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5 Best Live Locators to Locate Mobile Number

Location is considered an important tool in finding a specific person for a variety of reasons. Most of the time people like to use live locator tools to protect their loved ones from miserable situations.

Parents are always encouraged to use such tools that provide the live location of their children. Live locator tools provide you a feeling of relaxation that your target person is just under your observation.

A person will always get notified if a specific person has entered a dangerous area or some dangerous person is close to him or her.

5 Best Live Locators to Locate Mobile Number

Part 1: What You Should Know about Live Locator?

Mostly we need to know the location of the nearest contractor and it becomes very difficult to get the live contractor locator.

We are providing you with a helping hand through which you can easily locate the nearest locator on any other person with the blink of an eye.

The other information that you must know about this tool is that:

  • You can easily search for different jobs posted by specific contractors near you.
  • You can also post a job according to your desired budget, description, and type.
  • You can see different contractor profiles including their location and details.
  • You can make your profile so that other persons can find you including your current address and other details.

Know about Live Locator

Part 2: What Makes The Best Live Locators?

A person needs to keep an eye on the important things that are needed to be present in the best live locator.

Let's have a look at the initials that you should keep in mind in a location tracking tool before selecting any:

Real-Time Update. A locator must be capable of providing a real-time update of the target person. All information must be provided at a rapid speed.

Geofencing. A live locator needs to have a geofencing feature so that all the protective measures would be there for the children.

Map Logs. Map logs are important for the ones who forget the paths. If you are going on a trip it is encouraging to have a location log for guidance.

Location History. Location history is an important advancement as sometimes we need to look back to check the credibility of a person.

Secrete Working. The live locator must be silent in its work. Sometimes we just need a tool that works secretly to catch the target red-handed.

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Part 3: Try This Wonderful Live Locator Online

If you are looking for a tool that provides the best locator tools features then you must consider Spylix. It is amazing spyware that works to provide all the features with an easy interface and quick results.

Try Spylix Wonderful Live Locator Online

Because of this tool, you are not restricted to getting the live location rather the location history is also provided. You can look at the present as well as the past location of the target person or can restrict the area.

The target person will never get an alert about your tracking hence all the work would be secret and authentic.

After reading the amazing features provided by Spylix you must be in search of the ways to use this tool to get a live Mobile number locator online. The steps that are needed to follow are described here:

Step 1: Register Yourself

Head towards the official website of Spylix and register yourself to get a free account.

Create a Spylix Account to Live Locator Online

Step 2: Set Up Your Account

Follow the instructions to set up your profile on Spylix.

Set up Spylix for Android to Live Locator Online

Step 3: Log in to Your Account

At last login to your account to start locating the target person.

Live Locator Online with Spylix

Spylix is a unique tool that contains some amazing features. Let's drive into the amazing features of Spylix so that you will get more impressed by this tool.

Authentic. Spylix provides the most desired feature to its users; it gives them authenticity. It is authentic hence you can take legal action without any fear and doubt.

Easy to Use. It is amazingly easy in its interface hence you can use it even if you are a beginner. Complexity and trickiness are completely wiped out from its interface.

Without Physical Access. Unlike the other location-providing tools, you don't need to physically access the target device each time you want to watch a live location. You can remotely monitor all the work.

Affordable. All the amazing tools and features are provided to the user at affordable prices. You wouldn't find any other tool except Spylix providing such results.

Geofencing: Spylix also entertains its users by providing them with geofencing features. You can restrict the specific location for the target person and can get an alert if he or she enters the restricted area.

Part 4: 4 Other Solutions to Locate Mobile Number

1. How to Use Live Mobile Number Locator Software on Computers?

If you want to get the live phone locator on a computer then you must have heard about Google Maps. The simple procedure provides the best results with a quick response.

Use Live Mobile Number Locator Software on Computers

You just need to follow a simple procedure and all the information would be provided just like a portion of delicious food in front of you. The process that you need to follow is:

Step 1: You need to head toward the Google Maps on your computer and select the menu option.

Step 2: Tap on the location sharing and select the desired person with whom you want to share.

Step 3: You can also ask the Google assistant to provide the live location of your target person.

It is a well-known process to get live mobile number locations on computers using Google. You must have wondered that the internet is full of complaints that say that Google Maps' live location is not providing the authentic results. In most situations the wrong location ruins lives.

2. How to Do a Live Map Caller Locator APK Android?

To locate a caller on a live basis is not an easy task. You need to indulge in different processes or you have to look towards third-party tools for help.

Google has become an amazing mystery box for its users as you can get all the services within seconds. If you are an Android user you must face difficulty in finding the location of your desired person on a live map.

Live Map Caller Locator APK Android

This must be an exciting thing for you let's look at the steps that are needed to follow to get the location on an Android device:

Step 1: First, you need to add the target person to your Google contacts on your Android device and open the Google Maps application.

Step 2: Select the profile of the target person and tap on the option which says location sharing. You need to select the option of new share and the system will ask you about the timing of location sharing.

Step 3: You need to select the target person with whom you want to share your location or you need to select yourself on the device of the target person for location sharing.

Step 4: The system will again confirm that you want to share your location and then select the share option again.

It is an amazing way of sharing your location with the target person but you need to access the device of the specific person. Without getting access to the device of the target person you won't be able to get the location details.

3. How to Use Live Phone Locator on iOS?

Google has provided you with an amazing method through which you can easily share or find the location of your corresponding person. Not only sharing, but you can even look at the person who is not using Google Maps.

Use Live Phone Locator on iOS

You can tell others about your arrival time and provide them with your current location including the estimated time on foot, bike, car, or any other vehicle.

Without creating any suspense let's head toward the procedure that is used to get the location of a phone on an iOS device:

Step 1: Open up the Google Maps application on your iPhone and select the profile picture option.

Step 2: Select the ''location sharing option'' and tap on the new share to send your location in the form of a link.

Step 3: You can send your location link through an iMessage or using any messaging app on your device. The specific location would be provided for 24 hours.

Google live cell phone locator for iOS is a well-known solution but it has restrictions with it. The iOS device needs to be connected to the internet if you want to get the live location of the target person. If the internet is not available then the location would not be provided.

4. How to Use Live Mobile Number Locator Online?

Spyzie is an amazing tool for location tracking that works on an online basis. It can provide information about the target person without the restriction of the device. You can use it on iPhone, and Android, along with the computers.

You can get the addresses and localities of the visited area of your corresponding person. In addition to this, you can look at the exact location of the person without any hindrance.

It contains fantastic features as you can look at the street of the target person and can track the activity to catch them in real condition.


Step 1: First, you need to register to make an account on Spyzie. You need to enter the credentials which include the email of the user.

Step 2: The instructions that appear on the screen follow them to complete the settings of the account.

Step 3: Turn on the WiFi of the device and start tracking the target person.

Use Live Number Locator Now!

Sometimes we need to use live map locator tools to find out the location of a target person. The internet has provided different ways in which Google Maps sharing is the most prominent.

Google is not providing authentic results and has some restrictions. On the contrary, Spylix is working amazingly in delivering the best results to the users.

It all depends on you how you choose the best available option in front of you.

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