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5 Best Phone Number Tracker Apps [Free and Legal]

There are many reasons as to why you would want to use a phone number tracker, such as to track your lost phone, track your kids, or even track an unknown call. For whatever reason that you have, you need a reliable number tracker.

Use Phone Number Tracker to Show Map in iPad

There are many apps for tracking a phone number in the market but only a few are reliable and unless you know which app you should use, you might end up using one that will do more harm than good. To help you clear the doubts and evade such a case, we will discuss the 5 best phone number tracker apps that you should use in 2024.

Part 1: Why Use a Phone Number Tracker?

A phone number tracker is an app that lets you track another number whether it's someone calling you or a specific phone number. Using the app, you can get their specific location with phone number.

More specifically, it can help you do the following:

  • Track someone's location.
  • Track someone's messages.
  • Track the browser history of someone.
  • Get the phone number owner's details.
  • In the case of an unknown caller, get his true identity.

In the section below, we will introduce the top 5 best phone number trackers, starting with the most recommended one — Spylix.

Part 2: Top 5 Number Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

2.1 Spylix: The Best Real-Time Phone Number Tracker

In the list of the best tracker apps in the market, Spylix comes first. Spylix works in real-time to track the phone number and has support for both Android and iOS devices.

Number Tracker Spylix Register Choose Device

Spylix gives you the instant ability to track by just setting up the app in three simple steps. With its millions of users globally, Spylix is designed to ensure that it serves you most quickly and simply, and it has over 40 supported data types. Spylix also has additional features such as geofencing and monitoring of the text messages. To be honest, when it comes to phone number tracking, no app can match Spylix.

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Spylix's Features:

Being the leading phone number tracker, Spylix offers the following features:

  • GPS location tracking of the phone number on a real-time basis.
  • Monitoring all incoming and outgoing text messages on the target phone number.
  • Record of phone calls made to or by the phone number.
  • Tracking the social apps to monitor the chats and media files shared. These apps include WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more.
  • Creating geofences to monitor the phone number leaving or entering the geofenced area.
  • Accessing media files on the phone such as videos and phone numbers.

Spylix iOS Dashboard Premium for Tracking Phone Number

Why Spylix is the Best Phone Number Tracker:

  • Advanced tracking features:
  • Most phone number tracking apps offer limited tracking features, with the majority of them just designed to track phone numbers. However, for Spylix, phone number tracking is just one among the many features it offers. With Spylix at hand, you get to track all the activities associated with the device, from the calls, messages, location, to even emails.

  • Secret without being detected:
  • The most ideal situation is to track the target number without being detected. Spylix goes the extra mile to ensure it secretly tracks the phone number. For iOS, it works through the cloud-based website, and for Android, once you install it on the target phone, it will hide its icon and work in stealth mode.

  • Comprehensive GPS tracking report:
  • One of the easy ways to track the location with phone number is through GPS location. Spylix has a GPS location feature that displays the exact location of the phone number in real-time and all the details regarding the location such as the recently visited places and coordinates are displayed on the control panel to help easily analyze the information.

  • Data Privacy:
  • In tracking the phone number, Spylix treats your data with respect and caution. All your data and that of the person you are tracking are not exposed even to Spylix itself. The company doesn’t store your user data on its servers, so drop your worries regarding security and focus on the benefits of using Spylix in tracking the target phone number.

  • Easy Configuration:
  • A key feature of Spylix is how easy it is to set up and get started using it. Whether you want to track an iOS or Android, the setup process is simple and fast. Only three steps are involved and you will be guided all through in what you need to do to get started using Spylix. The steps require no technical skills, anyone can easily feel at home configuring Spylix. Additionally, in setting up Spylix, no rooting or jailbreaking of the device is needed.

  • User-friendly panel:
  • Spylix has a user-friendly dashboard that allows you monitor all the activities of the phone number. Once you set up Spylix, you can log in and monitor the phone number in real-time from the control panel all at the comfort of your phone.

    Spylix Android dashboard premium for tracking phone number

  • Positive Reviews:
  • Most users, especially parents, have had their fruitful experiences when using Spylix, like how well they have been able to track the phone number of their children and keep them safe. The positive customer reviews of Spylix are 96%, a clear indication of how much users appreciate and enjoy the benefits of using Spylix.

Recommend: ★★★★★

To use Spylix, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the register button below to create a free Spylix account.

Phone Number Tracker Spylix Android Register Guidance

Step 2: Set up your device.

Number Tracker Spylix Android Device Setup Guidance

Step 3: Start tracking the phone number.

Spylix iOS Tracking Locations with Phone Number

Note: Spylix's software is intended for legal use only.
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2.2 Track a Phone Number Using mTracker

mTracker is an Android phone number tracker that enables its users to track the location of a number or even of a fixed-mobile line. Using mTracker, you can get the exact location of the phone number including the city, the state and the country.

Number Tracker mTracker

mTracker has a few features:

  • Locating the caller ID: their location including the unknown calls.
  • Offline searching: searching phone number details such as ISD code while offline.
  • Tracking phone number.
  • Block calls: blocking unwanted calls and spam calls.

Disadvantages of mTracker:

  • Limited features: mTracker lacks multiple features, only basic features such as calls and location tracking are provided. In contrast, Spylix supports 40 data types.
  • Doesn't support iOS: mTracker is purely an Android phone number tracker. It has no support for iOS devices. For Spylix, it supports both iOS and Android devices.
  • Can't work in stealth mode: using mTracker, you have to add the friends from mTracker's address book and send them an invitation. This is risky as you can easily be detected by the owner. However, Spylix is easy to set up and works while hidden to ensure the owner doesn't detect you.

Recommend: ★★★☆☆

2.3 Use BeenVerified App to Track a Phone Number

BeenVerified is a search website containing aggregated public data obtained from social media accounts and public records.

It has a reverse phone lookup feature through which you can track a phone number to get its related information such as arrest details, court cases, and driving records. To track a phone number, you can use the BeenVerified website or its Android or iOS supported app.

BeenVerified for Tracking A Phone Number

Its features include:

  • Location tracking: it can get the GPS location of the phone number.
  • Email address tracking.
  • Social media accounts: it can track social apps associated with the phone number.
  • Caller ID: able to get the name and ID of the caller.

Disadvantages of BeenVerified:

  • It is costly: to unlock the advanced features of BeenVerified, costly fees are needed. In comparison to other apps like Spylix, BeenVerified is pricey. I recommended using Spylix instead, which is much cheaper yet offers more features than BeenVerified.
  • Unhandy data panels: when using the BeenVerified app, the data is scattered. The data panel is unhandy and not appealing to use. To evade the hassle of struggling with the scattered data, use Spylix, which offers a user-friendly dashboard to track the phone number.

Recommend: ★★★☆☆

2.4 Track Phone Number via Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number is a phone number tracker that allows easy locating of a phone number and its location.

The app aids in monitoring the location of children using their phone numbers via a safe and secure private network. With the app, you can locate all visited places. However, it only works for Android devices.

PhoneTracker By Number

Its features include:

  • GPS location tracking of the phone number.
  • Tracking location history.

Disadvantages of Phone Tracker By Number:

  • Only basic features are offered: the phone number tracker only supports GPS location tracking. It doesn't offer other features as in the case of Spylix.
  • Limited compatibility: The app only supports Android devices. It's not cross-platform, meaning that you can't use it to track an iOS device. However, we found a similar tracking app for iOS and Android, Spylix, with more features and 96% customer positive reviews.
  • Easily detected: the app doesn't work in secrete and when using it, the person you are tracking will notice it easily. Alternatively, you can use a better app that works in stealth mode to ensure you are not detected when tracking the phone number. Use Spylix today.

Recommend: ★★☆☆☆

2.5 Track the Target Phone Number via People Finders App

People Finders App is an Android and iOS supported phone number tracker. It works more as a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider to enable you to track phone numbers easily.

PeopleFinder, A Phone Tracker by Number

However, it has limited features which include:

  • Phone type: able to detect the phone type using the phone number.
  • Track Caller's name and additional information.
  • Track the current location of the phone number.


  • Limited features: Its functional technology is not advanced enough to offer more features.
  • Difficult to use: when testing the app, it became difficult to use after two weeks as it started getting stuck when tracking the phone number, offering poor user experience. For a long-lasting excellent user experience, try Spylix today.

Recommend: ★★☆☆☆

Part 3: Conclusion of Top 5 Number Trackers

The easiest way to ensure the safety of our loved ones is by having the means to track their location with phone number.

This post introduced 5 phone number trackers that you can use to track your loved one. If you want to track the cell phone number and other activities related most simply and affordably, try Spylix today!

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