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How to See Someone’s Location on iPhone without Them Knowing

“How to see someone’s location on iPhone? I want to check the areas my child visits after school hours from his iPhone’s GPS. Is it possible?”

Apple devices, such as iPhone or iPad, are a bit challenging to spy on. However, it doesn’t mean you can not check the iOS device location remotely. There are multiple ways to complete the task, and we will introduce 5 effective solutions on how to find someone’s location on iPhone.

See Someone’s Location on iPhone

Part 1: Use A Third-Party App to Find Someone’s Location on iPhone Secretly

Spylix iPhone Tracker is definitely among the most versatile and efficient applications of its kind. For example, the app allows users to see location on iPhone without their knowledge. So whether it be your child or spouse, Spylix will work on all iPhone, regardless of whether they are jailbroken or not.

Spylix iPhone Tracker

1.1 Spylix iPhone Location Tracking Features and Other Key Features

Spylix offers an intuitive Dashboard to monitor or keep track of the target user’s location in real-time. Moreover, the app display information on the places the other user has recently visited, including the timestamps.

In addition to that, you can enable the Geofencing utility, which lets you set alerts on specific zones, you consider unsafe or suspicious. So whenever the target user goes to such areas, you will be instantly notified. This feature is handy for a parent who is worried about their child’s safety all the time.

Moreover, you can access the chat history from the iPhone, including the incoming, outcoming, and even the deleted texts. Spylix also shares conversations on social media apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

Spylix Offers Text Message Overview

Furthermore, if you are worried that your child or loved one is exposed to explicit content on their phones, such as photos and videos, then you can access them, allowing you to act before it is too late. With Spylix, you can quickly learn the contacts saved on the iPhone, the call log, and check saved notes.

Spylix Can Monitor Checked Notes

All such features are accessible through the online Dashboard with complete safety. In addition, you can perform the iPhone tracking anonymously thanks to Stealth Mode and without jailbreaking the device.

1.2 How Do I See Someone’s Location on iPhone Secretly with Spylix Step by Step

There is no need to install the Spylix app on the target person’s iPhone. Instead, you can perform the installation remotely as long as you have access to their iCloud login credentials. Follow the guide below to check someone’s iPhone location using Spylix quickly:

Step 1: Get an Account on Spylix

From here, create your user account by providing a valid email address. Next, select iPhone as the spying platform, and choose a pricing plan that best fits your requirements.

Register for Spylix Account to See Someone's Location on iPhone

Step 2: Verify the iCloud Details

Ensure the iCloud Backup is enabled on the iOS device. After that, on the Spylix account, enter the target iPhone’s iCloud login details to verify the user.

Enter the Apple ID of the Target Device to Get Started

Step 3: Track Someone's iPhone

Now access Spylix’s Control Panel, and open the location section to check the target user’s real-time or last known location.

Spylix Can Display Detailed GPS Information of Target Devices

Part 2: How to Check Someone’s Location on iPhone Using Find My Friends

You can learn how to check location on iPhone of someone else whenever you want via the Find My Friends feature, a tool that Apple has designed in an effort to bring people closer by allowing iPhone users to share locations with each other as they go across their day.


  • It is available on iOS 9 or newer versions.
  • You can learn the location of people on your contact list with this solution.


  • Offered by Apple, which means it is safe and reliable
  • Geofencing is available


  • Easily detectable
  • Not a complete iPhone spying service
  • You have to enable the feature manually

Step by Step Guide

The installation process is as follows:

Step 1: Enable the App

Head to the Apple App Store to install the Find My Friends application.

Install Find My Friends to See Where Someone is on iPhone

From the target device, open the app to turn on the Share My Location option.

Enable Share My Location on the Target Device

Step 2: Share the iPhone’s Location with Yourself

Enable AirDrop and set it Everyone on your iPhone to make it discoverable. Next, pick the target iPhone, tap on the Add button and select the Share Indefinitely option. Also, you will receive a pop-up message to share your location. Then, choose Accept and tap on Don’t Share.

Select the Share Indefinitely Option

Step 3: Start iPhone Location Tracking

Open the Find My Friends application on your device, and check the precise location of the target user.

See Someone's Shared Location on iPhone via Find My Friends

Part 3: How to Track Someone’s iPhone via “Find My”

Using the Find My App by Apple, you can keep tabs on your kids or easily stay connected with friends and family by tracking their location. Its GPS-based technology makes it easier for you to accurately track and follow them as they move around, which is possible in different areas, including home, school, daycare, among others. However, to start using this feature, you need to ensure that location sharing has been turned on and activated first.


  • It helps you recover your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and Mac if you ever lose them.
  • The application also syncs with Apple Watch.


  • Free
  • Multi-lingual
  • Fast and accurate


  • Only compatible with iOS 14 or later

Step by Step Guide

Check out the following installation guide to check the location of someone else with Find My App:

Step 1: Open a Conversation

Access the target iPhone, and open the Message app. Next, open a conversation with your contact number. There, tap on the Info tab. Now, select Share My Location and press the Share Indefinitely option.

Select Share My Location and Press the Share Indefinitely Option

Step 2: Check Someone's Location iPhone

Lastly, open Find My App on your iOS device and go to the People section. There, you will see the target user’s iPhone location.

Select the People Section

Part 4: How to View Location on iPhone via The iMessage App

One way to check where your child, spouse, or friend is by using the Apple iMessage app location feature. The built-in utility available on all iPhone started as a conventional messaging app. However, now it has become an essential tool to learn any person’s location to ensure they are safe or not.


  • A great platform to interact with people, such as sharing photos, videos, and music.


  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use


  • It can not work without a stable internet connection
  • The target user can stop the location sharing at any time they want

Step by Step Guide

You can understand how to check someone’s location on iPhone through the iMessage app by following the instructions mentioned here:

Step 1: Enable Share My Location on the Target iPhone

Access the other person’s iOS device, and launch iMessage. Now, open the target user’s iMessage conversation with your account. There, tap your contact icon and press the “i” button.

Step 2: Share Location

Next, select the Share My Location option, and choose the duration. Then, use your iPhone and open the target user’s conversation on iMessage to check the location.

Select the Share My Location Option on iMessage to Check the Location

Part 5: How to Hide or Show Someone’s Location on The Google Maps App

You can share your whereabouts or view other people’s shared locations on Google Maps. The process is easy to manage. Anyone who has a Google Account and Google Maps installed on their iPhone can share the location to check.


  • You can share your location with anyone trustworthy with this app.
  • Accurate and detailed street view.


  • Synced with your Google account


  • The sharing can be stopped at any time
  • Defeats anonymity

Step by Step Guide

Here is you can learn how to track someone location on iPhone using the accurate Google Maps app:

Step 1: Open Google Maps on the target iPhone, and tap their Profile Picture on the app. There, select Location Sharing.

Use Google Map Location Sharing to See Someone's Location on iPhone

Step 2: Next, tap on Share Location and enable “Until you turn this off.”

Tap on Share Location and Enable Until You Turn This off

Step 3: To conclude, from the other iPhone, share the location with your number, which will create a link and be sent to your device. All you have to do is access the link on your device and open Google Maps to check the location in real-time.

Share Your Location With A Link

Part 6: Why Can't I See Someone's Location on iPhone?

If, after applying all the solutions listed above, you still can not perform iPhone location tracking, then there could be multiple reasons causing such an inconvenience. We have mentioned the top 3 factors that could prevent you to track someone’s iPhone:

Reason 1: He/She hasn’t agreed to share their location with you

Suppose you have remotely asked for someone’s location, and you can not access the GPS. In that case, there is a possibility that the other user has rejected your request and chose to remain private.

The only solution to this issue is manually accessing the target iPhone and enabling the GPS sharing on the Find My or Find My Friends App. Similarly, you can use Spylix to check the location privately from another spot.

Your Friend Has Not Agreeed to Share His Location With You

Reason 2: Their phone has problems with its Settings

Internet is an essential component to check someone’s location. Both you and the target user must be connected to a network for the GPS sharing to work. If you cannot view the real-time whereabouts, the user’s iPhone could be disconnected to a WiFi or Mobile Data connection. If you use a spy app like Spylix, then it will show you the last location when the internet was active on the iPhone.

The Target Phone Is Disconnected to A WiFi

Reason 3: He/She enabled Hide My Location in Find My iPhone

The Find My app enables the users to hide their location. However, it is an inconvenience, preventing you to check location on iPhone. For a smooth experience, Spylix is recommended instead.

Your Friend Enabled Hide My Location in Find My iPhone

Reason 4: There may be a problem with your phone

Make sure your device is in excellent condition, as an outdated phone can also become a reason to stop you from finding someone’s iPhone location.

If you want to prevent these situations, feel free to try Spylix now!


We hope these five solutions you tried gave you some insight into tracking an iPhone location. But in the end, if being discreet is a primary concern because your needs reflect this, Spylix is the best way to proceed. So share this post with any friend who wants to know how to see someone’s location on iPhone.

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