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3 Ways to Spy on Your Boyfriend without Him Knowing for Free

Relationships are a lot of effort and take quite a bit of financial and emotional investment. And when you put such an effort into someone, you expect them to at least be loyal to you. However, if someone is unfaithful, it's very unlikely they would come up to you and tell you all about it.

So in such a case, how do you find out if your boyfriend is keeping something away from you? You must be wondering, how can I spy on my boyfriend's phone without him knowing for free? Well, don’t worry, as we’re here to help you do just that because every emotional or financial investment needs to be backed up by proof!

5 Signs He Is Cheating On His Phone

Boyfriend cheating on his phone

There’s a very fine line between being insecure and dealing with a cheater, and it’s always a good idea to figure out the situation by yourself rather than letting the stress build-up. However, as we’ve always been told, love is a powerful force that often makes us blind. That could also be something that’s happening with you if you are turning a blind eye to these 5 signs your lover is cheating on you through his phone.

  • Deleting Histories
  • If a person has nothing to hide, they won’t be trying to cover up their tracks. The same is the case when it comes to deleting your browser, call, and chat history on your phones. Because if someone is cheating on you, they don’t want the other person to “accidentally” see your messages or call, and vice versa.

  • Never Leaves The Phone Behind
  • Human beings are forgetful, and if you tell me your boyfriend has absolutely never left his phone behind, there’s something suspicious behind his actions. This is because nobody actively makes sure they have their phone on them at all times unless there is something on there that they don’t want people around them to see.

  • Doesn’t Have Your Number Saved
  • If a guy is apprehensive about saving your number, it’s highly likely that he’s cheating on you. This is because you’re not the only woman in his life, and he needs to avoid suspicions if the phone starts ringing at an “unfortunate” moment.

  • He Ignores Calls on the Daily
  • Imagine you’re out for a romantic night, and your boyfriend’s phone keeps blowing up by an unknown number. With enough interruptions, you ask him to pick it up and clear the urgency; however, he continues ignoring the calls. Yeah, that’s a red flag.

  • Always on Silent Mode
  • We get it, ringtones are annoying, but they are just as important. So, if your boyfriend’s phone is kept on silent at all times, there must be something crucial that he needs to hide that’s worth missing out on important calls.

How To Go Through Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing With Spylix

A girlfriend going through the boyfriend phone

Now if your boyfriend exhibits any of the above signs, you need to know how to go through your boyfriend's phone without him knowing, and Spylix is the best answer to your stressful situation. And what makes it the best? It is an absolutely jam-packed roster of features that provides a comprehensive solution to most of your romantic troubles.

So, after all this hype about Spylix, what are these features that will help you with how to spy on your boyfriend for free? Well, let's go through them!

  • Text Message Spy: Keep an eye on all the text messages that come and go out of their phone.
  • Call Tracking: Get a detailed report of all the calls made and received.
  • Contact Spy: Get a copy of their contact list to weed out suspicious contacts.
  • Calendar Spy: Do they have a sneaky date planned without you knowing? With the calendar spy, you can find out.
  • Spy On Notes: If your boyfriend likes keeping to-do lists and notes, you can spy on those with Spylix.
  • Photo Spy: Pictures are worth a 1000 words, and you can get your hands on the entire thesaurus with Spylix’s photo spy.
  • Video Spy: You can also access video files saved on the target device.
  • WiFi Monitor: If your boyfriend has connected to the other person’s WiFi, you can find out with the WiFi monitor.
  • Android Keylogger: Even if they tend to write something and quickly erase it, you’ll be a step ahead with this keylogging feature.
  • iPhone Keylogger: The keylogging isn’t just limited to Androids, as it works just as well for iOS devices.
  • Spy On Installed Apps: Is your boyfriend on Tinder or Bumble? You can find out with the installed app spy.
  • Gps Tracking: Keep track of where your boyfriend goes and who he visits with the GPS tracking feature.
  • Social Network Spy: Spylix also lets you keep an eye on many social media that might be installed on your boyfriend’s device. Some of these social media networks are:
    • WhatsApp
    • Kik
    • Line
    • Telegram
    • Viber
    • Tinder
    • Snapchat
    • Skype
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Tumblr
    • Badoo
    • POF
    • WeChat
    • QQ
    • Google Hangouts
  • Screen Recording: Spylix also allows you to make screen recordings of the target device after a set interval or at a specific moment.

How To Spy On Your Boyfriend on Android: A Step By Step Guide

After finding out what the tool is capable of, the next question that must pop up in your head is, how do you set it up to get the most out of this software, which will allow you to spy on your boyfriend's phone without him knowing?

Step 1: Creating an account

First thing’s first, download the Spylix app and set up an account for yourself with your email address.

Set up an account on Spylix to spy on his Android phone

Step 2: Setting up Spylix on Android:

Once the account has been set up, the app will provide you with a set of instructions that you can follow to set it up. After everything is ready, simply tap "Continue" on your device to proceed to the next step.

Setup Spylix on his Android phone

Step 3: Bind The Target Device:

To bind a target’s account, all you need to do is install the client app on their phone whenever you get the chance.

Install Spylix on his Android phone

Step 4: Starting Spying on Android:

After the installation process is complete, head over to the app's control panel and select the feature you would like to use. Here you can find everything from a list of incoming and outgoing messages, along with attachments, call logs, social media logs, and much more.

Spy on his Android phone on Spylix control panel

How To Spy On Your Boyfriend on iPhone: A Step By Step Guide

The best thing about Spylix is that you can spy on your boyfriend on an iPhone as well. This crafty tool isn’t restricted by the make of the phone. If you’re looking to keep track of what your beau has been up to, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Make an account

The first thing you need to do is head on over to the Spylix website and make an account. All you need is an active email address, and you’re good to go.

Create an account on Spylix to spy on his iPhone

Step 2: Link the target device

Now you just need to provide the iCloud details of the target device in the window that pops up. This will bind the target device to your account.

Enter his iCloud account details

Step 3: Start spying

Once that’s done, head on over to the dashboard and spy on whatever aspect of their phone usage you’d link. Simply click on that app or tool, and you’ll get its details.

Spy on his iPhone on Spylix dashboard

Best Ways to Keep Tabs On Your Boyfriend’s Location For Free

One of the best ways to spy on your boyfriend is to keep tabs on their location. However, not everyone is willing to splurge top dollars for a spyware program. So what are you supposed to do in such a case? Don’t worry; we got you covered with comprehensive guides for both Android and iOS devices.

Track Your Boyfriend On Android For Free

Tracking your boyfriend on Android using Google Maps

For people with an Android device, the process of tracking their loved one’s location is quite straightforward. All you have to do is:

  1. Make your way to Google Maps on your device and tap on your profile picture. Be sure to keep your boyfriend’s phone with you when doing this, as he’ll receive notifications on his phone.
  2. Now, open the settings on your phone and look for the "Location sharing" option. Once you find it, tap on it, and a new screen will appear. Look for the "New share" button and gently tap it. Now, you can choose how long you want to share your location. If you want to keep sharing it indefinitely, just select "Until you turn this off."
  3. The next step is to sign into Google Maps on your boyfriend's phone. After unlocking their device, find and open the "Google Maps" app. It should have a colorful map icon.
  4. Once in, head over to his profile and tap the “location sharing” option. Once there, pull up your contact and tap on the “request” button to share their location with your device.
  5. Now all that is left is for you to accept that request on your device, and you’re set!

Track Your Boyfriend On iPhone For Free

Track your boyfriend on iPhone for free

As for the people with an iOS device, here’s what you have to do if you want to learn how to go through your boyfriend's phone without him knowing for free:

  1. All Apple devices come with the Find My app. Open it on your device and start sharing your location with your friends because you have nothing to hide.
  2. Tap the “People” tab and share your location with your boyfriend. Once you send your location, it will ask you to set up a duration for the sharing. Go on and select “Indefinitely” and press Ok to process the request.
  3. Now get your hands on their device and head back to the "People" section in the "Find My" app. Look for your boyfriend's name or profile picture. If you've already shared your own location with him, he should show up on the screen. Now, just tap that "Ask To Follow Location" option, and press OK to finish off.
  4. Now that you have their device, unlock it to get inside and grant yourself access to their location, and voila!

How To Spy On Boyfriend's Phone Without Him Knowing For Free Through Phone Sync

There are also a few third-party tools you can use that allow you to sync your phone with your boyfriend’s to make the spying even more seamless. But you have to be aware of how to use this feature to your advantage, so let’s find out.

How To Keep Tabs On Your Boyfriend With Google Sync On Android

Keep tabs on your boyfriend using Google Sync on Android

With the Google sync feature, the process of keeping tabs on your boyfriend is quite straightforward. All you have to do is follow this guide we’ve prepared for you, and you’ll be all set:

  1. Open your boyfriend's Google account on your Android device. This step will require you to have his credentials.
  2. Go to the "Users and Accounts" section in your phone's settings..
  3. Find and select "Google" from the list of accounts. This will take you to the settings related to his Google account.
  4. Tap the "Account Sync" button. It's a button that allows you to manage the data synchronization for his Google account.
  5. To synchronize the data immediately, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open a menu with more options.
  6. Select "Sync Now" from the menu. This will immediately synchronize his Google account data on your phone.
  7. Now, do the same process on your boyfriend's phone. Use his phone to follow the exact steps above, but this time log in to your Google account instead.

With this feature, keeping track of your significant other’s phone has become a breeze. Be it finding out their events on the calendar or media shared on the device, you’d have access to it all!

How To Keep Tabs On Your Boyfriend With iCloud Sync On iPhone

Keep tabs on your boyfriend with iCloud Sync

Now for iOS users, the process is a little different because we have access to iCloud. However, fret not; it is just as simple as the other one. All you have to do is:

  1. Ensure you're signed in with your boyfriend’s Apple ID on your iPhone.
  2. Get your hands on your boyfriend's iPhone and open the Settings app. You can usually find the settings app on the home screen.
  3. Tap on "iCloud" and locate his profile name. Inside Settings, look for "iCloud" and find his name or account.
  4. In his iCloud settings, activate the options you wish to sync with your device.
  5. Use your iPhone, go to its iCloud settings, and turn on the parameters you want to sync.

And it’s as easy as that. However, with this method, there are a few limitations that you need to be aware of. For example, if your boyfriend is running an older iOS version, you may not be able to sync the devices.


How do I put spyware on my boyfriend's phone?

The process of installing spyware on your boyfriend’s phone is quite simple. Especially with Spylix, as all you have to do is:

  1. Create a free Spylix account from the official website.
  2. After the account is created, there will be prompts guiding you through the process of setting up the app.
  3. Once the app is set up and the installation process is complete, you can begin monitoring the target’s device.

Is it possible to spy on my boyfriend's phone without him knowing?

Yes, it is possible to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing with all the methods mentioned above.

Should I go through my boyfriend's phone?

If you feel like your boyfriend is exhibiting signs of infidelity, then you should definitely make sure that not a second more of yours is wasted on a lost relationship.

What's the best app to spy on my boyfriend's phone?

Spylix is by far the best app that you can use to monitor someone’s device.

Are boyfriend phone spy apps safe?

Yes, especially when it comes to Spylix, the app takes the security of its users very seriously and ensures that you aren’t put in a weird position because of it.


And there you have it, a comprehensive guide for anyone wondering how can I spy on my boyfriend's phone without him knowing for free. From third-party software like Spylix to making use of the phone’s in-built functionality, you can make sure that no one is ever able to hurt you.

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