manner without additional requirements such as rooting or jailbreaking your target device.

2. Undetectable

You wouldn't want your target person to know you are hacking their photos, right? So, go for that iPhone photo hack app that ensures your target won't have a clue that you are accessing their photos.

3. User-friendly

A good photo hack app should offer a user-friendly interface to work with. It should have the simplest steps to set up. Additionally, it should give you ample and effortless time accessing the hacked photos.

4. Easy to use

If you are hacking someone's photos, you need a means that keeps the process straightforward. A reliable hack app should ensure even a non-techie can easily use the app, and it should have the shortest procedure to work with.

Part 3: 5 Best iPhone Photo Hack Apps

3.1 Use Spylix – Best Photo hack app

What's Spylix

Spylix is a professional photo hack app designed to ensure it gives you maximum spying of someone's photos in the most secret way and remotely. With this professional app, all the photos on your target phone will be accessed from your Spylix dashboard.

Spylix iOS Photos

What you can hack:

1. Deleted photos

If spying on your spouse's iPhone, it is because you have trust issues. If so, you need the means to access those photos they delete to ensure you don't see them. Spylix can access even the deleted photos and upload them on your control panel.

2. Social apps photos

Social media platforms offer room for people to share photos and even upload them on their timeline or status. Spylix can access all the photos sent or received across social apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, among other apps.

3. All messages

Photos shared must have been through a conversation, whether it's SMS or via social apps. Spylix will access the messages sent, deleted, and received to ensure that you get the messages shared alongside the photos as you access the iPhone photo hacks.

Spylix iOS Text Messages Details

4. Email

Photos can be shared via email. If that's the case, you also need to know to whom the photo was shared. Luckily, Spylix can access the email associated with each photo and display the email details to help you in tracking each photo on your target iPhone.

5. Call logs

With Spylix, all the incoming and outgoing calls can be accessed. Moreover, all the details of the call, such as call durations and timestamps will be displayed. You can then easily track who your target phone is always talking to via call.

6. Contacts

In hacking the iPhone, the contact’s details associated with each call or message on the target device will be accessed. Thus, you get more detailed information, especially if monitoring your spouse, whom you suspect is cheating on you.

7. GPS Location

Spylix offers a real-time tracking of your target and displays their location on a map. Additionally, their previously visited locations will be displayed on the map.

Spylix iOS GPS Location Details

8. Keylogger

All keys entered on the target device are recorded and uploaded to your Spylix dashboard. Therefore, you can access even the unsent messages and passwords of your target phone at the comfort of your dashboard.

Advantages of Spylix
  1. Spylix works in stealth mode, ensuring you access all photos on the target device without them knowing.
  2. You only need the Apple credentials of the target, and once they turn on their device, Spylix starts monitoring them.
  3. As the best iPhone photo hacks app, Spylix doesn't require you to root or jailbreak your target device to spy on it.
  4. All iOS versions work well with Spylix with no discrimination.
Steps to use Spylix to hack photos

Step1: Sign up for free

Click the "Try Now" button, then use your email ID to register for a Spylix free account.

Spylix Register

Step2: Set up Spylix

Using the guide instructions, set up Spylix. It would be best if you had the Apple credentials of your target iPhone.

Spylix Guidance iOS

Step3: Start hacking

Bingo! Start hacking those photos by logging in to your Spylix dashboard to monitor all activities and photos on your target device.

Spylix Android Social Networks

3.2 Use mSpy to hack iPhone Photos

What is mSpy

mSpy is a mobile spy app that can access the photos stored on a target device remotely. The photo hacker is mostly beneficial to parents in monitoring their children's activities, such as a gallery.

mSpy Web Page

mSpy Features

  1. Accessing photos on a target device.
  2. Accessing messages

mSpy Vs. Spylix

  1. Jailbreaking of the target device is needed to access the advanced features, but with Spylix, no jailbreaking is needed.
  2. Unlike mSpy, Spylix offers more iPhone photo hacks features.
  3. mSpy can't access the GPS location of the target device. Spylix, on the other hand, offers real-time access to the target device's location.
  4. To use mSpy, physical access to the device is needed, but Spylix works entirely remotely.

3.3 Use Minspy to Secretly Spy Photos

What's Minspy

In the list of the best iPhone photo hacks, Minspy has its place. It's a reliable spy app that works hidden on the target device. The app is easy to use and can track various activities on the target device, such as messages and calls.

Minspy Web Page

Minspy Features

  1. Can track social apps on the target device, such as Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp
  2. It can track the target device's location in real-time.
  3. No root or jailbreak is needed to use the MinSpy app.

Minspy Vs. Spylix

  1. Getting up-to-date information takes time when using Minspy as compared to Spylix's real-time updates.
  2. Unlike Minspy, Spylix has a reliable with a fast responses support team to respond to your request.
  3. Spylix has more features that it can hack than Minspy.
  4. Minspy is a bit pricey, while Spylix is more affordable.

3.4 Use Spyier Photo Tracker App

What's Spyier

Spyier is an iPhone photo hacks app used by people, especially spouses, to monitor their partner's activities, such as tracking their location, viewing their messages and photos.

Spyzie Web Page

Spyier Features

  1. Offers a web interface to help use the app track the target device's photos using any browser.
  2. It can track social apps such as Viber, Instagram, and Snapchat and access messages and photos shared.
  3. It works remotely in tracking a target device's location.

Spyier Vs. Spylix

  1. Unlike Spylix, you can't access the deleted photos using Spyier.
  2. Spyier's support team has received negative feedback for its poor services. However, Spylix has 96% customer satisfaction reviews.

3.5 Use MobiStealth iPhone Photo Hacks App

What's MobiStealth

MobiStealth is a remote phone tracking app that doesn't require any jailbreaking to monitor the basic activities of the target device. The spy app offers surveillance of the target device, including recording of the environment audio.

MobiStealth Web Page

MobiStealth Features

  1. Hacks the target phone in stealth mode.
  2. Access the target device's activities remotely.
  3. It can spy on social apps installed on the target device.
  4. MobiStealth spyware helps you monitor mobile devices and is also efficient in tracking computer (Windows) activities.

MobiStealth Vs. Spylix

  1. With MobiStealth, jailbreaking is needed to access some of its advanced features, but Spylix is readily available without any jailbreaking needed,
  2. Spylix has the most features compared to MobiStealth.
  3. MobiStealth payment plan is costly. Go for the cost-effective app. Go for the Spylix tool.

Part 4: Summary

What is the best iPhone photo hacks apps? Search a query on Google will yield many responses and tools that claim to be the best in hacking photos on another iPhone. However, most of these tools are unreliable. I have been a victim of using the wrong iPhone spy app, which cost me my data and privacy.

To help you evade such scenarios, this post introduced the five best iPhone photo hacks that you should try. Most of the discussed apps have various functionalities, but I recommended using the very best that I have tested and enjoyed how smooth it meets my needs. Try the Spylix professional iPhone photo hacking app, and you won't be disappointed.

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