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Text Tracking: How to Track Text Online for Free?

Ben Patterson
Ben Patterson May 09, 2022

Phones are very personal objects, and all the data in them, be it pictures, messages, call history, or videos, are also private. So, you might think it's nearly impossible to access this information on another person's phone.

But if you want to know what a person, say your boyfriend or child, is doing on their phone all day, you must track their activity. Put simply, you must know about text tracking.

Yes, you can read the text messages on your partner's phone without holding it! It is made possible by a spying software like Spylix. Using the app, you can find whom the other is texting all day long. It proves to be useful for parents and spouses who feel something odd with the behavior of their children or partners.

Track Text Online for Free

What Does Text Tracking Mean?

Tracking text has gotten a lot easier with the advancement in software technology. Today, with the help of such software, you can track SMS by phone number.

It proves immensely beneficial for parents who wish to track their children's activities. It also enables people to find delivery patterns and uncover details of all their messages.

Both Android and iOs devices can make use of apps that track cellphone messages. Generally, the app will have a dashboard used for spying. You can visit the online control panel via any browser.

Here, you can easily see both received and sent text messages available on your partner's or children's phone. You can also know other details like the person your kid or spouse is contacting with.

Thus, by reading the messages, you'll be able to determine whether your loved one is safe or is being troubled by someone. So, you can use this information to make the informed and appropriate action.

What's great is that the apps don't only track a text. They can also track social media platforms that a person uses to exchange texts.

You can view messages sent or received on such platforms without letting your partner or child get any clue about it.

How to Track Text Online for Free?

Spylix makes it effortless for you to track text for free. You can check and read every single message of the target device and access their phonebook.

The app uses an advanced algorithm to track your partner's sent or received message. Moreover, it also provides for timely syncing of messages.

Spylix also helps you keep your children safe from scams and cyber predators. The text tracking app allows you to intercept texts and encrypts and safeguards your data.

Here is a stepwise guide to help you set up, install, and begin using Spylix to track messages on the phone.

  • Go over to Spylix's website and create your account.
  • Create a Spylix Account to Track Text Online for Free

  • Next, set up your account on your device (Android or iPhone)
  • Set up Spylix for Android to Track Text Online for Free

  • Commence the SMS track process.
  • Track Text Online for Free with Spylix

Spylix is a leading spying app through which you can find precisely what your child or spouse is chatting about to a person. You can track not only phone messages, but also WhatsApp messages and calls.

It also has a keylogger feature that registers all the keys that your child or partner presses on their phone's keyboard. You will find all information about their text messages at regular intervals.

So, you'll be updated about who texts your child or to whom your child is texting every five minutes.

Apart from allowing you to track cellphone messages and texts, you can also access the media files saved on the target phone or shared on the target device. It includes videos, photos, music, and the like.

You can access 40 different data types, like installed applications, notes, calendar entries, contacts, internet usage, and more. If the question - "How to track a text message location" is on your mind, Spylix will come to your rescue.

Its robust GPS tracking feature enables tracking the current GPS location of your child or spouse's device. You can even get to know about the location's history. So, you can easily figure out from where your child or partner sent a specific message to someone at a particular time.

What Messages Can You Get from Text Tracking?

Get Messages from Text Tracking

A text tracking app helps you to gain access to a variety of messages. You can track cellphone text messages, like those coming from various social platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat and the like.

Thus, you don't need to remain limited to only incoming and outgoing SMS messages. You can monitor your partner or children's activity from every social media platform they are a part of.

Here are the different kinds of messages that a text tracking app allows you to access with ease.

  • Text Messages- You can quickly track phone text messages with a remote tracking application. No need to worry about missing or overlooking a particular message.
  • WhatsApp Messages- It is easy to monitor every single WhatsApp chat of your partner or child. In addition, you can also view all their contacts and those with whom they are most frequently chatting.
  • Snapchat Messages- Find all that your child snaps and with whom they are exchanging their snaps. From the kind of pics your child or spouse sends, you can easily uncover whether they are involved in a decent chat or not.
  • Instagram Messages- You can go through the messages your partner sends to someone on Instagram. It is possible that specific contact is not on their WhatsApp, but they are in touch with them through this social media platform.
  • Viber Messages- Viber allows for communication to be carried on via stickers, voice, and video calls. But with a track messages app, you can access every single one of these conversations. You can even access deleted messages!
  • Facebook chats- Through Facebook chats, people can chat in real-time. But when you use an app for tracking texts, you can read all that your child is texting as well as audio, video, and image files.

FAQs about Tracking Texts Messages

1. How Can I Track Text Messages and Calls from Another Phone for Free?

You can easily track messages and calls from another phone for free with spying software. There are many phone monitoring software in the form of apps that allows you to monitor the messages of the target device without installing it on that specific device.

The software works directly from its website. The keylogger functionality in the spying software records every keystroke that the target user makes.

It includes the SMS messages they type, what they are searching in their browser, social media chats, and the passwords of their social media accounts. Thus, it makes monitoring messages that the target user sends very easy.

The owner of the target device does not even, for once, get suspicious about someone trying to access their phone. It's because the software operates in a stealth mode on their device.

The app finds all the keystrokes that the target device's owner makes and arranges them in an organized fashion for you according to the application where the strokes were made.

2. How to Track Someone’s Location Through Text Messages?

The GPS location informs you about the current location of your child or family member. You can know where exactly they are. As a result, you can send help to their place.

That's why it's essential to always switch on your GPS. You can find out where you access the feature of text message according to the closest cellular tower to where you are.

Now, you only need your contact number in order to find out about your child or family member's location. It can be done via triangulation.

But it is not available for every person, and even if you can access it, there isn't any guarantee that it will provide you with the most accurate location.

So, you can use a text tracking app like Spylix. It allows you to track the existing GPS location of the target device. GPS tracking provides you the information in real-time about where the target device is.

3.How to Stop Someone From Tracking Your Text Messages?

There are a few methods to stop someone from tracking your text messages. They include the following.

  • Don't give anyone access to your phone's passcode. It will prevent them from unlocking your phone and tracking your messages.
  • Ensure that you lock the phone with a fingerprint or a face ID rather than with a predictable password.

  • Don't use public Wi-Fi. Linking to public Wi-Fi will only make it easy for hackers to track your messages without your consent.
  • Switch off your GPS radio. Various phones come with a default GPS radio feature.
  • If you turn it on, it will make it very easy for others to monitor and track your messages. So, if your phone has this feature, turn it off and ensure that it remains this way.

  • Factory reset your device. Factory resetting clears up all the phone data.

However, you'll lose some files. So, do it only if you have backed up your data.

Use A Text Tracking App And Start Tracking Messages Instantly

It's not an impossible task to view all the sent, received, and deleted SMS messages on your spouse or child's phone. You can use a text tracking app like Spylix for the same.

Now it's no longer a far-fetched reality to expertly monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other popular messengers.

You can leverage features like keylogger and GPS location tracking to know not only what your child types on their phone but also where they are.

This information is crucial to keeping your child safe and finding what they are up to if you notice them showcasing unusual behavior.

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