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10 Best Couple Trackers to Track Couples Online in 2022

Ben Patterson
Ben Patterson April 14, 2022

Are you in a committed relationship but feel like you're more into them than they're into you?

It is common for people in a relationship to be afraid of being cheated.

So most of them take drastic action based on their assumptions and theories.

Track Couple's Phone Activities

If you're having second thoughts about the loyalty of your partner, then the internet is crowded with many different ways of tracking all the social or physical activities of your partner.

In this blog, we'll mention some of the top-rated couple trackers on the web.

Part 1: How to Track Couples with Couple Trackers?

As we have mentioned earlier, you'll find “Couple Tracking” applications at every corner of the web.

However, it is a bit daunting to find a reliable, accessible, and affordable solution to help you as per your requirements.

So, there are some features that you have to consider before picking any random partner tracker app for the task.

Track Couple's Mobile Phone Activities

Live Location Tracking: This feature can be beneficial to get a hold of your partner's live location so that they can't sneak behind your back.

Monitoring Calls & Texts: It will assist you in checking all the incoming and outgoing calls and texts on your partner's phone without even being near them. You can also record all the ongoing calls in case of suspicion.

Navigating through Browser History: With this feature, you can skim through all the websites and scan all the searches made by your partner in any browser installed on their phone.

Hacking Social Accounts: Once all the social media accounts that your partner manages are logged in on your phone, you can look through sketchy chats or locate anyone flirting with them.

Part 2: 10 Best Online Couple Trackers in 2022

According to some of the features we've mentioned, we have picked out the top 10 couple trackers online to help you make a profound decision. These tools are listed as follows:

2.1 Spylix

One of the most reliable and prompt tracking apps for couples that makes it easier for users to locate their loved ones is Spylix.

It has a huge variety of features that can assist you with tracking while being in stealth.

You can monitor any application ranging from those needing WiFi to operate to the in-built application of your smartphone.

Best Couple Tracker Spylix

Moreover, it enables its user to track any device, whether Android, iOS, or Windows, as their operating system.

The best thing about Spylix is that you don't need to make any changes to your phone to use it.

2.2 Couples-App

The Couples application is designed to locate people in a relationship through GPS by connecting phones to a single server.

It offers a detailed list of characteristics, including smart alerts whenever they receive a notification, live location tracking, call logs, browsing history, finding the phone, and much more.

2.3 Aispyer

Aispyer is another commonly used couple tracker app for keeping an eye on your partner's activities.

Through this application, you can track all the missed calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls through SIM card or WiFi, and iMessaging from your partner's phone.

Moreover, it has a special satellite mode through which you can set the locations that are forbidden for your partner to enter, similar to a restraining order.

Then, once your partner is around the radius of that particular location, you'll be notified.

2.4 Spyzie

Spyzie Top 10 Couple Tracker

Social media has helped all the people worldwide to get in touch with their family and friends.

But unfortunately, some people tend to misuse it, breaking their partner's trust and relationship.

Thus, the Spyzie tracker was introduced to track down all the suspicious activities so that you can provide them with proof.

You can also use it to track your child's phone on the web to avoid any scams or bullying.

2.5 Kukini

Kukuni is an easy-to-use tracker developed for couples looking to start a family.

The app claims to be the organizer for the whole family offering different features for every member.

Besides, the extensive list of options includes a shared calendar for easy scheduling, meal planner, health tracker, social media monitoring tool, etc.

With this app, you can not only look into all your family member's locations but also develop an organized lifestyle.

2.6 SpyBubble

SpyBubble Top 10 Couple Tracker

SpyBubble is a cloud application having a sustainable and easy-to-use interface.

There are billions of people around the world who have benefited from its simple mechanics and features.

All you have to do is follow some simple steps and get the entire activity log, including calls, messages, GPS, and social media application of any targeted phone.

2.7 CoupleTracker

CoupleTracker is one of the promising sources of tracking your partner's social activities without investing much time and effort.

It offers its users simple options to track all the different applications without lag.

Moreover, you can quickly go through their messages and call history by staying in the shadows.

2.8 CoupleMonitor

Who doesn't like having a relationship without doubts or disloyalty in mind? If you do, too, then getting your partner monitored beforehand can take you a long way.

With CoupleMonitor, you can track their location and know about the places they've been to this week.

It also allows users to track messages and calls received on any phone without costing you much.

2.9 Merge

Merge stands as a prominent tool for tracking all your partner's activity without them knowing.

It is a fully optimized application that can keep both the devices connected to a single server with which you can also keep your life organized.

Moreover, there are many healthy features on this app to maintain all your grocery shopping, dinner orders, and other household chores efficiently together without any argument.

2.10 mSpy

mSpy Top 10 Couple Tracker

mSpy is another popular tracking application to skim anyone's phone without letting them know.

Parents often use it to determine the upcoming activities and parties their child is planning.

However, one can also navigate this app to check the real-time location of their partner or spouse.

Additionally, it provides updates on their current activities through social media.

Part 3: How to Track Couples with Spylix?

Spylix is one of the most reliable tools when it comes to tracking any smartphone, social media account, or application used by the targeted person.

Many different features make Spylix stand among most applications, including that this tool doesn't need any rooting or jailbreak to run on your phone smoothly.

Moreover, you can track anyone's phone without getting to know them and go through all their messages and call logs with Stealth Mode.

It doesn't matter which application you want to track; it'll offer all types of information to its users.

The step-by-step guide to tracking your better half with the Spylix app is as follows:

Step 1: Create an account

Using your device, click Sign Up Free to create a new account with Spylix.

There, select either Android or iOS platform (whichever your partner is using).

Next, subscribe to the service by selecting any of the three plans listed there.

Register for Spylix Account to Track Couples

Step 2: Install Spylix

If the spouse or partner is using an Android device, then pick up their phone, and install the Spylix app manually using the link provided in your account.

Enter your account info, and enable the Stealth or Hidden Mode.

Follow the Guidances to Set up Spylix

There is no need to add any app to the target iPhone.

Simply add their iCloud ID and Password to verify the person.

Enter the Apple ID of the Target Device to Get Start

Step 3: Start Tracking

Access your Spylix account from any device’s browser, and monitor the spouse/partner’s location in real-time.

Spylix Offers Couple's Location in Real Time

Conclusion - Choose the Safest Way to Track Couples

Couple trackers have lots of different advantages when you're in a relationship.

It isn't always used to catch the cheating partner, but most people use them to ensure their partner is safe.

These services are also used for certifying that the partner isn't being bullied within their workplace or through social platforms.

They also have made it easier for everyone so that we can be with people who genuinely want to be with us.

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