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4 Best Ways to Track IMEI Number through Google Earth in 2024

It is possible to track IMEI numbers through Google Earth.

However, users with limited technical know-how do not know the method to use the Google IMEI tracker.

In this post, we will explain everything about the IMEI tracker, including the best way to learn the device’s location.

Track IMEI Number with Google Earth

Part 1: A Complete Explanation of Track IMEI Number through Google Earth

Before learning about the best IMEI Locator on Google Maps, it is vital to understand important details, including what an IMEI number is and how to use Google Earth to track it.

Here, we will discuss everything about it!

1.1 What is the IMEI Number?

An IMEI number is a unique and permanent serial or identification number that every mobile phone has.

Phone IMEI Number

Most importantly, this is a 15-digit number used to identify each phone and smartphone.

As these kinds of devices move onto multiple carriers worldwide, it’s beneficial to have an IMEI number handy to track them down.

1.2 What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a free program that allows you to view satellite images of the entire world. Two engineers created it at Keyhole, Inc., eventually acquired by Google.

Google Earth Allows You to Track IMEI Number

This program is different from any other program because it lets you travel to any location on Earth and see it in real-time, using a special technology called "Satellite imaging."

It allows you to zoom in to the earth's surface. Most of the images in Google Earth are aerial photographs taken from satellites.

Moreover, you can navigate the platform to track IMEI numbers.

1.3 How to Track a Cell Phone Location Using Google Earth?

It is fairly straightforward to get the assistance of Google Earth to monitor the real-time location of any smartphone device.

Not only that, but you can access the entire location history of said phone.

Besides, you simply need access to a strong internet connection and a Google ID to perform the procedure.

Check out the step-by-step guide below to understand how to track a phone call through Google Earth:

Step 1: Using your device’s browser, open Google Earth.

Now, simply sign in to the service by providing the Google Account details of the device you want to monitor, such as email address and password.

Step 2: Next, you have to give your number on Google Earth. Simply tap the “Send a link to my phone” option.

Step 3: You will instantly receive a text with a link attached. Just open the URL using any web browser, and permit Google to access your device’s location.

Step 4: There, press Yes, and enable the “Allow Google Latitude to view your current location” feature.

Step 5: Finally, you will be able to view the real-time location of the target mobile phone with Google Earth.

Check the Location History of the Target IMEI Number on Google Earth

Part 2: Alternative Applications to track IMEI Number

Though IMEI number tracking with Google Maps is accurate, it requires you to have access to the target person’s Google Account details, which can get complicated.

For this reason, it is essential to understand how to use some other alternatives to perform phone tracking.

The top three options are as follows:

2.1 Spylix - The Trusted IMEI Tracker Online Map

Spylix is a cutting-edge phone-monitoring program that can be used to monitor mobile devices on an unnoticeable level.

This app utilizes the assistance of third-party maps to keep track of the location of specific phones in real-time within minutes.

Besides, it does not matter if the target phone is Android or iOS-based, Spylix can monitor the whereabouts of any modern smartphone effortlessly.

Spylix Can Display Detailed GPS Information of Target Devices

Moreover, there is no requirement to root or jailbreak the other person’s device to enable GPS tracking, which is an added bonus.

In addition, you can perform the monitoring remotely!

Besides displaying the target phone’s location, Spylix offers the following features to track activities performed on it. These functions are essential to ensure your loved one is safe from any harm.

  • Geofencing
  • It offers the Geofencing tool to alert or send notifications whenever another person visits a restricted or unsafe area.

    This feature is convenient to ensure the complete safety of your loved ones.

    Spylix Offers Geofencing Tool to Track the Target IMEI Number

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • With Spylix, you can access the entire social media chat history performed on the target Android or iPhone.

    Not only that, but you can also access the deleted texts and view the media content shared among users. The apps include WhatsApp, Instagram, iMessage, and more.

Spylix Offers Social Media Monitoring Service

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Create an account

Create a new account with your valid email address, and select either Android or iOS as the platform you want to track.

Next, buy a suitable subscription plan.

Register for Spylix Account to Spy on Someone's Phone Without Them Knowing

Step 2: Add Spylix

To track the target iPhone, you do not have to install any dedicated app.

Instead, simply provide the other user’s iCloud account data, and verify the device.

Still, make sure you have the iCloud backup option enabled on the iPhone.

Enter the Apple ID of the Target Device to Get Started

For Android, it is necessary to install the Spylix app.

For that, copy the link available on your account to the target Android device, which will download and install the app.

Next, enter your Spylix user details, which will trigger the Stealth Mode, making the app undetectable.

Follow the Guidances to Set up Spylix

Step 3: Check the Location from the Dashboard

Access your device again where you had opened the Spylix account to open the online Control Panel.

Then, go to the GPS Locations option to view the real-time position of the user.

Spylix Can Display Detailed GPS Information of Target Devices

2.2 Google Find My Device - A Cool IMEI Tracker Online Map

You can track mobile IMEI numbers on Google Maps by using the Find My Device feature.

However, the target device must be connected to a strong internet connection for this technique to be potent.

Yet, this method is reliable and provides accurate details on the map.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 Enter the target user’s Google Account details on your device to sign in.

Step 2: Access “Find My Device” from your web browser, and select the target phone.

Step 3: The utility will display the target phone’s real-time location, given it is connected to a network (WiFi or Data).

Google Find My Device Feature Allows You to Track-IMEI Number Online

2.3 Find My Phone- An Excellent Google IMEI Tracker

Find My app is another IMEI tracker with access to an online map relevant for iPhone users.

This method is incredibly handy, especially if you cannot access the iOS device and feel that it has been stolen.

Follow the tutorial below to use Find My Phone:

Step 1: Enable the Find My app on the target iPhone from the Settings menu.

Enable Find My Function at the Setting Menu to Track IMEI Number

Step 2: On your device, open any web browser and access iCloud.com. There, sign in using the other person’s iCloud ID. After that, reach icloud.com/find, and click on All Devices.

Log in to iCloud to Track IMEI Number

Step 3: View the location of the iPhone on the map displayed on the Find My interface.

Check the Phone Location at the Find My Interface

Part 3: Why Do We Need Google IMEI Tracker to Track IMEI Number?

Now that you know how to track a cell phone location using Google Earth, the question could come into your mind: why do you need to apply the techniques mentioned above to track a cell phone?

3.1 User Privacy Concerns

For a parent, their primary job is to keep their child out of harm’s way.

For that reason, the Google IMEI trackers can provide the required assistance.

Services, such as Spylix, can share where your child is located in real-time.

Additionally, if you happen to lose your phone, and can’t find it anywhere, then the top 4 methods mentioned above can instantly share where it is located.

3.2 Social Emergency Rescue

If somehow your phone gets stolen, and it is still connected to the internet.

Then you can use services, such as Spylix or Find My Device, to locate its whereabouts and find the criminal behind the theft.

Part 4: FAQs about "Track IMEI Number through Google Earth

4.1 Why Are Alternatives to Google Earth for IMEI Number Tracking So Popular?

Though Google Earth is excellent to track a phone, you have to manually access the device to enable location and find out the other person’s Google Account info.

Moreover, one significant drawback is that the device must be connected to the internet to fully utilize the Google IMEI tracker.

4.2 Do I Need An Internet Connection to Locate My Mobile Phone?

The application requires access to the internet to sync with your cellular device.

Without an internet connection, the tracking process will not take place as communication is dependent on it.

4.3 Can Google IMEI Tracker Be Trusted?

Though the method is reliable, it can get quite technical learning to track IMEI numbers through Google Earth.

For a more user-friendly approach, using Spylix is recommended.

4.4 How to Track a Cell Phone Location Using Google Earth?

You can enter the device’s Google Account details into Google Earth and share the location with any number to immediately track the device.

4.5 What Makes the Best Google IMEI Tracker?

The best Google IMEI tracker is the one that offers accurate information under an intuitive interface.

It is where Spylix stands out from the rest as it provides a wide variety of tracking features besides sharing the real-time location.

Conclusion - Track IMEI Number Through Google Earth Right Now

We hope you enjoyed this article about the ways to track IMEI numbers through Google Earth

Cell phone tracking is a beneficial technique if you’ve lost your phone and aren’t able to locate it or you want to check whether your loved one is safe or not.

Moreover, for complete accuracy and privacy, give Spylix a try!

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