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SIM Cloning: 5 Ways to Clone SIM Card Easily

According to reports, over five billion mobile devices are active globally. That means about 67% of the population owns a mobile device.

While a large percentage use laptops or desktops, the majority carry out their activities on their mobile devices.

Therefore, it is not surprising that attackers now target mobile phones for SIM card cloning. Of course, you can also decide to clone your SIM when you want to switch phones.

So, how is this done? Join me as I take you through different ways to clone a SIM card. Before then, let’s talk about what a SIM clone is.

How to Clone an iPhone

What is SIM Clone?

SIM cloning involves duplicating a legitimate SIM card. After the cloning process, they migrate the identifier information of the cloned SIM card to another card, known as the secondary SIM card.

This secondary card is then inserted into another phone while all calls, text messages, and charges associated with the original SIM are transferred.

Successful cloning depends on the ability of the user to extract the International Mobile Subscriber Identifier (IMSI) of the SIM card, and its Authentication key.

Although an IMSI is easy to identify, locating the KI can be very difficult, especially for new users. There are software programs and separate devices used in decrypting the Authentication key (Ki).

If you have ever wondered if it’s possible to clone SIM card, the truth is that it is possible.

5 Ways to Clone SIM Card Easily

It is not only possible to clone SIM; it is also easy to do. Technology makes it possible to clone a SIM without any cloning experience.

In this part, I will share five different ways in which you can clone a SIM card seamlessly. Let’s get right into the details!

1. Use SIM Cloning Tool

Are you wondering about how to clone a SIM card remotely? MOBILedit Forensic is one of the top tools that you can use.

The best part is that it is compatible with any operating system. So, how do you clone a SIM card with a SIM Cloning tool?

Step 1: Download the cloning software on your computer

Step 2: Remove the SIM card that you want to clone from the device

Step 3: Now insert it into the SIM Card Cloning Device and attach it to your computer

Step 4: Launch the SIM cloning tool from the toolbar, and the program will appear. With this, you can begin to use the SIM card cloner.

Step 5: Next, click on the “Read SIM” button to access the content of the original card and wait for the data to read. You can then select the specific data that you want to copy.

Use QuickStart to Clone iPhone

Step 6: Now insert the writable SIM card. Enable it and click “Write SIM.” Wait for the process to complete.

2. Run a SIM Card Cloning with Programmable Card

You can use a SIM card copier to backup data if your device is stolen or lost. With programmable cards, you can easily clone your SIM card.

To clone a SIM card, you need a blank SIM programmable card, a SIM firmware writer, and the target SIM.

You also need to download a software tool for reading. Here are the steps on how to clone a SIM card:

Step 1: Connect the SIM Reader and install the software Reader, such as Woron.

Step 2: Next, configure the software

Step 3: Now run the IMSI search and write down the results when they appear. Next, proceed to launch the ICC search.

Run a SIM Card Cloning with Programmable Card to Clone SIM Card Easily

Write out the ICC number after the search. Next, run the KI search and remove the SIM card when it is done.

Run the KI Search and Remove the SIM card with Programmable Card to Clone SIM Card Easily

Step 4: Download the SIM-EMU software to write settings on the Blank SIM Card. Next, insert the SIM and run SIM-EMU.

Navigate to the configuration tab and add all data obtained from the scan process, including ICC, KI, and IMSI.

Also include the following info: AND/SMS/FDN# where AND is Abbreviated Dialing No.; SMS is the No. of SMSes stored on the SIM, and FDN is Fixed Dialing No. Enter: 140/10/4

Ensure you write the number in an International Format, such as +44 (UK) 7777777777 (the number).

Set Up SIM-EMU to Clone SIM Card Easily

Step 5: Select the “Write to Disk” button and name the file – SuperSIM.HEX. You will see an EEPROM file window. Write SuperSIM_EP.HEX as the EEPROM name, and then click the “Save” button.

Step 6: Flash the file on the Blank SIM Card and install the card with the card writer. Next, add all required fields.

Add All Required fields to Clone SIM Card Easily

Step 7: Run the file and click “Done”. Your cloned SIM is ready.

Run the File And Click Done to Clone SIM Card Easily

3. How to Clone a SIM Card with Only Phone Number

It may interest you to know that you can clone a SIM card with just the phone number. Let me show you. Here is how to clone a SIM card with only phone number.

Step 1: Switch off the target device

Step 2: Remove the SIM card and copy out the IMSI number of the SIM.

Step 3: Now insert a SIM card reader into your device

Step 4: Connect the SIM card reader to your computer

Step 5: Wait for the Ki number to copy your content

Step 6: When the process is complete, you can begin to use the secondary SIM card in your phone.

4. Make Use of IMSI and Ki Number

It is also possible to clone a SIM card with IMSI and Ki numbers. To clone a SIM card using these two numbers, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Switch off your device and remove the battery. Next, remove the SIM card and copy out the IMSI number on the card.

Step 2: Now place the SIM Card Reader into the SIM card slot

Step 3: Next, connect the card reader to your SIM card and computer. It will enable the Ki number to copy the contents.

The new SIM card will become a SIM card replicator, and you can place it in your device to begin using it.

5. MiniTool Tech to Clone SIM Card

You need a SIM card clone device to use this method to clone a SIM card. You should also download SIM card reader software and get a SIM firmware writer. Here is how to clone a phone number using this method:

Step 1: Remove your original SIM card from your phone and put it in a card reader. Next, insert the card reader into your PC through the card slot.

Step 2: Launch the program after your computer detects the card reader. Next, click “Read”.

Step 3: Choose the option to crack the SIM card after the card reader software is attached to the physical reader.

Step 4: Wait for the cracking process to complete and then save the cracked data into a file on your PC.

Step 5: Disconnect the card reader from the reader program and remove your old SIM card. Replace the card with your device.

Step 6: Unlock the old SIM. Provide the unlock code when prompted to complete the process

Step 7: Connect the new SIM card to your PC and open the SIM card clone application.

Step 8: Write the extracted content from the saved file on your PC on the blank SIM card using the SIM clone software.

Step 9: After the writing completion, enter the security code provided by your network provider when prompted.

Step 10: Complete the SIM card cloning process and exit the program.

SIM Cloning vs. SIM Swapping

SIM cloning and SIM swapping are distinct approaches used to duplicate a subscriber identification module card of a mobile phone.

A SIM swapping works when an individual calls the call center representative of a mobile phone provider to transfer a phone line to a new device.

This process transfers the control of the phone number of a target device to another. A SIM cloning has similar objectives as SIM swapping.

However, SIM cloning doesn’t require calling a mobile phone provider. It is a sophisticated method where the cloner uses a software tool to duplicate the SIM card, gaining access to the IMSI and Ki of the target device.

Common Features:

  • Both aim to duplicate the subscriber Identification module card of the target device
  • Both processes are not illegal


  • SIM Swapping is easier to complete, while SIM Cloning is more sophisticated and technical

How to Prevent Your SIM Card from Being Cloned

Not many people are targets for cloning. However, if you are worried that they can clone your SIM card, there are measures you can take to prevent it.

Here are the tips to protect your SIM from being cloned:

  • Use different phone numbers to manage your online accounts
  • Separate the number you use for social media accounts from the one you use for financial transactions online and guard the latter jealously.

  • Use Two-Factor Authentication
  • This is a high-level security feature that requires additional verification before accessing your mobile number. You can start with Google DUO to maintain the security of your mobile line.

  • Reduce Information Sharing Online
  • Hackers need personal data to impersonate you and carry out their nefarious acts. However, if they don’t have access to your data, it becomes difficult to claim your identity.

    You should be careful about the kind of data you share with online friends.

  • Pay attention to the Applications you install
  • Many apps online come with embedded malicious code designed to curate data about your SIM and phone and then transfer the same to hackers.

    Therefore, be careful about the apps you download on your device.

Spy a SIM Card with Spylix Instead of Cloning it!

While cloning a phone gives you access to the data on a target device, it is quite a tedious task to undertake.

Instead, you can spy on a SIM card with Spylix and gain even more access to the target device.

Use Spylix to Spy a SIM Card

With a phone spying app, you can view text messages, calls, social media apps, GPS location, and more on the target device.

A spy solution is undoubtedly an easier way to access a target device.

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