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How to Hack Someone's Phone Remotely for Free

How to hack someone's phone remotely is a concern that most people have. You may want to monitor your lover or children’s activities to ensure they don't engage themselves in activities that may harm them. To monitor the activities of another person, you can use free phone hack apps to hack into someone's phone.

However, take caution in selecting the free cell phone hack apps you use for how to hack someone's phone remotely for free because many of the apps existing in the market are useless and may only waste your time. That's why this article will introduce to you four effective ways you should consider and pick the best one for how to hack into other phones remotely.

How to Hack Someone's Phone Remotely through Computer

Part 1: 4 Ways on How to Hack Someone's Phone Remotely

Way 1: Use Spylix Phone Hacker - The Best Way to Hack Someone's Phone without Them Knowing for Free

Did you ever wonder how to hack a cell phone remotely? Spylix cell phone hacker is the best professional app in this area. The app works remotely, and you need not worry if it will work on the target phone because Spylix is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Spylix is very effective because you can view all messages and any other data remotely from its dashboard after hacking the target phone.

How to Hack Someone's Phone Remotely for Free with Spylix on Android or iOS

Features of Spylix

  1. Remote Control
  2. Spylix allows you to hack the target phone remotely. This means that you don't have to access the target phone physically to spy on different activities because you can view any information you wish from the Spylix dashboard.

  3. View SMS and iMessages
  4. Through Spylix, you can access all messages on the target phone easily. Whether its messages on Android or iPhone, they can be viewed without any restrictions. Spylix remotely shows you all the sent, received and draft messages of the target phone and allows you to read each one of them.

  5. Monitors 19+ Social Media Apps
  6. The best thing about Spylix is that it monitors many social media apps, unlike other software that monitors only a few apps. Therefore, you can monitor all apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many other apps with just this single app.

  7. Location Tracking
  8. How to hack someone's phone remotely can be achieved by Spylix. If it's the target's location you want to find out about, Spylix will help you track it. The app uploads the exact map of the target on the dashboard, and from it, you can know the location.

    How to Hack a Cell Phone Remotely with Spylix iOS and Know about the GPS Location Details

  9. Records Browsing Activity
  10. Spylix helps you to check the browsing activities of the target. Any browser that the target visits and any links that are clicked on the target phone are recorded by Spylix and uploaded to the dashboard.

  11. Keylogger
  12. With Spylix, you don't have to struggle to find out different passwords for accessing different applications of the target phone because Spylix captures all keys that are entered on the target phone for you. Therefore, if you want a passcode for a specific app, log into the Spylix dashboard, and you will acquire the passcode without struggling.

    How to Hack Someone's Phone without Touching it for free with Spylix iOS Keylogger

    Now try to hack an Android or hack an iPhone remotely for free!

Steps for using Spylix

This following guide will show you how to hack someone’s phone remotely with Spylix.

Step 1: Register for the remote cell phone hacking service

The first step is creating an account with Spylix by simply clicking the "Sign Up Free" button. You will use your Email Id for registering the account.

Spylix Register

Step 2: Set up the phone hack app

After creating an account, you need to set it up. You will be required to select the operating system and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to set it up.

Spylix Guidance

Step 3: Start getting in someone's phone remotely

The final step is logging into the Spylix dashboard and start hacking mobile phones remotely.

How to hack someone's phone remotely

Pros of Spylix

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. The steps involved in Spylix are very clear and straightforward; hence anyone without the experience can use it without struggling. Give Spylix a chance and you will stop asking how to hack someone’s phone remotely for free as Spylix is so easy to use.

  3. No jailbreaking or rooting is required
  4. Spylix does not require you to root or jailbreak the target phone. You will be required to perform only three steps, and you can hack someone's phone remotely free.

  5. Works on Android and iPhone
  6. Spylix is cross-platform. If you want to use it on Android or iPhone, it will work perfectly well on any platform.

    Spylix Choose Device

  7. 24/7 customer support
  8. How to hack someone's phone remotely is made easy by Spylix because the customer support offered is the best. Whenever you need any help Spylix team will serve you immediately.

Way 2: How to Hack a Phone without Having Access to It through Midnight Raid

Midnight raid is another easy way to answer the question of how to hack someone's phone remotely. The method is usually carried out when the target is sleeping and not using their phone.

The technique works by simply sending a text message to the target phone saying, "You are being hacked", this way the internet explorer is invoked. An application is started on the target phone, and you receive a message in return that contains credentials of the target, such as IMSI number and a unique ID. You can then access any other information you wish to know when typed the question how to hack a cell phone remotely.

How to Hack a Phone without Having Access to It


  • It is easy to use.
  • It does not require you to install any spyware.


  • You need to have a laptop and two phones.
  • You must be connected to the internet
  • It is costly because it requires you to have a laptop and two phones.

Comparison between Spylix and midnight raid

  1. While using Spylix, you only need to have your phone without having a laptop. But for midnight raid having two phones is a necessity and a computer. One of the phones acts as a GSM modem for the computer, and the other one receives the message.
  2. The additional requirements of a computer and two phones make Midnight raid costly, unlike Spylix, which is cheap.

Way 3: How to Hack Someone’s Phone without Touching It Free through Control Message Attacks

This method can also be used to answer the question of how to hack someone's phone remotely for free. The method works by sending a message to your target, which is the control message. The control message enables you to access the settings of the target phone, and you can control the settings without the target noticing.

How to hack someones phone without touching it free


  • The method is straightforward.
  • You can hack the target phone without accessing it physically.


  • You are limited to hack smartphones only.
  • The method greatly depends on security settings.

Comparison between Spylix and control messages attack

  1. Spylix is very powerful and is not restricted by any security settings, but some security controls on some smartphones may prevent it from working for control messages.
  2. Control message attacks can be prevented by anti-virus software, but for Spylix, it's not limited to any anti-virus software.

Way 4: How to Hack Someone's Cell Phone without Touching It Free with Phishing

How to hack someone's phone remotely can be achieved by using phishing. Phishing lures your target with fake sites of legitimate sites to get their personal information. Upon managing to lure the target to provide their credentials to your site, you can hack their phones.

How to hack someones cell phone without touching it free


  • You can hack into your target's phone easily after obtaining their personal information.
  • You can use the method at your convenience.
  • It answers how to hack a mobile phone without any software for free.


  • If the target has anti-virus or virus detecting software, it becomes difficult to obtain their personal information.
  • It's hard to get information from keen users who know how to differentiate fake from legitimate sites.
  • It's hard compared to tools like Spylix.

Comparison Between Spylix and Phishing

  1. Phishing is a little complicated because it requires you to trick your target into providing their personal information and then use the information to hack their phone. But for Spylix, you only need to perform three straightforward steps, and you will hack any information of the target phone.
  2. Phishing can be a little expensive because you must have a site that collects the personal information of your target, but Spylix is very affordable.

Part 2: How to Tell If Someone is Accessing Your Phone Remotely

Besides knowing how to hack someone’s phone remotely, you should also know how to be aware of our phones being hacked.

Usually, when your phone is hacked, some signs can indicate that your phone is hacked. So, if you observe any of the following signs, don't be ignorant because a hacker may be accessing your information.

can someone remotely access my phone

  • Your phone' battery keeps draining very fast.
  • Your phone keeps indicating funny sounds.
  • When you observe some message that you never sent.
  • When your account is suddenly inaccessible.
  • If you are notified of a new location or unauthorized access by Google.

Part 3: Guidelines on How to Stop Someone from Accessing Your Phone Remotely

Knowing how to hack someone’s phone remotely is not enough to prevent hackers from accessing your phone. The following are some essential tips to help you:

  • Avoid using the same password for all accounts, change your password occasionally, and never repeat used passwords.
  • Ensure that you change all default settings and passwords. Hackers know default passwords. Therefore, it's risky not to change them.
  • Avoid downloading software or apps from unknown sites. This way, you will not submit crucial information to suspicious sites that may extract your credentials.
  • Never click unknown or suspicious links sent to your email. It may be bait. Not clicking the links will not open backdoors for hackers to accessing your phone.


How to hack someone's phone remotely for free has been explained in this article. If it's your partner you suspect, and you want to access their information without touching their phone quickly and affordably, then this article is all you need. Don't waste too much of your time going through a lot of tools online.

Read through this article, and you will decide on the best method to use. If you wish to use an easy, effective, and very affordable method, use the Spylix software. The software can teach you how to hack someone’s phone remotely with high efficiency. Get hack solutions to hack your target phone easily and quickly.

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