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How To Spy on Someone Through Their Phone Camera for Free

Matt Hachman
Matt Hachman March 24, 2022

How to spy on someone through their phone camera for free is something most people are looking for. And if you happen to be among the people, you probably have your reasons for that. It could be you want to monitor your kids or your spouse, whom you think might be cheating on you.

Girl Wants to Play Phone

Although it sounds like a science fiction movie scene, how to spy on someone through their phone camera for free is something you can do using your phone. How then do I do it? To find out, keep reading this article because we will introduce two of the best ways to spy on someone through their phone camera for free.

Part 1: How to Spy on Someone through their Phone Camera for Free

1.1 Use Spylix to spy on target phone's camera

Spylix is a spy app designed to help you entirely control a target phone, including spying on its camera. Spylix is designed to work with all iOS and Android devices in the most straightforward way.

Spylix Choose Device

 If you are looking for the best method on how to spy on someone through their phone camera for free, look no further because Spylix is the all-in-one tool you need.

Spylix's Key Features:

1. Remotely capture photos

In spying someone's camera using Spylix, the app works remotely. You will access everything from an online dashboard. From the Spylix dashboard, you can remotely capture photos of your target phone.

All you need is to set up Spylix, log in to your online dashboard, and trigger their camera to take photos without them knowing and without physically accessing their phone.

Spylix iOS Photos

2. Spy on their messages

Being the best spy app in the market to easily spy on someone through their camera, Spylix is an all-in-one app that lets you keep a tab on the messages on the target phone. With Spylix, you can access all the incoming, deleted, and outgoing messages on your target phone. All messages will be uploaded to your dashboard in real-time.

Spylix iOS Text Messages

3. Spy on their calls

If it's your spouse you are monitoring, you would also need a way to track even their calls, not just spy on them using their phone camera.

Spylix will access all their calls. Their call log, how long a call took, and whom the caller or callee is will also be uploaded for you to view from your Spylix dashboard.

4. Spy on camera secretly

How to spy on someone through their phone camera for free is best applicable if you have the means to do so without them knowing.

Spylix comes in handy to aid you as it's able to work in a background mode, ensuring that your target phone won't have any clue that you are spying on them using their camera.

Once you set up Spylix, it will automatically hide.

5. Capture screenshots

Spying on someone using their phone camera doesn't just involve taking photos. Spylix can take screenshots of the current activity that the target person is engaged in.

Therefore, you can observe everything they are doing, whether it's playing games or whichever activity. The screenshots will help you to monitor their activity easily.

6. Track GPS location

Spylix has a GPS feature that lets you know the exact location of the person you are spying on using their phone camera. You can track someone's movement from a map and even access their previously visited places all from the comfort of your phone.

Spylix iOS GPS Locations

7. Works in real-time

Using Spylix to spy on someone through their phone camera for free will give you access to real-time syncing their data. Everything will be synced to ensure you get the updated data, whether it's messages, location, or any other feature that you are spying on.

8. Easy to use

Despite the over 40 data types that you get by using the best spy app, Spylix, it has been designed in a manner that suits everyone. The method is straightforward to use Spylix to spy on someone through their phone camera. So, whether you're tech-savvy or not, you will still comfortably use Spylix.

9. No jailbreak or rooting

How to spy on someone through their phone camera using Spylix doesn't need you to root or jailbreak the target phone. You just need to follow three simple steps, and all the advanced features of Spylix will be accessible from the dashboard.

How to spy on someone through their phone camera using Spylix:

Step 1: Sign Up

To get a free Spylix account, click the "Try Now" button and use your email ID to sign up.

Spylix Register

Step 2: Configure Spylix

Choose your target device, then follow the instructions to configure Spylix.

Spylix Guidance

Step 3: Start Spying

Once you've configured Spylix, start spying on your target from your dashboard and see all their activities remotely.

Spylix Android Social Networks

1.2 Use IP Webcam for Free to Spy on Someone's Camera

The advancement in technology has paved the way for new inventions, such as an IP webcam, an Android application that can be used to spy on someone through their phone camera for free.

IP Webcam

The target phone will be turned into a spy camera that lets you remotely spy on it with an IP webcam. The camera can be accessed either via a media player like VLC or via a browser.

To use an IP webcam:

1. Download and install it on the target phone

On the target Android phone, go to the play store and download the IP webcam. Once downloaded, install it.

2. Configure settings

With the spy app installed, please open it and navigate to settings. Modify the settings and set them to your preference of recording the videos and images. The modifications should align with the target device, including the size and quality of the images and videos.


3. Start recording

Once you've modified the settings, go ahead and re-open the app. Click the "Start Server" option. The app will start recording through the phone's camera. Once recording starts, you need to record the IP address and port number displayed at the bottom of the screen.

4. Hide it

With the IP webcam installed and configured, the next step is to hide it to avoid it being detected by the person you are targeting. Click the "Actions" tab and select the "Run in Background" option. With that, the app will run in the background.

Run in Background

5. Install it on your phone

You need to install the tinyCam monitor on your phone or computer to spy on the installed camera.

6. Choose your camera

Open the app you've installed on your computer, then click the "Add Camera" option. Under the "Required Settings," click "Camera Vendor" and finally choose "IP webcam" to be the camera to use.

7. Configure the camera

From the app interface, enter the IP address and port number that you recorded earlier on.

8. Start spying

From the main screen, start to spy on someone through their phone camera for free by clicking on the "Live View" button. You will view a video stream of the target device.

How do I Connect

Although using an IP webcam is a free method of spying on someone through their camera, it has its shortcomings which include:

  1. The method is complicated. Too many steps are involved.
  2. You have to access the target phone which can be risky physically.
  3. The method only works for a target Android device.

Which is better, Spylix or IP Webcam?

Spylix is the better method on how to spy on someone through their phone camera for free, and here's why:

  1. Spylix is not restricted to just spying through a camera, it has over 40 data types that it can monitor, unlike using an IP webcam, which only gives you access to the phone's camera.
  2. Unlike the IP webcam, which only supports Android devices, Spylix works for iOS and Android devices.
  3. Only three steps are involved in using Spylix, but too many steps are needed to use an IP webcam to spy on someone.

Part 2: Is Spying on Someone's Phone Legal?

The term spying on someone already sounds illegal, at least to most people. Depending on the motive of spying on someone through their phone camera, it can be legal or illegal.

If you are spying on someone to gather their private information for criminal purposes or spy on an adult without their consent, that's considered illegal.

However, certain instances of spying on someone's phone are legal, such as:

  1. A parent spying on their children to keep them safe. Such a case is regarded as a parental control measure that is legal as it acts in the children's best interest.
  2. A Girl Uses Mobile Phone

  3. An employer monitoring employee. A spy app can monitor where an employee is and affirm if they are doing what needs to be done. Additionally, it can be used to monitor employees to ensure the safety of the organization's products. In such cases, that is legal.
  4. If you have the consent of the person you are spying on, even if it's an adult, that's also legal. Provided you have their permission, spying on them breaks no law.

Part 3: Conclusion

A camera is a good recording feature and helps in capturing memories using the phone. However, you can also use it as a spy tool, provided you have the right motives, and this article went ahead to discuss how to spy on someone through their phone camera for free in two ways.

If you need guaranteed, safe, and easy spying on someone and access to all their activities, not just a camera, I recommend you use the better option. Use the Spylix tool.

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