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Is My Wife Cheating?

There is a question that a man never wants to ask themselves in life, but it may happen. When you start seeing the bad signs in the house, the next thought will be, ‘is my wife cheating?’

Is My Wife Cheating

It could also be other acts such as not answering your phone on time or going for a few days without a reasonable explanation. It’s difficult to have a perfect marriage, so we have to address some things from time to time.

We will discuss how to tell if your wife is cheating by studying the signs to get the proof. We will also see how you can handle the situation if it’s true. So, stick around to know how you can calm down the unthinkable.

Is My Wife Cheating?

Firstly, what makes you have the thought your wife is cheating on you? Many signs of infidelity are physical and are the easiest to detect. Indirect symptoms are noticeable too, and both help you conclude if your wife is cheating or not and prepare you for what to do next.

The Physical Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

Often, if she hangs out with her friends, they will be the first to know if she’s cheating as friends share a lot. Also, a new group of friends gives her the chance to meet a new man, and she could use that as an excuse to cheat.

If your wife’s phone activity is active but never texts or calls back, and she’s always on her phone and never leaves it unattended, she’s onto something. If she is insecure about you touching it, then it’s time to confront her and get to know if your wife is cheating.

She may also suddenly lack intimacy with you and avoids sex at all costs. If there are no serious underlying issues, she’s most likely expressing signs of a cheating wife.

The emotional distance between you and your wife may intensify, and she may begin being more secretive. She stops expressing her emotions, unlike before and demands more privacy. Later, if she becomes more mysterious, these are sure-fire signs your wife is cheating.

The Indirect Signs of a Cheating Wife

The above factors are some physical signs that could answer the question, “is my wife cheating?” Below are some indirect signs that would answer the same question.

There is a change in communication. It gets harder to communicate with your wife, and it even feels as though she’s stonewalling you. She often ignores you or even responds to you when you speak and storms off.

Attitude changes towards you for no reason, and her perception of the relationship changes. She will start comparing your relationship to others and do things without consulting you. That could be a sign of a cheating wife.

Lying and avoidance are the most common red flags in any relationship. Some of the signs include lying about her whereabouts and who she’s with or what she’s doing. When you bring up the issue of cheating, she looks away.

If your wife isn’t bothered when other girls flirt with you and look the other way instead, this is a sign your wife is cheating, as people are mostly territorial about the people they love. It is strange if your wife stops caring and seems bored with you.

Fights between you and your wife intensify, and she becomes a little too moody every other time for no apparent reason. That’s a cheating wife sign as she picks up fights to provoke her partner to get their space.

Lastly, your wife keeps receiving gifts quite often, and they are quite expensive for no reason at all. More so, the gifts are coming from a man. This is a big red flag as your wife is cheating since no man will buy expensive gifts for no reason.

How to Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating?

If all the signs you are seeing lead you towards doubts in your marriage, it’s time to tell if she’s cheating. There are many ways that people have deployed, but a sure one involves snooping on her phone using the Spylix solution.

This is a spying application that you can install on her phone and learn about what she does. The information will appear on a remote dashboard in your online account. All you need is to sign up and follow the instructions on the screen.

Spylix will help you know everything from whom she calls to her current location. That’s so resourceful of Spylix. You don’t need to change her phone since it doesn’t require difficult processes such as rooting or jailbreaking.

It also has the stealth mode feature. That means your wife will never know that you installed anything on her phone. The icon will not be there, and the solution does not consume much space. For her, it will be the usual.

Before we look at what Spylix will show you, here is how you can set it up on her phone in five minutes. It works on both Android and iOS.

How to Know If Your Wife Is Cheating Using Spylix Solution

Step 1: Create an account with Spylix and choose your wife’s phone OS. Select a subscription that suits you, and then proceed to the wizard page for more instructions.

Create a Spylix Account to Know If Your Wife Is Cheating

Step 2: In Android, install the app once on her phone and activate the hiding mode. For iOS, verify her Apple ID on the website.

Set up Spylix for Android to Know If Your Wife Is Cheating

Step 3: Once Spylix has synced with the phone, you can log in to your account using a computer or smartphone. Visit the dashboard to view everything she is doing on her phone.

Enter iCloud Credentials with Spylix to Know If Your Wife Is Cheating

What Will You Get from Your Wife’s Phone via Spylix?

  • All the calls she is making and the saved contacts
  • Her text messages which will include the timestamps
  • Her current and past locations
  • Geofencing alerts when she goes or leaves specified zones
  • Wi-Fi usage
  • Social media activities
  • Installed applications
  • What she types on her phone

Other Signs to Know Your Wife Is Cheating

The signs of a cheating wife may vary depending on the person. So, if what we discussed before getting here does not happen in your marriage, you may then notice the following:

The Work Schedule Changes

You know your wife’s work schedule. She leaves the house at 7 am and gets back by 6 pm, but it’s not the same anymore. She’s staying out late or leaving earlier than usual. That’s a cause to worry since the work demand cannot be the same.

Starting to check on why she affected the changes is a good start. She could be going out with a coworker or somebody else she met at work. Unless you know that it’s okay for her to stay out late, find out if cheating is behind your back.

She’s Concerned about Her Appearance All the Time

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look out when you get out of the house. At times, we are concerned with our looks because there are some life changes or we are experiencing some low self-esteem.

Women pay attention to their bodies, especially after becoming mothers. However, for the cheating wife, she will be overly obsessed with it. You’ll start noticing a wardrobe change, and she is wearing the revealing clothes that suit a teenager.

Cheating wife signs also reveal when she doesn’t care how you look. You will only hear her commenting when she cannot put up with that shirt you are wearing. Otherwise, her eyes will be on her body and how she will appear once she steps out of the door.

She’s Behaving Awkwardly

You know what your wife likes and what she loves to talk about whenever you are together. However, in recent times, you will notice that the behavior is now off the table in recent times.

You may notice that she is now surprising you with gifts. It could be guilt after a failed secret relationship. Once everything is okay on the other end, she starts being distant again.

She could also be asking you many questions about where you are and what you have been doing. If you enquire about the same, all you get are vague answers. It could be that your wife wants to know where you are so that she can plan for a perfect cover-up.

What to Do If My Wife Is Cheating on Me

If your wife is cheating, you need to take the necessary steps. So, get off the wall and consider the following as you heal:

Have Some Space

That’s the first thing you should do before storming on your wife. Immediate attacks will only ruin the situation since you will be acting out of anger. She will also have her countermeasures, and you will not solve anything.

So, sit back and relax as you reflect on everything.

Think About Handling the Situation

There will be a lot of questions in your head. The best ones to ask yourself are what you will ask your wife and how you will go about it. That way, you will view the situation and what she might say and have a better approach to containing the case.

Think about the Kids

If you already have children, then know that they will be involved. Think about them and how the relationship between you and their mother will affect them. The best approach is to put them first in every decision you make that will affect them.

Seek Professional Help

If you can’t still bear with it, talking to somebody about it will help. However, consider a professional instead of going to your family and friends.

The problem with your friends and family is that they also have a bond with your wife. So, the conversation of what you both said will pop up more often. Somebody else out there, such as a professional, will be neutral and help you process the emotions.

Remember to Take Care of Yourself

Knowing your wife is cheating on you will not go easy on you. People get stressed and fall into a state of depression. There is insomnia in your mind, you cannot concentrate, and suddenly, your body is not the same.

Knowing that such things may happen will help in drawing a line. Set boundaries and remember to clean up and look bright as usual. If you need medical help and advice, go for it to help you curb any symptoms.


Getting signs your wife is cheating needs a solution. So, don’t sit around neglecting the situation or using other means that will only escalate the situation. Study what you see around you and then use an app like Spylix to get more truth.

If she is cheating, deploy the right measures and take care of your mental and overall health. As you seek to be stable, there is always a better way to handle a cheating situation.

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