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5 Best Free Mobile Tracker Apps in 2022

Ben Patterson
Ben Patterson January 20, 2022

A mobile tracker is helpful in tracking a phone. Although our different needs differ, it could be that you want to track a lost phone or track someone's phone to get their location. If you are a parent having a mobile tracker is helpful to locate your kid's movement. For a spouse, knowing where your spouse is, especially if you have doubts about your relationship's status, is advantageous.

Operating the Phone

If you are looking for the best mobile tracker, you are in the right place. In today's post, I will introduce you to the 5 best mobile trackers you should use in 2022.

Part 1: 5 Best Free Mobile Phone Tracker Apps

1.1 Use Spylix - The Best Mobile Tracker

In the world of mobile trackers, Spylix is the incredible and the best among them all. Spylix offers a user-friendly dashboard from which you can remotely track a target phone and access all its activities. With Spylix, you will have complete control over your target device.

Spylix iOS GPS Location Details

Spylix's Features:

1. GPS Location Tracking

Spylix has a Google Map feature that tracks the real-time location of a target device, displaying it on a map. With this feature, you can track the exact location and even view the previously visited places by your target device.

Spylix iOS GPS Locations

2. View SMS

The Spylix mobile tracker can access all messages on your target device's phone. It can view the inbox to see all messages and even read the content of each message, whether sent or received.

3. Track Social Media activity

Spylix can view all the social apps installed on your target device. It can access all shared media files, such as photos and videos, and also access the chat message. Moreover, each message will be organized based on data and time, giving you an easy time tracking your target.

4. Track all calls

Spylix can intercept all the incoming and outgoing calls and display them on your dashboard. Every detail about each call, such as the call duration, contact details, and timestamps, will also be displayed to ensure you get detailed information about your target device.

Spylix iOS Calls

5. View Photos and Videos

If you are looking for a mobile tracker to help track a target phone's gallery, Spylix got you covered. It can access all the media files stored on another device remotely. Even the deleted media files will still be recorded on your dashboard.

6. Track remotely

Spylix mobile tracker offers an online dashboard from which you track your target device. Once set up, Spylix will remotely keep a tab on your target device and report everything on your online Spylix dashboard.

Advantages of Spylix:

  1. Spylix works in a background hidden mode. Once you set it up, it will automatically hide, and your target device will have no idea that you're tracking them.
  2. All your data is encrypted, and it's only you who can access it.
  3. Spylix can track iOS and Android devices of all types and versions.
  4. The setup process is quick and straightforward. Only three steps are needed.
How to set up Spylix mobile tracker:

Step 1: Register

Click the "Try Now" button below and sign up for a free Spylix account with your email ID. Choose your subscription and proceed to set it up.

Spylix Register

Step 2: Set it up

Choose your target device, then continue to set it up using the instructions displayed on your setup page.

Spylix Guidance

Step 3: Start tracking

Once you've set up Spylix, log in to your Spylix dashboard and start tracking your target device. All the activities of your target device will be uploaded to the dashboard on a real-time basis.

Spylix Android Social Networks

1.2 Use mSpy- Parental Mobile Tracker

mSpy is a mobile tracker used by parents to keep their children safe when online. Once installed on the target phone, the mobile tracker will track the target device's activities such as social media, phone calls, and messages remotely. With its GPS location tracking feature, you can get the exact location of your target phone.

mSpy Web Page


  1. It can intercept incoming and outgoing messages.
  2. Works in stealth mode.
  3. Works for iOS and Android devices.


  1. It has limited mobile tracking features.
  2. Users have complained over poor customer support offered by mSpy.

Which is better, mSpy or Spylix?

  1. Spylix offers more mobile tracking features as compared to mSpy.
  2. With Spylix, you get to track your target device from a user-friendly dashboard in three steps.
  3. Unlike mSpy, Spylix has reliable and readily available customer support.

1.3 Use FamiSafe – Reliable Phone Locator App

FamiSafe is a phone locator compatible with iOS and Android devices. The mobile tracker lets you remotely track your target device and offers a GPS location tracking feature. It provides good parental control features to ensure your kid's safety.

FamiSafe Web Page


  1. It can filter websites and block apps on the target device.
  2. Offer location tracking and creating geofences.


  1. For iOS, the jailbreak is needed to access advanced features.
  2. The mobile tracker is expensive.
  3. The target person can easily detect it.

Which is better, FamiSafe or Spylix?

  1. Spylix offers more mobile tracking features than FamiSafe.
  2. No jailbreaking is required when using Spylix, yet all of its advanced features are accessed.
  3. Unlike FamiSafe, Spylix is cost-friendly.
  4. Spylix works in a stealth mode, ensuring it can't be detected

1.4 Use Phone Tracker by Number – Easily Track Your Target

Another mobile tracker is the Phone Tracker by Number that uses a GPS tracker to get the location of the device being tracked accurately. The mobile tracker works by using a phone number to track the location of the target device. With this mobile tracker, you can access the device's location history and it offers navigation to the target device.

Phone Tracker by Number


  1. It offers easy tracking of the target device's location.
  2. Only simple steps are involved in tracking a device.


  1. It only offers a location tracking feature no other feature.
  2. The method takes time to get the results of the device being tracked.

Which is better, Phone Tracker by Number or Spylix?

  1. Spylix offers more features in tracking a target device. It provides over 40+ data types that can be tracked.
  2. In using Spylix, you get to get the location of the phone being tracked instantly, but the Phone Tracker by Number takes time.
  3. Spylix offers you long mobile-tracking hours compared to the Phone Number by Tracker, which is a one-time tracking thing.

1.5 Use ClevGuard – Alternative Phone Monitoring Service

In the list of the 5 best mobile trackers, ClevGuard has its place as a reliable tracker to help you track your children's activities remotely and effortlessly. With ClevGuard, you can access the target device's files. It offers features such as monitoring phone calls, capturing screenshots, offers real-time data sync, and recording phone calls.

ClevGuard Web Page


  1. It supports the tracking of iOS and Android devices.
  2. Has good customer support
  3. Can track a device remotely


  1. It offers no free trial.
  2. With ClevGuard, you can monitor multiple devices simultaneously.

Which is better, ClevGuard or Spylix?

  1. Unlike ClevGuard, depending on your subscription, Spylix can monitor multiple devices simultaneously.
  2. Spylix is more preferred if you need advanced tracking features at the most user-friendly way.

Part 2: FAQs

2.1 Is using a mobile tracker legal?

Yes, using a mobile tracker is safe and legal, provided you remain on the right side of the law. For instance, if you are a parent keeping a tab on your kids, that's legal. Companies also track their employees using the company devices, but they must have their consent to be legally accepted.

The illegal part of using a mobile tracker comes in when you use the acquired data to cause harm or enhance criminal activities. That's illegal.

App Icons

2.2 Is there a free mobile tracker?

Yes, some free mobile trackers exist, such as the Find My Device. However, I wouldn't suggest you use them. Even though they are free, they offer limited features in tracking a device. Additionally, if you find a third-party tool that claims to be free, you need to be cautious. The security of your data is not guaranteed.

As a rule of thumb, I only recommend using the Spylix mobile tracker, which offers more features at the cheapest cost. With Spylix, you're safe in tracking your target device.

Part 3: Conclusion

Having a reliable way to track a mobile phone is an added advantage. For one, it helps you keep a tab on a device. Secondly, even when you misplace your phone, you can easily use the mobile tracker to track it.

This post covered the 5 best mobile trackers you can use to track a mobile phone easily. Well, truth be told, one mobile tracker proved better among the others. The Spylix professional mobile tracker offers all the features you can ever need to track a phone. Try the Spylix tool today, and you won't be disappointed.

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