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Send Anonymous Text: How to Text Someone Anonymously

We have been living in a world of wanting more privacy since the internet dawned on humans. People want to remain private for various reasons, so learning how to send an anonymous text becomes one of the tasks to handle.

You can use various ways to send anonymous texts. Whether you want to do it once or all the time, there are solutions in various categories.

How to Text Someone Anonymously

We hope you will not use this information to promote illegal agendas since the law will catch up with you. Otherwise, starting with an anonymous text is a good idea if you want to surprise someone. Keep reading to see the different methods to do it.

What Is Anonymous Text and How Does It Work?

An anonymous text is an SMS that does not include your details as the sender. The best-case scenario is when you receive a text message, and the ID is unknown. People use such techniques to contact others if they want to hide their identity.

The main question now is how does it work? We can look at it from what we expect to how the anonymity comes in when you want to strip off the identity. When you send a message, it will have your name if the recipient has saved your phone number.

If not, it will just contain the phone number and, of course, the timestamps. You get billed for the SMS by your carrier due to sending the message. When you want to send an anonymous text, the number and other information that relates to you disappears.

The service provider still triggers the billing, but they don’t pass your personal information.

Another way to stay anonymous is to use web services or applications that attach another number or details to the message.

What happens is that the platform providing the service will switch your number with theirs and then use it to get the SMS to the destination. People prefer the websites or apps way since they can help you remain anonymous.

Anyway, let’s see how to send an anonymous text using various methods and how you can view an anonymous text using technological platforms.

How to Send Anonymous Texts via Email?

Many carriers allow the sending of an SMS using an email address. It’s easy once you have the recipient’s phone number and know the service provider. Here is what you need to do to send an anonymous message to your target.

  • Sign up for a new email account to remain completely anonymous. You can do it with Yahoo, Google, and other companies that allow you to create emails. If you use your email, the recipient may still be able to know your personal information.
  • Get the recipient’s phone number. You need it since it will be part of the email address.
  • Find out the person’s carrier. It could be Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Safaricom, Airtel, and others. These carriers allow you to send a text message using an email. If you don’t know their carrier, you can contact them or use a lookup site.
  • Combine the target’s phone number and the carrier’s email to create an email that will become the recipient’s email. Don’t worry; the text will still appear on their phone. The information below shows you some of the carriers' email templates.
  • T-Mobile: [email protected]
  • Sprint: [email protected]
  • AT&T: [email protected]
  • Verizon: [email protected]
  • Virgin Mobile: [email protected]
  • Alltel: [email protected]
  • Metro PCS: [email protected]
  • Once you have everything you need, compose an email with the account you created. Use the recipient’s address as the email you have composed using the template guideline above.

NB: To make it look like a usual message, don’t fill anything on the subject line.

How to Check the Anonymous Text Secretly?

Do you want to know who is sending the anonymous text messages? There is an answer for you in powerful monitoring applications such as Spylix. It’s an application that can help you remotely monitor a phone’s activities.

With that, expect the messages to be part of the ordeal. Spylix can secretly spy on activities on Android and iOS platforms, which is why it is a suitable application. It will help you uncover the details of the anonymous sender as you also get the message.

If you would like to protect loved ones and friends from anonymous messages, this is your application. If they have been getting messages from unknown sources, but they are not communicating about it, Spylix will still let you know about it.

Use Spylix to Check the Anonymous Text Secretly

It can therefore find several applications that suit the scenario. Using Spylix is easy since the installation process is not complicated. We say that with confidence since you will never meet the need to root or jailbreak your phone or the targeted one to access its information.

It also works in stealth mode. That means it’s never visible after the setup, but you will get the phone messages and other activities remotely. You need an online account to view the details, and that’s where everything starts.

How to View an Anonymous Text Secretly Using Spylix Solution

Step 1: Sign up for an account on the Spylix website and choose the phone’s platform. After that, subscribe to one of the plans.

Create a Spylix Account to Check the Anonymous Text Secretly

Step 2: After the subscription, you will see a wizard page with the setup instructions. For Android, you need to install the app once on the phone, receiving anonymous messages. In iOS, use the iCloud ID online to verify.

Set up Spylix for Android to Check the Anonymous Text Secretly

Step 3: Once you complete the setup, access the dashboard via your other device's account. Navigate to the messages section to view the SMSs.

Check the Anonymous Text Secretly with Spylix

What Else Can Spylix Do?

Apart from viewing the messages, you will also get the following:

  • All the calls and contacts
  • Present and past locations
  • Geofencing for movement restrictions
  • Ability to view the connected Wi-Fi networks
  • See the installed applications
  • All the social media activities on Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, and more
  • Keylogger details where you get all the keystrokes made on the device
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How to Send an Anonymous Text through Websites?

Send an Anonymous Text through Websites

Another way involves how to send a text message online from a fake number using the websites. There are lots of them online, and they come and go. So, when you search online, you will meet the ones operating currently.

If you would like to use this method, then proceed to perform the following:

  • Select the anonymous website to use by searching online. You can type keywords such as ‘anonymous text websites’ or ‘send anonymous text’ to see what appears.
  • Go through the rules provided by the website. They may involve prohibiting using their services to commit fraud or other crimes. You will also see the regulations about the use frequency and the fees, among other things.
  • Have a false phone number that you use on the website if you are asked for one. It’s not always the case, though, since some websites will provide you with a fake one. If you are asked to input, use your country code and fake numbers equal to the needed phone number digits.
  • Input the receiver’s number, which is required in all the websites providing anonymous texting services. You may be asked to specify the phone number’s carrier in some cases.
  • Type the message and send it after reviewing everything required. Check to see if there is a character limitation to avoid typing too many words before sending.

How to Send a Text without Showing Your Number?

There is also a way to hide your phone number as you text or call on your phone. The procedure depends on your carrier and the phone you possess.

If you have an Android, use the following steps:

  • Go to Settings and then select ‘Phone’.
  • Tap on ‘Show My Caller ID’ and then use the displayed options to show or hide the number.
  • In iOS, perform the following:
  • Go to Settings and tap on ‘Call Settings’.
  • Go to ‘Additional settings’ and choose ‘Caller ID’.
  • Select the ‘Hide number’ option to make your number disappear.

It’s important to note that certain carriers may not permit these features. If it works on your end, there is no problem. Otherwise, you may still not be able to hide the phone number after applying the settings method.

How to Send an Anonymous Text with Instant Messenger Apps?

The last way how to text anonymously will involve the applications. You can download messaging apps to help you cover your identity as the text sender. It seems like the easier way out for those who may not know the right website to choose for the same.

We have methods for Android and iOS environments. So, if you are using either, then here are the solutions you need to deploy.

How to Send Anonymous Text Using an App via Android

  • Visit the Google Play Store and download an application to help you block your number when sending a text. There are a few options you can search for, such as ‘Anonymous texting’, ‘Anonymous SMS’, or ‘Private Text Messaging’.
  • Download the application after choosing from the displayed variety. Some of the apps you meet may be free, while others are paid versions.
  • Launch the application to start sending the messages. Some apps may have some free SMSs to start with, while others will charge you immediately you start using their services.
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number and the message you would like to send. After that, hit the ‘Send’ button. If there are special instructions to follow, the application will provide them since most are easy to use.
  • Send Anonymous Text Using an App via Android

How to Send an Anonymous Test Using Messenger Apps via iPhone

If you have an iPhone, follow the steps below:

  • Select the app you would like to use from the Play Store. Most of the apps on the Apple side offer to give you a fake number instead of blocking the number entirely. A few options include TextPlus, Wickr, Pinger, and Burner.
  • Once you get the application, tap on ‘GET’ and enter your Apple ID when prompted.
  • Launch the application and sign up or log in. After that, enter your real phone number and then enter the code sent via text for confirmation.
  • Next, enter the fake number you would like to use or utilize the suggestions from the application. Depending on the application, you may use it for free or buy credits to send the texts anonymously.
  • Proceed to type your message and the target’s phone number. Once you are done, hit ‘Send’ and wait for the results.
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If you want to send an anonymous text to someone, there are various ways to do it, as we have seen. Use the one you are comfortable with to surprise your target and remember to follow the guidelines given.

If you would like to view the anonymous text messages remotely, Spylix provides the solution for you. You need to set it up on the target phone and log into your account using another device to get the SMSs.

All the best in sending those texts anonymously, and please do not scare anyone.

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