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Is Spytexts.com a Trusted and Safe Website?

Various reasons can make you want to have a way to read someone's messages. For instance, it could be to protect your children or spy on your partner whom you think is cheating on you. For whatever reason you have, a spy app is what you need.

Spytext Homepage

Over the years, Spytexts.com has been used by many people to spy on a target phone, but the increased complaints and negative feedback call for the need to scrutinize their site. Today's post will take a deeper look at Spytexts.com reviews and offer four better alternatives that offer safe, reliable, and efficient spying on another person's text messages.

Part 1: Is Spytexts.com A Trusted and Safe Website?

Domain Name Spytexts.com
Brief introduction A domain name with very little historical information might be a site that provides SMS monitoring.
Function coverage Unknown
Is the domain name available? It expired on 2015-12-31. is just a parked domain
Website Origin United States
Estimated Age 6 Years, 189 Days
Popularity Very low
Website design and UX Rather poor
Speed Low
Has Bad Reviews Yes
Server IP Marked as Abusive Yes
Trusted Rank Low Rating
Real User feedback Medium evaluation
Note: These reviews are collected from the Internet, and some are user-submitted.

Overall Review: Spytexts.com domain has low ratings. Additionally, the security of the related IP address is low. The domain was defunct that failed in meeting user searches, making it unpopular.

Part 2: 4 Reliable Spytexts.com Alternative Solutions You Need to Know

2.1: Spylix Texts Spy- The best answer to "Does text spy work?"

Spylix is an excellent text spy app designed to work with all iPhones and Android devices. The spy app is user-friendly and inexpensive, making it, without any doubt, the best spy app on the market.

Spylix Mobile iOS Text Messages Details

Spylix works remotely in tracking all activities of the target phone, such as social apps, messages, browser history, and call logs. Unlike Spytexts.com, Spylix is easy to use with just three steps needed; register for free, set up, and monitor!

Which is Better, Spylix App or Spytexts.com?

The table compares Spylix and Spytexts.com to ensure you have a clear view of which text spy app works better for you.

Spylix App Spytexts.com
Overall rating 9.8/10 4.5/10
Features 40 kinds of data that can be monitored Limited features
Safety High Very low
Setup process Three simple steps to setup Idle domain name
Stealth mode to spy Yes No
Positive reviews 2000+ Few

From the above summary, we note that Spytexts.com reviews clearly show that users are looking for a better alternative, Spylix, to help them monitor and spy on other phones.

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Here is a list of key features of Spylix:

1. Check Inbox

With Spylix, you can easily check all the messages stored in the target phone's inbox. All the messages will be uploaded to your Spylix dashboard, from where you can remotely keep a tab on your target.

2. View Messages

Apart from checking the inbox, Spylix lets you view and intercept all the messages sent, received, unsent, and deleted on the target phone. Additionally, you will view the chat contact associated with each message.

Spylix Mobile iOS Text Messages Overview

3. Read Message Content

With Spylix, you don't just view the messages in the inbox. You can open each message and read it like a chat without physically possessing the target phone.

4. Get Access to Details

Any chat has the details of either the sender or receiver. With Spylix, you can track the details of whom the target person is chatting with. Details such as their number, email, name, or photo will be available on your dashboard when you view the messages.

5. Spy on Date and Time

Each message accessed by Spylix will be recorded and arranged based on the date and time of the message. If in a situation of a cheating partner, this will come in handy as proof of them cheating and on which date and time.

Other Features of Spylix:

1. Social media Tracking

Spylix is not limited to a text spy app. It can monitor all the social apps installed on the target device, such as Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook messages. Once monitored, all the messages shared and media files will be recorded and uploaded to your Spylix dashboard.

2. Keylogger

Spylix can record all keystrokes entered on the target device. Thus, if you need to capture even your target person's password, you can easily do so by monitoring the recorded keystrokes.

3. Call history

All the outgoing and incoming calls on the target phone will be recorded. Additionally, the call duration, timestamps, and contact information associated with each call will be uploaded to your dashboard.

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Spylix Mobile iOS Calls

4. Undetectable

One of the greatest advantages of using Spylix is how well it can mask and hide on the target phone. Spylix works in a background mode and leaves no traces, ensuring the target person will have no idea or clue that you are monitoring their phone.

5. Read Message Remotely

All target phone activities, including reading their messages, will be done remotely by just logging into your Spylix dashboard.

6. Compatibility

Spylix is designed to be used by everyone. Thus it supports all types of Android and iPhones with no discrimination.

Here's how to use Spylix in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Create Account

Click the “Try Now” button to register for a free Spylix account using the email ID.

Spylix Mobile Register

Step 2: Set it Up

Choose the target phone then follow the guidance to set up the target.

Spylix Mobile Guidance One

Step 3: Monitor

From your cell phone, tablet, or computer, view texts, calls, GPS, and all available information from the target

Spylix Mobile Android Sidebar Menu

The Spytexts.com reviews prove that you need a better spy app. The better spy app is Spylix, which is competitively priced, offers the most features, is easy to use even for beginners, and has a user-friendly web interface to work with. Click the Button below to check out how simple it easy it is to get started with Spylix.

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2.2: Use Backup Files to Read Text Messages for Free

To read the text messages from the backup file:

  • Copy the backup file to a computer.
  • Open the XML backup file using MS Excel using the *.xml file type.
  • In a new column, enter the value: =([@date]/86400000) +25569 then copy it to the other rows.
  • Format the new column as type data, and you should now be able to read the text messages.

Import Data XML Final File


  • You have to access the target phone, which is risky physically.
  • The process is tedious.
  • No user-friendly interface is provided, as in the case of Spylix.

2.3: Contact network providers to check someone’s text

A carrier has access to all messages associated with a phone for the last 90 days. Thus, using the account login credentials of the target phone, you can reach out to the carrier of the target phone, then use the account details to access all messages sent or received for the last 90 days.

iPhone Messages


  • You must have the account login credentials of our target.
  • The method only lets you access text messages, while you can access other features using Spylix.
  • The network provider can be unresponsive, making the method unreliable.

2.4: Use Another Phone to Sync and View Text Messages

To sync messages to another iPhone, you can use two ways:

  • Sign in to your iPhone using the Apple ID of your target iPhone. All messages you receive will also be displayed to the target iPhone.
  • Sign in to your iPhone using the Apple ID of your target iPhone. Then, open Settings → Messages → Text Message Forwarding on the target iPhone and turn on the slider associated with your iPhone's name. Finally, enter the verification code. All messages received on the target iPhone will be forwarded to your iPhone.

Messages and iMessage Sync

To sync messages on Android:

  • Download the Google Voice and use your Google account to sign in on your iPhone and your target iPhone.
  • From settings, turn on sync with Google.
  • Messages will then be synced on both phones automatically and viewed from the Google Voice inbox section.

Messages Sync


  • Unlike Spylix, the method doesn't work in stealth mode as it's easily discoverable.
  • Only text messages can be accessed, yet Spylix offers you more features.

2.5: Comparison of The Above Ways

Use Spylix Backup Files Contact Network Providers Messages Syncing
Text Spy Feature All messages, i.e., sent, received, draft, deleted, etc. Some messages backed up on the target phone Limited texts Intermittent text messages
Stealth mode Simply hidden, remotely monitored Easy to detect The person being monitored will notice the anomaly directly Easy to noticed
Feasibility 100% work Possible to fail Easy to fail Half-half
Will the target know it ×
Recommendation 5/5 4/5 3.5/5 2/5

Tracking someone's text messages is easy. All you need is a reliable spy app on your side. If you are looking for a reliable app, Spylix SMS monitor is the app you need. The app will save you the hassle and won't cost you too much energy in monitoring your target person remotely. What are you waiting for? Try the best spy app, Spylix, in the market today!

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Part 3: FAQs regarding text spy

3.1: Is spy-texts a scam?

No, it's not a scam. What is a scam is some of the methods out there, as seen in the Spytexts.com reviews. Most spy apps are unreliable, and I advise using the one I have tested and verified to be the best. Use the Spylix SMS monitor.

Messaging Apps

3.2: Why should I use a spy app legally?

Not all countries have the same laws, and depending on your country, spying invades someone's privacy, which is against the law. Thus, ensure you have the consent of the target person and the right motive before spying on them.

3.3: Is a parent supposed to spy on the texts and emails of their children?

This depends on the trust you have with the children. If they are well behaved, and you have nothing to worry about, then it would be an invasion of their privacy. However, if the children are not behaved and often have lying issues, spying on the messages and emails can be one way to protect them and acts in their best interest.

In conclusion

This article gave a detailed Spytexts.com review and went ahead to offer better alternatives to spying on someone's text messages. The article offered four ways to check someone's message, but I recommend using the Spylix SMS monitor tool among the four ways. Try Spylix today for quick, instant, and reliable SMS monitoring of your target remotely.

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