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[5 Ways] How to Check Someone's Call History Online for Free

Matt Hachman
Matt Hachman March 24, 2022

Are you suspicious of your kids or spouse, who is always making unknown phone calls? Are you looking for a way you can see who's always at the receiving end of the call? Do you want to check their call history without them knowing? If having such needs, then the article will serve you well.

A Happy Call

Today's post will guide you on how to check someone's call history online for free. In doing so, it will discuss 5 ways that you can use to check someone's call history online in the simplest manner.

Part 1: Why Check Someone's Call History Online for Free?

Anytime an incoming or outgoing phone call is made, the call history records the information associated with the call. From the call history, you can analyze the details of the calls. Some of the reasons as to why you would want to check someone's call history include:

  • To find out if your partner is loyal.
  • To protect your children or the elderly against being cheated or scammed.
  • To verify the loyalty of your employees.

Part 2: How to Check Someone's Call History for Free

2.1 Spylix - The Best Tool to Check Someone's Call History Online for Free

Spylix is a product of a reputable company aimed at ensuring it gives you an ample and easy time in checking someone's call history online, all at the comfort of a user-friendly dashboard. With Spylix, all details of the call logs, such as timestamps, durations, and email of the contact associated with the call, will be displayed.

Spylix iOS Calls

If you are looking for the most reliable, safe, and easy-to-use app to check someone's call history for free, you need to try Spylix.

Here's Why you need to use Spylix:

1. View Call History Anytime and Anywhere

Spylix ensures you can track the call history of your target phone anywhere remotely. Additionally, all call history details will be displayed on your dashboard on a real-time basis to ensure you don't miss anything.

2. View Deleted Calls

If your kids, spouse, or employees are hiding something from you, they will opt to delete the call history associated with it. Luckily, Spylix can trace and view even the information related to the deleted call.

3. View Call History Without Being Detected

One of the outstanding features about Spylix, which makes it the best app to check someone's call history online, is how well it hides when spying on a target device. Once set up, Spylix works in a hidden mode to ensure you get to view all call history of your target device without the owner knowing it.

4. View Social Media History

Viewing call history is not enough to spy on your spouse or monitor your kid's safety, and that is why Spylix offers over 40 data types that you can spy on. Tracking of the history of social apps like WhatsApp and Instagram is simplified. Other features such as GPS location, SMS tracking, contacts, gallery, and many more are offered under Spylix.

Spylix iOS Contacts Details

5. Reliable Customer Support

Being the best and most reliable app to check someone's call history, Spylix has 24/7 customer support ready to respond to all your queries in the shortest time possible. Meaning that if you are troubled regarding Spylix, reach out to customer support anytime, and you will be sorted out.

6. View Call History on iOS and Android

Spylix supports both iOS and Android devices. Thus, regardless of the type or model your target is using, it will still work with Spylix. All you need is to follow the 3-step setup process (to be discussed), and you will start checking someone's call history online.

Spylix's Pros:

  1. Has over 40 data types tracked.
  2. It works in stealth mode without being detected.
  3. It's easy to set up and start using.
  4. Spylix is reliable and vies someone's call history in real-time.

3-Step Spylix Setup Process:

Step 1: Get a Free Spylix Account

Click the "Try Now" button to register using your email ID for a Spylix account.

Spylix Register

Step 2: Setup Spylix

The guidance page will guide you on what to do to set up Spylix on your target device.

Spylix Guidance

Step 3: Start Viewing Someone's Call History

From your Spylix dashboard, start viewing the call history of your target and all their activities effortlessly.

Spylix Android Social Networks

2.2 FlexiSPY - Check Someone's Call History Online for Free

FlexiSPY is a spyware designed to support PC, mobile, and Mac as a call history viewing app. It offers features such as blocking calls, monitoring the surrounding environment, recording the VoIP, and other basic traditional spying features.

Flexispy Web Page

FlexiSPY Pros:

  1. It records someone's phone call, both the call history and the content of the particular call.
  2. The app store will purchase related monitoring products.


  1. High cost can be incurred in purchasing the call history viewing app, FlexiSPY.
  2. FlexiSPY's operation index is high. The safety of your data and that of the other person is not guaranteed.

FlexiSPY vs Spylix

  1. In terms of accessing other details and activities of the target phone, Spylix is better compared to FlexiSPY.
  2. FlexiSPY lacks the guaranteed safety and security when using it. Spylix works better and offers more safety and security as you view someone's call history.

Why use an app that doesn't entirely offer you the security you need, yet you can use Spylix?

2.3 XNSPY - Call History Checking App

XNSPY is another call history viewing app with SMS spying, call history, GPS location, Internet browsing tracking, and social app monitoring features.

XNSPY Web Page

XNSPY's Pros:

  1. Able to view all keystrokes made on the target phone
  2. Able to monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages on the target phone


  1. It doesn't offer much degree of remaining undetected when checking someone's call history.
  2. It offers fewer features in viewing the call history of the target phone.

XNSPY vs Spylix

  1. For XNSPY, some of the information on the internet is obtained off the internet. But for Spylix, more information is obtained on the internet, giving it an advantage over XNSPY.
  2. Spylix offers more call monitoring features than XNSPY, which only offers basic features in viewing someone's call history.

2.4 Spyzie - Call History Checker App

Another call history viewing app is Spyzie which offers about 20 features, such as viewing call logs and history, tracking social media(view private instagram profiles), accessing email, and screen recording. However, it doesn't provide remote control over your target device.

Spyzie Web Page

Spyzie's Pros:

  1. Has basic call history viewing features, among others like viewing social media history.
  2. Its traditional pattern is combined with the trace pattern.


  1. The prices associated with using Spyzie are expensive compared to the other products.
  2. Spyzie can't access online data, and it has no remote capability.

Spyzie vs Spylix

Spyzie offers fewer features and lacks the remote-control ability to view someone's call history and activity on their phone while online. For Spylix, all target phone data and information can be accessed remotely, which is what users need.

Don't get stuck with a limited app. Use Spylix and remotely track the activities of your target phone.

2.5 mSpy - Check Someone's Call History

mSpy app offers 15+ features in helping you check someone's call history. Additionally, it has other features such as chat monitoring and social media history checking. The incoming and outgoing calls are also viewed using the mSpy app.

mSpy Web Page

 mSpy Pros:

  1. Able to block calls from unsafe numbers.
  2. Can view all incoming and outgoing calls.


  1. mSpy is easily detectable by the person you are monitoring.
  2. Only a few information can be viewed.

mSpy vs Spylix

  1. Spylix, unlike mSpy, has more features that it can track and monitor on the target phone.
  2. For mSpy, it doesn't offer real-time tracking of the location of the device. Spylix offers real-time monitoring of the device, including its location.

2.6 Cocospy – Parental Call History Checker

Cocospy is a helpful Android app in checking someone's calls and other features such as keystrokes, their location, and tracking their messages.

Cocospy Web Page

Cocospy offers basic functionality, but it can help you check your kid's, spouse's, or employee's call history online.

Cocospy's Pros:

  1. It can view the call history of the target phone.
  2. Can record keystrokes to aid real-time monitoring of your target.


  1. Cocospy has only a few functionalities.
  2. For messages, real-time updates are not possible.

Cocospy vs Spylix

  1. Spylix offers more features, over 40 data types than what Cocospy offers, making it a better choice to track someone's call history online for free.
  2. Spylix requires no extra plug-ins to install it. For Cocospy, other additional plug-ins are needed for it to work conveniently.

Part 3: Conclusion

If you are looking for how to check someone's call history online for free, you need a reliable app for this. A reliable app is in terms of how safe the app is, how well it works in stealth mode, and what other features it offers.

This post introduced the various methods you can use to check someone's call history online for free. But, if you want that reliable app by your side, try using Spylix today. The app has all you need to check someone's call history and other features at your disposal at a user-friendly dashboard and is easy to use.

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