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10 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission

With the rapid rise in mobile phones and their misuse in anti-social activities, the responsibility has fallen upon our own selves to keep our loved ones safe and sound. Understanding how to track someone's phone using phone monitoring or phone tracker applications can help you with that to a major extent.

Part 1: How Should We Choose the Cell Phone Tracker App?

The best phone tracking applications enable you, through an online interface, to monitor the cell phone activities of a person. With these apps to track phones, you can observe someone's phone calls, chats, GPS data, social media profiles, phone media, and so on.

To choose a cell phone tracker app, the below points should be considered:

  1. A seamless User Interface in a cell phone tracker app will allow you to smoothly manage and control a targeted device
  2. Time and Resource Saviour is a primary feature that will be useful in a cell phone tracker app
  3. Permissions asked should not be unnecessary and suspicious. Apps can run without the permissions
  4. Additional Features such as geofencing, AI technology, and so on can be a plus
  5. Easy and Quick to Use apps will enhance the overall convenient experience
  6. Compatibility with Cell Phones will ensure that majority of people can use the app with ease
  7. Charges to Use should be as minimal as possible so you do not burn a whole in your pocket while keeping your loved ones safe

An app that meets the above criteria can be the best free phone tracker app without permission. However, this article can further suggest the top 10 phone trackers applications that you can choose from.

Part 2: 10 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission

Phone tracker apps have always been used with a certain suspicion. Given the number of permissions they ask for, people get doubtful and feel conspicuous. However, cell phone tracker apps have upgraded themselves and now you can easily install cell phone tracker apps without giving them any permissions.

Below are mentioned some of the top cell phone tracker apps for the year 2024. With the clearly stated advantages and disadvantages, you can better judge which app suits you the best.

2.1 Spylix - The Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Spylix tops the list of best phone tracker apps as it has given the most hassle-free and quick usage so far. Popularly known as the best-of-the-breed, it comes with services and features that are rarely found in other applications. Spylix is trusted by millions of people for the safety of their loved ones. It also enables the users to monitor the IMEI. Spylix has been top-rated with a rating of 9.5 out of 10 for the longest time.

Spylix the Best Phone Tracker App

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  1. Spylix is a highly safe and secure platform
  2. It can be accessed remotely
  3. It provides a unique option to pay for what you use
  4. It also lets you control the device completely
  5. It does not require jailbreaking or rooting the device
  6. Spylix has state-of-the-art AI technology


  1. The real-time data syncing feature might drain the device’s battery


Spylix can be subscribed to at a monthly charge of around $11.66 per month.

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2.2 SpyBubble - Track Someone's Phone Without Permission Online

SpyBubble is an application that allows you to discreetly track a cell phone number without asking a lot of permission. It provides fast data syncing and real-time access to app usage.

Top 10 Bset Phone Tracker App Spy Bubble


  1. SpyBubble is an old player in the market
  2. It can also provide access to deleted data


  1. It has some features that are limited only to its iOS users


You can subscribe to SpyBubble’s services at $42.99 for one month, $23.79 per month for 3 months, and $9.91 per month for 12 months.

2.3 Spyzie - Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission for iPhone

With Spyzie, you can monitor user activity on any device that has the app set up. It can be used by parents and employers.

Top 10 Bset Phone Tracker App Spyzie


  1. Spyzie alerts you if certain messages or media files are being erased for the tracked device
  2. It also notifies if a certain unsuitable keyword is being typed on the device


  1. Spyzie has poor user reviews
  2. Users have noted malfunctions with the platform


You can start using Spyzie by buying their basic plan at $39.99 a month for one device. You can also buy the family plan for 3 devices at $69.99 a month.

2.4 FlexiSpy - Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission for Android

A newcomer in the cell phone tracker industry, FlexiSpy has been known for its good user interface. It also allows you to listen to calls, control the mic, and the camera. However, these features are available in its premium plan.

Top 10 Bset Phone Tracker App FlexiSpy


  1. You can try it for free for a limited period before buying
  2. It provides a smooth user interface


  1. FlexiSpy is a new-comer in the industry
  2. Lacks concrete features as compared to others


You can access FlexiSpy for 1 month at $68 or pay $149 for 1 year. To use its additional features, you need to buy its premium plan for $199 for a duration of 3 months.

2.5 mSpy - Best Tracking App in 2024

Among other cell phone tracker applications, mSpy stands apart because of its ability to track multiple devices simultaneously. It can also be used on Android as well as iOS devices.

Top 10 Bset Phone Tracker App mSpy


  1. mSpy is a highly discreet app
  2. It is also very easy and gives quick results


  1. mSpy offers limited features at a high price


You can get a mSpy annual plan at $11.66/month and a 3-month plan for $27.99/month.

2.6 Hoverwatch - Phone Tracking App

Hoverwatch is a phone tracking app that starts functioning as soon as it is installed. With a number of features, Hoverwatch is ideal for parental monitoring as well as location tracking.

Top 10 Bset Phone Tracker App Hoverwatch


  1. Hoverwatch notifies you when a sim is replaced in the device being tracked
  2. It also provides with excellent geolocating features


  1. The interface can be a little tricky to use


To track a single device, a personal plan will cost you $24.95/month. A professional plan can track 5 devices for $9.99/month. A business plan, for $6/month, can track up to 25 devices.

2.7 GEOfinder - Track Someone by Cell Phone Number

GEOfinder, as the name states, can be used to track someone by their cell phone number. It is web-based and is not available in the form of an application for mobile phones. Simply go to their webpage, type the cell phone number in the search bar, and click on the search option to receive their close-to-perfect location.

Top 10 Bset Phone Tracker App GEOfinder


  1. GEOfinder enables you to receive a detailed map location of the device being tracked
  2. It is free of charge


  1. GEOfinder might compromise on performance in the free features
  2. It does not have an application


GEOfinder trial can be subscribed at $0.99 for a month. Post which, you can continue using the services at $49.99 per month.

2.8 Spyera - GEO Tracker App

Spyera is a location tracker app that also lets you access the call logs, text messages, app activities, contacts, and much more of the device being tracked.

Top 10 Bset Phone Tracker App Spyera


  1. Spyera comes with a real-time location tracker
  2. Spyera also allows the user to record calls on the device being tracked


  1. The app is not affordable
  2. Some people have had privacy concerns with the app


To access the features of the Spyera app, you can subscribe to their monthly plan of $89 per month or their annual plan of $389.

2.9 Cocospy - Run a Free Cell Phone Tracking

Cocospy can be used by various people and enterprises to conduct location tracking of a cell phone number. Cocospy lets you track and monitor a cell phone device remotely making it convenient to use.

Top 10 Bset Phone Tracker App Cocospy


  1. With Cocospy, you can track with a 100% invisibility
  2. It provides Geofencing features


  1. The prices might be too steep for the services


You can pay for their services based on the following prices depending on your needs:

  1. For a 1-month pack-$49.99
  2. For a 3-month pack-$27.99
  3. For a 12-month pack-$11.66

2.10 XNSPY - GPS Tracker for Phone

XNSpy lets you track a cell phone with round-the-clock transparency. With this platform, you can monitor online activities, phone calls & messages, and track GPS location. It also has a recording feature and can send you detailed reports on the data tracked.

Top 10 Bset Phone Tracker App XNSpy


  1. XNSpy gives you complete control and access to activities
  2. It is a highly secure platform


  1. XMLSpy does not provide a free trial period


To access the basic edition of the platform, you need to pay $29.99/month. To access their premium edition, the charges are $35.99/month.

30 Seconds Summary: My Top Recommendation

Among all others, Spylix stands apart as it is the only one that, apart from being a free phone tracker app without permission, provides a convenient experience. With its Keylogger feature, you can track the keys pressed on the device. Spylix lets you access the media shared and received on the phone along with the location history. It is a complete package that eliminates the need to install other applications for additional features.

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