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Textingspy.com Review: Is it A Trusted and Safe Website?

When looking for a spy app, so many of them pop up after a Google search. However, knowing which to choose over the other can be difficult unless you have the right guide by your side. Not all texting spy apps are safe and reliable. Some are scams aimed at stealing your data and information.

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Today's post will cover the textingspy.com review. It's time we analyzed the facts and see whether it's worth your time or not. Additionally, we will discuss one mobile spy app, the best texting app, that I recommend to anyone who needs the most reliable, safest, and all-in-one spy app that supports iOS and Android. Let's get our hands dirty and start by analyzing textingspy.com reviews.

Part 1: Is textingspy.com a Trusted and Safe Website?

The spy app is summarized in a table to help you understand and have an in-depth view of the textingspy.com reviews to help you better conclude.

Website name: textingspy.com
Website Brief introduction: A simple working site that has functionality limitations and trust issues.
Domain age: 6 years till now
WHOIS registration date: 2015-02-07
WHOIS last update date: 2021-02-08
WHOIS data: hidden
Function coverage: iMessages
Safety review: No SSL certificate could be found, which is a security breach and a sign of insecurity.
Does it work in the background (Stealth Mode)? Unknown. As it lacks SSL, maybe it cannot ensure stealth mode.
The price of services provided: Pricey
Real User feedback: There are few positive or negative comments about the site.
Popularity: Very low
Trust Level: 2.5/5
Note: The reviews are courtesy of user feedback and the internet.

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Positive highlights

  1. com has been in existent for a few years.
  2. It has a 95% trust score.

Negative highlights

  1. The site is not well optimized to enhance SEO
  2. It lacks an SSL certificate which is an insecurity sign.
  3. The owner's identity is not known, making it a fishy site.

Overall Review:

Textingspy.com review can be summarized as, for one, the domain has existed for quite a while, and its high trust score makes it seem legit and safe. However, not much can be said about who owns the domain, making it fishy. Additionally, the site falls short of trust due to its lack of an SSL certificate, and in terms of optimization, it's not the best for search engine optimization.

Part 2: Spylix - the best texting spy app for Android and iOS

The textingspy.com review calls for a better alternative and a safe and more reliable spy app. The better alternative is Spylix, a spy app designed to specifically give you absolute control over your target phone in the simplest, safest, and instant way.

Spylix's Photo iOS

Spylix works remotely and supports the spying of iOS and Android devices, making it the best spy app to achieve all your spying needs all from a user-friendly dashboard.

2.1: More than a Texting Spy App

  • Spy all Social apps
  • If you are looking for a spy app, it's probably because you want to monitor someone's activities, such as their chats. Lucky for you because Spylix works perfectly at that. Spylix has a user-friendly dashboard from which all chats and media files shared on all the social apps, such as Kik, Line, and WhatsApp, can be viewed and monitored even to see who is being texted. As if that's not enough, Spylix will display even the contact profile of your target, and in the case of a social app like Instagram, you will access their profile details.

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  • View Messages
  • Our phones are a crucial component of communication especially sharing of messages. Spylix can view all the messages that your target phone is receiving, sending, or deleting. Therefore, you will spy on all their messages, including iMessages, at the comfort of your phone.

    Spylix Tracks Messages iOS

  • Call recording
  • Any phone has a call feature that can be spied on using the Spylix spy app. With Spylix, all your target phone's incoming and outgoing calls will be uploaded to your dashboard. Moreover, all the call logs and call durations of each call will be recorded. Thus, if you are spying on someone, especially your spouse, you can track all their phone calls anytime and anywhere.

  • Access Photos and videos
  • All our memories are captured in photos and videos. Additionally, photos and videos can be used to communicate and enhance infidelity. When spying on someone using Spylix, you will access the target phone's gallery and camera activity.

    Additionally, you can use their camera as a spy app to capture photos and screenshots easily.

  • Spy the Internet activity
  • Do you wish to have a way to access what someone else is browsing? Wish no more and instead start using Spylix today. Spylix can access all the browsing history of the spied phone, including private browsing.

    With Spylix, you can also restrict sites that the target phone can access. This is beneficial when monitoring and protecting what children can access when online.

  • Access Phone book
  • Being the best texting spy app, Spylix can access and display all the saved contacts on the target phone. All the details of the contacts, such as their names and phone numbers, can be accessed. If you are monitoring someone, access to such information is an added advantage.

    Spylix Contacts Details

  • View Emails and calendar events
  • Spylix can access the emails of the target phone to spy on their inbox and get the email information of the party involved. With Spylix, you can also access the saved calendar events and notes of the target phone to help you track the activities of the person being spied on.

  • Keylogger
  • People have a habit of hiding their passwords and usernames, which is a good security measure. However, you may need their hidden information, which is where Spylix comes in.This keylogger can record all keystrokes entered on the target phone to help you access the passwords of the target phone effortlessly.

  • Real-time GPS Tracking
  • Do you wish to track someone's exact location? Spylix will help you achieve that using its GPS location feature, which displays a live map of the target device's location, including the previously visited places.

    Monitore GPS Details

    Moreover, using Spylix, you can create Geofences to help you keep a tab on when the target phone enters or leaves a Geofenced area.

  • Stealth mode
  • The textingspy.com review showed how easy it is for the target phone to detect that you are spying on them. Spylix comes to fix this by ensuring you monitor your target in stealth mode. Once set up, Spylix works in a hidden mode to ensure all the target phone activities will be uploaded and viewed on the Spylix dashboard without them knowing.

  • Multi-device monitoring
  • With the best texting spy app- Spylix, you can spy on as many as 5 target devices using one Spylix account. Therefore, you need not be worried if you need to spy on multiple devices. Spylix got you covered.

  • No need to jailbreak and root
  • With only just three simple steps, Spylix is the most straightforward spy app on the market. In addition, you need not go through the hassle of rooting or jailbreaking the target device to monitor it. All that is not needed.

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2.2: 3 Simple Steps to Use Spylix texting spy app

Step 1: Get yourself a Spylix account

Quickly get a free Spylix account by clicking on the "Try Now" button below, then use your email ID to sign up.

Create a Free Spylix Account

Step 2: Configure your account

Choose your target device, then set it up using the guide instruction on the web page.

Spylix Choose Android Device

Step 3: Spy your target

Bravo! You can now start spying on your target from your Spylix dashboard.

Spylix's Sidebar Menu

From the textingspy.com review, a better app is needed. Don't hesitate to make the wiser choice. Make your choice and start using the Spylix best texting spy app.

Part 3: FAQs regarding text spy

  • Is the trust score of the textingspy.com reviews good?
  • Although textingsy.com has a good trust score, its safety and trust are questionable. I mean, why can't its owner be identified? Why does it lack an SSL certificate?

    Yes, the trust score is good, but why risk using an insecure texting spy app while you can use the best and safest spy app, Spylix, in the market? I recommend Spylix which is the better choice.

  • Is it legal to spy on someone's texts?
  • The motives and consent are what determines whether or not it's legal or illegal.

    Legal or Illegal

    If you are a parent, spying on your kid's text messages is safe for their best safety interest. However, if you spy on someone's text messages for blackmail or other criminal activities, then that's illegal. The bottom line is that ensure you remain on the safe side of the law as you use Spylix to spy on your target phone.

Part 4: In conclusion

With the right motive and consent, spying on someone is a good way to ensure their safety and monitor their activities. This article covered the textingspy.com review and went ahead to introduce the best alternative, which is the best spy app that you should use to spy on a target phone easily.

Spy someone in the right and safe way, use the Spylix today to instantly and effortlessly spy on a target phone remotely.

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