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What to Do When My Gut Is Telling Me Something Is Wrong (When It Comes to Love)

“I suspect that my partner is cheating on me. I do not have any proof, but my gut is telling me that something is wrong. What should I do? How can I gather proof of any affair?”

Your intuition, gut feeling or sixth sense can be a powerful ally in discovering whether the partner or spouse is having an affair. Yet, just relying on the gut feeling is not enough to accuse them of being unfaithful. You need substantial evidence.

Follow this article to learn more about verifying your bad gut feelings.

My gut is telling me something is wrong

Part 1: What is a Gut Instinct?

Ever had that gut feeling that nudges you toward a decision, and it ends up being totally right?

Like you’re about to walk your usual way home, something inside tells you to take a different route, and you stumble upon the coolest ice cream shop you’ve ever noticed. Or when you spontaneously take your dog for an early morning walk and experience the most beautiful sunrise.

Wouldn’t it be super cool if we could understand these gut feelings a little better and use them more often? Well, here’s the exciting news - you can!

All it takes is getting familiar with the significant signs.

It might be a strange fluttery feeling in your belly, your palms clammy, or a sudden soreness in your heart.

Once you start paying attention to these signs, you’ll be surprised at how much your intuition has your back!

So, it is convenient to follow your gut.

Part 2: What Does a Gut Feeling Feel Like When It Comes to Love?

Have you ever heard a little voice in the back of your mind telling you when something good or bad is about to happen?

That voice is generally termed as your gut feeling, asking you to trust it.

But what is it?

Well, it is kind of a superpower that nudges you in the right direction when you are about to make a call related to anything, whether it be personal, financial, or professional.

Now, imagine you meet someone on a first date and instantly feel that they are “The One”! That is your subconscious or gut feeling.

A good or bad gut feeling might appear as a weird sensation in your stomach or look like an epiphany in your mind. Consider it your personal guide to assist you in making important decisions.

It might also be called intuition or your sixth sense, and there is no scientific explanation for it, but we all know that it is there to help us.

Plus, it can be your ally in making your relationships work.

Part 3: Why Does My Intuition Tell Me Something Is Wrong?

Ever had that weird sense that you were about to fall sick, and voila, you did?

We are the best doctors of our own bodies and can often sense if something’s off. Don’t shrug off if your gut gives you the ‘I’m not feeling well’ vibes. Better safe than sorry, so get a health check-up!

Your gut feeling isn’t just about sensing danger or sickness; it also works like a lie detector.

Moreover, if someone’s trying to trick or manipulate you, your gut might give you feelings of uneasiness or disgust. Remember, your gut feeling is your personal bodyguard, so don’t ignore it!

In addition, from the days of cave dwellers, our gut feelings have been like our very own superhero powers, helping us sense danger before it happens.

Ever felt a weird tightness in your belly or got all jittery when something didn’t seem right? That’s your gut feeling acting as your personal safety guard!

Part 4: What to Do When My Gut Is Telling Me Something Is Wrong?

What if your gut feeling is that something is wrong? What do then?

Firstly, chill out, and try to silence all the noise in your head. Our minds are like a constant chatterbox, so taking a breather is crucial. Find a quiet place, and try to declutter your thoughts.

There is no rush. Give it some time to sink in. Reflect on that very first thought or feeling that popped up. What does it hint at about your relationship?

Also, it is wise to discuss your feelings with someone you trust. A different perspective can often shed new light on your situation.

If you’re uncomfortable discussing your gut instincts with someone close to you, it is best to seek counsel from a professional, who has experience in dealing with just scenarios.

Part 5: How to Know If Your Gut Feeling Is Right When It Comes to Love?

As we had stated before, relying merely on your gut feeling isn’t sufficient nor justifies you accusing your spouse or partner of cheating.

You need solid, impenetrable proof that they had been unfaithful.

You might be wondering how!

By employing a third-party spy app, Spylix, on their phone, you quietly spot their cheating patterns and behavior, not them down, and then find the appropriate time to confront them with the data.

This way, they will have nowhere to hide or no excuses to back out of the difficult conversation. Do not worry about the compatibility issue, as the app works on all types of Android and iOS devices.

Plus, the data is accessible in real-time on its intuitive control panel (functional on all browsers).

Key Features of Spylix Phone Spying App

Here is what this excellent spying app has to offer:

Location Tracking – Verify your gut feeling by finding out where your partner or other loved ones are in real-time

Call Tracking – Does your gut feeling tell you that your spouse/partner is calling their lover? Monitor their call records and learn the truth

Text Monitoring – If you think that your other half is sexting someone else, check their messages via Spylix (both incoming and outgoing – even the deleted ones)

Keylogger – Access the keystrokes history and see what words they have excessively used

Social Media Spy – Learn about all their secret social media accounts (WhatsApp/Snapchat/Instagram/Telegram/Skype/etc.) and text history on them via Spylix

How to Know If Your Gut Feeling Is Right?

Before learning how to set up Spylix on your partner’s phone, ensure you know the prerequisites.

For iOS: No software installation is needed

For Android: Manual app installation is required, but the process is incredibly stealth

Check The iPhone via Spylix

Step 1: Make an Account

Access the Spylix website and tap the Sign Up Free button. Share your email address to make a new account.

Create your account on Spylix

Step 2: Share iCloud Login Information

Enter your partner or spouse’s iCloud account info to verify their iPhone or iPad.

Enter the iCloud account credentials on Spylix

Step 3: Spy on iPhone to Confirm Your Gut Feeling

Open the web-based control panel and select any of the features mentioned above to verify your bad gut feeling.


Check The Android Phone via Spylix

Step 1: Make an Account

Browse the Spylix website to sign up for free using your email address.

Set up your account for free on Spylix

Step 2: Add The Android App

Set up the Spylix application on the target Android phone using instructions on screen.

Install the Spylix Android app

Step 3: Spy on Android Device to Confirm Your Gut Feeling

Go to the online control panel and select any feature to track the cheating spouse.


What Else Can Spylix Do?

After listening to your gut, you can further verify everything using these additional features of Spylix:

  • Browser History Tracker
  • App Blocker
  • URL Blocker
  • Email Tracker
  • Screen Recorder

Why Choose Spylix as The Best Phone Spying App?

Whether you have the technical brain or not, it doesn’t matter, as Spylix is built for everyone, offering easy-to-use features in a user-friendly interface to spot the cheater without them knowing.

You do not need to root or jailbreak the target device; more so, all features are accessible with every pricing plan (cost-effective).

Customer support is always rearing to help. So, whatever issue you have related to features, the dashboard, or your account, will be resolved in an instant.

Part 6: FAQs about Gut Feeling

Still have a bad feeling in your gut?

Follow these FAQs to learn why it is happening!

6.1 How do you know if it’s intuition or anxiety?

Anxiety is often associated with the feeling of fear, and on the other hand, there is no emotional link to your intuition. It is just the perception of things occurring around you.

Moreover, anxiety is generally focused on the negatives, and your intuition allows you to understand things on a broader scale without leaning toward negativity.

6.2 Is it overthinking or intuition?

Overthinking is generally anxiety hiding behind an overbearing name. If you entirely focus on the negatives, then intuition will become overthinking, causing panic.

6.3 What is the difference between paranoia and intuition?

Intuition generally aids you in decision-making. Whereas paranoia is the opposite of it, loaded with the intense feeling of fear, failure, and rejection.

6.4 Is intuition logical or emotional?

Intuition is a combination of both emotional and logical components.

The emotional part helps you decide whether everything is okay or not. The logical aspect lets you think about dealing with emergencies and dire situations.

6.5 What does it mean when you feel like something is wrong?

If you feel something is wrong, then consider it your subconscious communicating with you that it has assessed the situation around you, and it senses danger or something bad.


My gut is telling me that something is wrong” is perhaps the most common query among people who get cheated on.

We hope this article has helped you learn the ins and outs of what the gut feeling and intuition really are.

Though trusting the gut feeling is the way to go, it is wise to use tools like Spylix to make sure that you were right from the beginning.

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