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5 Ways to Track a Lost Phone with Android Device Manager Location History

Android devices have a security feature, Android Device Manager Location History, that helps users locate a lost phone remotely and lock it using your Google account. With this feature, your Android phone can easily be tracked when the need arises.

I Lost My Phone after Using Uber and I'm Thinking About How to Check My Location History

If you are looking for the best Android device manager location history app, then you are in the right place. This article will introduce the 5 ways to track your lost Android’s location history straightforwardly. Want to find out? Keep reading the article.

Part 1: Use Android Device Manager Location History to Track and Locate Your Android Phone

Android device manager refers to the security feature implemented by Android to help its users track and locate their lost phones. With this feature, you can remotely wipe or lock your Android phone, preventing others from using it.

With the Android device manager, you can track a lost phone, wipe its data, locate your Android, and help someone else find their lost phone.

1.1 How Can I Access My Device Manager to Check Recent Locations on Android?

To access the security feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Settings on your phone and click on the "Services" > "Security."
  2. Check the "Remotely locate this device" option.
  3. Check the "Allow remote lock and erase."

How Can I Access My Device Manager to Check Recent Locations on Android?

That's it. Android device manager is enabled.

1.2 How Can I Google My History Location of My Phone?

To access your Android device manager location history, follow the steps below:

  1. From a browser, open Android.com/find
  2. Use your Gmail account credentials associated with your phone to log in.
  3. A map showing Google location history on Android will display.

A Map Showing Google Location History on Android

1.3 How Can I See Recent Locations on Android of A Switched-off Phone?

When the phone is switched off, tracking it becomes a challenge. However, the last android location history can be traced through Google service or contacting its service provider. To track the switched phone, it must have been connected to your Google account and a network before it was switched off.

Part 2: 5 Ways to Find Your Phone via Android Location History

2.1 Use Spylix Location Spy - The Best Tracker to See Recent Locations on Android

Spylix is the best phone tracker for all Android devices that is very affordable and user-friendly. While using it to a phone, it updates you in real time every five minutes and views your phone's location from a map. All information like texts, contacts, gallery and so on are reported to you by Spylix.

Spylix Can Track iOS GPS Locations and Android Location History

Why choose Spylix to locate your phone:

1. It lets you set Geofence alerts for your device

With Spylix, you can set Geofences, and when your target phone enters or leaves the Geofenced area, you can be notified.

2. Track every activity

From the Spylix dashboard, every activity on the target phone can be monitored. Its Android location history, calls and over 40 data types can be monitored all under this one professional tool.

3. View History

Spylix lets your access and view all messages, calls, email, social apps, among other features on your target phone remotely. Thus, if monitoring a spouse or a kid, you not only get their location but their activities too.

How to Check My Location History with Spylix Dashboard

4. Works in stealth mode

Once Spylix is set up, it automatically hides on the target device, ensuring they have no idea that you are tracking their location.

5. Reliable and legitimate

With over 96% positive customer reviews, Spylix offers you 100% reliability in tracking your Android’s location history effortlessly.

6. User-friendly interface

No skills are needed to use the Spylix tool as it comes with a user-friendly interface that everyone can comfortably work with.

7. No need to root

The good thing with Spylix is that you don't need to root the target phone to track its location. Only three simple steps are required, and you will have Spylix up and running in under 5 minutes.

8. Consume minimal battery

In designing Spylix, all your interest were taken to heart. Therefore, the app consumes the most negligible battery percentage, yet it achieves the most features in tracking your Android phone.

9. Occupies lesser memory space

The Spylix app is less than 2 MB. Thus, it occupies the most minimal space and doesn't affect the performance of your target device to avoid arising suspicions.

Track Your Phone in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Click the "Try Now" button and register for a Spylix free account.

Register Spylix to Read Android Device Manager Location History

Step 2: Choose your target device and set up Spylix to monitor it.

Spylix Guidance Tells You How to Check My Location History

Step 3: Once setting up is done, log in to your Spylix dashboard and track your device, including remotely monitoring Android device manager location history.

Spylix Shows iOS GPS Location Details

Spylix is the best choice to quickly locate your Android phone instead of using the Android device manager location history, which may be unreliable at times. Go the sure way. Go for Spylix!

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2.2 Use Google Dashboard Location History to Trace A Phone's Location

The Find My Device feature is a Google service that can be used to find your phone. The feature is an Android device manager location history service that depends on the following requirements:

  1. The feature itself has to be enabled.
  2. The location services of Google.
  3. The Android phone has to be turned on and be signed to a Google account.

The Find My Device feature is usually enabled on Android phones, but in other models like Samsung, the model has its feature called Find My Mobile

Use Google Dashboard Location History to Track A Phone's Location

To use this Android device manager location history feature:

  1. First, check if it is part of your Android version by navigating to Settings > Security and search for the Find My Device feature.
  2. If the app is available, ensure that it is enabled by clicking on it if it is off. If the app is not available and you wish to use it, download it from the Play Store.
  3. Navigate to the Settings app and find the location to ensure that it is enabled.

After enabling the Find My Device feature and the location, find the phone using Android device manager location history by visiting the search page for Google and type “Find My Device”.

If you have never used it before, allow Google to use the location feature to locate your device. You can ring your phone from the search page and try finding it or click on the link, and you will be taken to the page for Find My Device, which will identify the name of your phone and the time it was last used via the internet. The battery power will also be displayed, and a map will be shown of where the phone was last located.


  • i. You can see the map of the Android location history of your phone using Google services.
  • The method displays some information of your phone.


  • If the Find My Device Feature is disabled, this method may not help you.
  • The phone being located must be connected to the internet.

Comparison With Spylix

For Google Services to be effective in tracking the phone, the target phone must have an account with Google, be connected to the internet and the Find My Device feature has to be enabled, while for Spylix you only need to use the dashboard to find the location of the phone without using the Find My Device feature.

2.3 Use Google Photos Location Info to Locate Your Phone

To search your Android device manager location history via Google Photos, you have to ensure your device is connected on the internet, the “Backup and Sync” option is enabled, and someone has to take photos using your lost device.

Use Google Photos Location Info to Locate Your Phone

If someone stole your phone and you had activated the “Backup and sync” option, all your photos will be uploaded to your Google photos account and enable you to recover them. You also have to ensure that the photos app is permitted to use Android location history before using this method.

After meeting all the requirements, locate your Android device manager location history by following the steps below:

  1. Use any browser to open photos.google.com and use your google account to log in.
  2. Checkout if after the phone was stolen, any pics were taken.
  3. If any pictures were taken, click on any picture that was taken.
  4. On the sidebar of the image, you can check for information like the location where the picture was taken.


  • The method is easy to use.
  • There is no need of installing third-party tools.


  • Someone must take photos with the target phone for it to be located.
  • The app for photos has to be allowed to use the location feature.

Comparison With Spylix

Spylix does not have many restrictions like using Google photos. For Google Photos you must ensure that the Backup and Sync option is activated otherwise, the method will not be of any help. But with Spylix no restrictions or features need to be enabled.

2.4 Use Third-Party Tools to Find Your Lost Phone

One of the third-party tools as a substitute for Android device manager location history is Find My Mobile for Samsung.

Use Find My Mobile to Find Your Lost Phone

For this method to be successful, it requires the following:

  1. Your lost phone to be connected to the internet.
  2. Have an account with Samsung, and your phone must be registered with the account.
  3. The Find My Mobile must be enabled on the lost device.

Visit the Find My Mobile website and check the left side bar to ensure remote control is enabled. Select “locate My device' and click the locate button. If your device is online and the remote control is enabled, you will see its location.


  • The method is easy.
  • You only use the Find My Mobile feature no other app is required.


  • The lost device must have the Find My Mobile feature enabled.
  • If the lost phone is disconnected from the internet, then this way may not work.

Comparison With Spylix

Using of Find My Mobile feature comes with some restrictions which makes it hard to locate the phone if they are not met. For instance, the device must be connected to the internet and the feature itself must be enabled on the lost phone, otherwise it will not work. But when using Spylix, there are no such limitations.

2.5 Use Dropbox to See Recent Locations on Android

To use Dropbox to check Android device manager location history, your device has to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Your phone must be having an internet connection
  2. Ensure that you have activated “Camera Upload' in the Dropbox application.
  3. The person who stole the phone has to take pictures with it.

Use Dropbox to See Recent Locations on Android on Map

However, Dropbox can only be tried as a last resort for Android device manager location history after attempting all other methods explained above. You have to ensure that you have the Dropbox app on your device and the “Camera Upload” feature be activated. If the thief takes photos with the phone, they will be uploaded to Dropbox, and you may be able to identify the thief or even their location.


  • The method is user-friendly.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • The thief must take photos using the phone.
  • The lost phone must be connected to a network.
  • The Camera Upload feature must be activated on the lost phone.

Comparison with Spylix

To use Dropbox to track Android location history, you must meet some requirements like the lost phone being connected to a network, the camera upload feature for Dropbox to be activated and the thief to take photos with your phone. However, for Spylix there are no requirements like those. You only need a Spylix account and you can track the location of the phone remotely.

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Part 3: FAQs about How to Check My Location History

3.1 Can I Still Find My Lost Phone If It's Turned Off / In Airplane Mode / The Battery Is Dead?

One way you can easily find your lost phone is by using robust software called Spylix. Spylix tracks the exact location of the phone and enables you to find it. However, the phone has to be on for it to be located. If the battery is dead, it may be impossible to locate it.

Everyone Has A Chance of Losing Their Phone and Use Android Device Manager Location History

3.2 Can I Track My Lost Phone If Factory Reset?

When a phone is reset to factory settings, it loses all the contents and becomes difficult to locate it. But if the Find My Device is enabled, you may find it even after it has been reset.

3.3 Can I Locate My Device If Someone Changed The Sim Card?

Even if the Sim Card is changed, you may still find your phone. If you have the IMEI number, you may contact your carrier services to help you locate it, but this may be difficult because stolen devices are sometimes exported to other countries.

How to check my location history in this case? An easy way to go about it is using Spylix to easily and quickly find the location of your device.

Part 4: Conclusion: Can I Track Android Location History without The Phone?

Knowing how to locate your Android phone quickly is vital, especially when you lose it or it's stolen. This article covered 5 ways to use Android device manager location history to track your Android phone, with Spylix performing the best! Try Spylix today to get hold of your phone instantly.

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