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How to Clone a Phone Number for Free?

Cloning a phone will give you access to the original phone. Cloning involves using various tools or ways to secure the identity and data of another phone and access all its activities. Depending on the means you use, cloning a phone number is a straightforward thing.

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Today's post will discuss the various ways you can easily clone someone's phone, especially by using the most recommended tool, Spylix, which will enable you easily clone someone's phone without them knowing. Want to learn how to clone someone's phone number? Keep reading the article to find out.

Part 1: Why Clone Someone's Phone

To clone someone's phone, you must have your reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  1. To keep a tab on your children
  2. If you are a parent, cloning your children's phones will help you monitor their activities and keep them safe when using their phones. Additionally, you will get to track their location.

  3. Verify partner's loyalty
  4. To spy on your partner and check whether they are loyal or not, you can clone their phone to access their messages, calls, or contacts.

  5. Monitor employees
  6. Are you an employer? If yes, you can clone your employees' devices to monitor their activities in the workplace, such as their location, instead of physically locating them.

Is it Possible to Clone Someone's Phone?

The answer to this common question is Yes! Cloning someone's phone is possible even without physically accessing their phone. Provided you have the right tool and the means, cloning someone's phone is a simple task. Stick around to find out how to clone someone's phone.

Part 2: How to Clone Someone's Phone in 3 Ways

The table below analyzes the three ways of cloning someone's phone.

Spylix Bluetooth iCloud
Clone Features Calls, text messages, iMessage, over 19 social apps messages, GPS location Some text messages A few backup text messages
Undetected × ×
Compatible with Both Android and iOS ×
Easy to perform ×
Available to up-to-date data × ×
Regularly Clone × ×
Rating 10/10 8/10 7/10

From the table above, you should have gained some insights on how to clone someone's phone. Let's go ahead and analyze the three ways in detail, starting with the best cloning tool, Spylix.

2.1 Spylix – Best Way to Clone a Phone Without Touching It (for Android and iOS)

Various cloning apps exist in the market, the majority of them claim to help you easily clone someone's phone, but their reliability is in question. However, today I will introduce you to the best cloning tool, Spylix, that I tested and confirmed that it really works and easily clones someone's phone.

Spylix Device Management Android

Spylix works for iOS and Android devices, and I recommend using Spylix for an instant, guaranteed, and safe cloning of someone's phone.

Key Features of Spylix

  1. Cloning over 40 data types
  2. In terms of cloning a phone, Spylix will clone over 40 types of data ranging from messages, notes, contacts, calls, among many more. To be honest, no other cloning apps match such a high number of cloning data types like Spylix.

  3. Cloning All Calls and Messages.
  4. Spylix can clone all incoming and outgoing calls of the cloned phone, including call duration and timestamps. Spylix clones and read somone's text messages sent and received, including the deleted ones. All this information will be displayed to your Spylix control panel for you to clone the target phone effortlessly.

    Spylix iOS Contacts Details

  5. Cloning 19+ Social Apps
  6. How to clone someone's phone using Spylix will give you access to all installed social apps of the target phone, such as WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, and Facebook. You can then monitor the activities of the cloned apps and view messages, videos, and audio shared.

  7. View Browser history
  8. Spylix can clone and access the browsing history of the cloned phone. You can also create geofences to get notified when the cloned phone enters or leaves a geofenced area.

  9. Access all SMS files
  10. Once you clone a phone using Spylix, all SMS files shared to or from the cloned phone will be accessible.

What We Like:

Spylix is the cloning app you need to clone and access all the cloned phone activities easily and in a user-friendly manner from the Spylix control panel. Spylix offers you the convenience and easy time cloning someone's phone in three simple steps with no additional tools or expertise needed.

Some of the cool features that come with using Spylix include:

  1. Works in Stealth Mode
  2. How to clone someone's phone should be done secretly. Spylix achieves this by ensuring in cloning the target phone, it will automatically hide its icon and clone the target phone in background mode without them knowing. All activities of the cloned phone will be captured secretly.

  3. It gives you Complete Access to Someone's Phone
  4. If you are cloning someone's phone, having a way to access all their activities is the better option, and that's why you should use Spylix today. With Spylix, all the activities of the cloned phone, such as messages, videos, MMS, calls, contacts, Apps, and many more, will be displayed to you from your Spylix control panel.

    Spylix iOS Dashboard

  5. No rooting or jailbreak
  6. Unlike most cloning tools, you won't undergo the hassle of having to jailbreak or root a target phone to clone it. You just need to follow three simple steps (to be discussed below), and you will have set up Spylix and clone someone's phone.

  7. Real-time Cloning
  8. Spylix ensures it keeps up-to-date information on the cloned phone to ensure you don't miss out on anything. This feature is beneficial, especially if it's spying the location of the cloned phone.

  9. Flexible and Easy to Use
  10. Spylix has been designed in a manner that makes it easy and flexible to use, at the comfort of your phone, you will access activities of the cloned phone provided you are logged into your Spylix account.

    No cloning tool matches what Spylix offers, and that's why we recommend using Spylix to clone someone's phone using the steps below easily.

How to clone someone's phone step by step using Spylix:

Step 1: Create a free Spylix account.

Click the Try Now button below and use your email ID to sign up for a Spylix account.

Spylix Register

Step 2: Activate the Spylix Account.

Follow the guidance instructions to set up Spylix to clone the target phone. Once you complete the guidance process, you will be redirected to your Spylix account.

Spylix Guidance

Step 3: Start cloning the device.

From your Spylix account, all activities of the cloned phone will be displayed on the control panel.

Spylix iOS Social Networks

2.2 How to Clone Someone's Phone via Bluetooth

Bluetooth supports both iOS and Android and can be used to communicate across devices. Using Bluetooth, you can clone someone's phone, especially if the target device has not been recently updated.


To clone someone's phone using Bluetooth:

  • Download and install a Bluetooth hacking tool on your phone.
  • Enter password if prompted, then connect your phone with the other phone.
  • Once connected, you can clone data on the target phone, such as text messages.

What We Like:

  1. It is free
  2. It is easy-to-use

What We Don't Like:

  1. On both devices, Bluetooth has to be enabled.
  2. It requires you to access the target phone physically.
  3. Your phone must be in the Bluetooth contact list of the device to be cloned.

2.3 Use Backup iCloud to Clone Someone's Phone

iOS devices use iCloud to create a backup. An iCloud backup contains most activities associated with the devices, such as messages, contacts, and many more.

iCloud Backup

Using the iCloud backup, you can clone someone's phone by following the steps below:

  • Using the Apple ID and password of the phone to be cloned, log in to Apple account.
  • Restore the data and files.
  • Use a third-party tool to restore the iCloud backup.

How to clone someone's phone using iCloud backup is tricky as the process has to be repeated whenever you need to access newly uploaded data.

What We Like:

You can get access to some useful basic data

What We Don't Like:

  1. It works for iPhone only.
  2. It's time-consuming.
  3. It requires Apple ID and password.

Part 3: How to Safeguard Your Device from Being Cloned

If done with the wrong motives, cloning someone's phone can cause more harm than good. It can violate your privacy and cause data leakage.

How to know if your phone is cloned:

  • Unusual behavior of your phone such as increased data usage and increased battery draining.
  • Calls hanging up after you call them.
  • Issues with accessing emails and voice messages.
  • Frequent receiving of unknown calls.
  • Incoming calls are showing busy network often.
  • Your phone is suddenly declining to make calls or connect to cellular data.

Preventing phone cloning:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Periodically check your phone for suspicious apps.
  • Always keep a tab on your phone to avoid falling into untrusted parties.
  • Consult your service provider.

Part 4: The Final Word

How to clone someone's phone can be easily achieved using the presented three ways. However, always ensure you have the right motive to clone someone's phone. This post discussed various ways to clone someone's phone number. But if you want a more specific, easy-to-use, user-friendly, and able to clone over 40 data types, use Spylix.

With Spylix, you will clone a target iOS or iPhone instantly. Try Spylix today!

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