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5 Ways to Clone a Cell Phone to See Text Messages

The digital world has led to various technologies that achieve immense things, for example, clone a cell phone to see text messages. With the right tool and knowledge, you can easily clone a cell phone to see text messages without physically accessing the other phone.

Megan Clone a Cell Phone to See Text Messages

In this post, we will discuss cell phone cloning and how it's done, introduce various ways you can clone a cell phone to see text messages free, and introduce Spylix, the best cell phone cloning app to use.

Part 1: What Is to Clone a Cell Phone to See Text Messages?

Cell phone cloning is the act of duplicating the identity and data of one cell phone to another cell phone either by cloning the cell phone's backup or its key identifiers. Cell phone cloning is similar to how people could intercept radio signals by tuning their signal to match that being transmitted in the past.

In the case of cell phones, as they come loaded with secret codes in their SIM cards, one needs a clone tool to effectively clone a cell phone in one click without using a data cable, SIM card, or physical access to the cell phone.

Social Networks Apps to Clone a Cell Phone to See Text Messages Free

Advantages of cloning a cell phone:

  • See text messages of the other phone without them knowing.
  • To retain features of the phone.
  • Share a phone with a household member without needing to pay for another second line.
  1. Before you clone someone's cell phone, ensure the other person is aware as this could be illegal depending on your country's laws.
  2. Ensure you use a safe cloning tool downloaded from safe websites to avoid using a harmful tool that may end up owning your details and exposing your phone to security threats.

Part 2: How to Clone a Cell Phone to View Messages?

Despite cell phones having secret codes, various products have come into place that facilitate a cell phone's easy cloning. In preparing this post, we tested various cloning applications in the market to ensure we introduce you to the best of them.

The various products discussed are arranged from the best in terms of effectiveness, ease of use, and features. Their advantages and disadvantages have also been discussed to ensure you have room to analyze which best suits you. However, we recommend using Spylix to clone a cell phone to read text messages effectively.

1. Read Text Messages of a Cloned Cell Phone Via Spylix

At the top of the list is Spylix, an Android and iOS cell phone tracking tool.

Spylix Text Cloning

Spylix is the leading app when it comes to monitoring a device. It can do more than just cloning the mobile phone but also give you access to all activities of the device. With Spylix, you get to remotely control the mobile phone easily.

Features of Spylix

Spylix is an all-in-one cloning tool designed to ensure it serves you best with no hassle involved. In addition to Spylix being the best tool to clone a cell phone to see text messages, it still offers you other functionalities:

  • Large data support: Spylix supports 40 data types for Android devices and 18 data types for iOS devices.
  • Cloning social apps: It can clone social apps to see the text messages and media files shared. Some of these social apps include Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Stealth mode: the fact that you are cloning someone's phone means you wouldn't want to be discoverer. Spylix ensures so by cloning the cell phone without the other person knowing.
  • Easy setup process: The setup process is straightforward to ensure you don't have a hard time getting started with Spylix. Moreover, you won't have to jailbreak or root the other cell phone before cloning it.
  • Remote access: In cloning and monitoring the other cell phone, all this is done remotely using Spylix by logging in to your user account.
  • Geo-fencing: Spylix can create geofences to monitor the person's location in addition to its GPS location tracking.
  • Controlling the cell phone: From the control panel of Spylix, you can control the cell phone in terms of restricting access to specific websites or Wi-Fi blocking of the cell phone.

How to Setup Spylix:

Only three simple setup procedures are involved.

Step 1: Click the Sign Up Free button below to create a free Spylix account.

Spylix Create Account to Spy Text Now

Step 2: Set up the device to clone using the guidance instructions on the page.

Spylix Guidance on How to Get Texts From Another Phone

Step 3: Start cloning the other cell phone remotely.

Spylix Text Duplicator

2. Use FlexiSpy to Read Text Messages of a Cloned Cell Phone

FlexiSpy is a mobile phone, PC and Mac spying software able to intercept a cell phone and monitor its surroundings and activities such as phone calls and social media.

FlexiSpy Web Page About Text Cloning

FlexiSPY works both on iOS and Android. Some of its features include Geo-fencing, social apps monitoring, call monitoring, and text message intercepting.

The good thing with FlexiSPY is that it has a refund policy, and it's credible. However, the prices to unlock its advanced features are high, and its operation index is high.

3. Clone a Cell Phone Via XNSPY

XNSPY is another spying app that offers you good cell phone cloning features, especially when you need to keep a tab on your employees or kids.

XNSPY Web Page About Text Duplicator

XNSPY has other features that include GPS location monitoring, tracking phone calls, social apps, Internet Browsing, accessing messenger chats, and key loggers. The advantages of XNSPY are that you easily clone a cell phone, offer GPS location tracking, and have reliable customer care. However, XNSPY has less support for video and audio information capturing, and it supports few data that can be monitored.

4. Read Text Messages Via Spyzie

Spyzie is a spying app that supports Android 9+ and iOS versions up to 12. Spyzie lacks support for remote control of the target cell phone. Some of its features include social apps monitoring and access to emails.

Spyzie Web Page on How to Clone a Cell Phone Text Messages

With Spyzie, you will view the installed applications on the other cell phone and read the reminders and notes. Spyzie is disadvantageous as its pricing is relatively high, customer support takes time, no control over the other cell phone, and limited features.

5. Use mSpy to Clone a Cell Phone

mSpy is an excellent phone spying app, especially in terms of parental control. mSpy has limited features and some of the features it offers include Location tracking, SMS and call history spying, and social media tracking.

mSpy Web Page About How to Get Texts From Another Phone

The advantages of mSpy are that it offers good parental control and has good basic features such as call monitoring. However, its few features put it at a disadvantage, and only a few cloned information is attained.

Part 3: Best Way to Clone a Cell Phone to See Text Messages

In deciding which is the best way to clone a cell phone, the features of the app and how it works are the key determinants. The five apps discussed were compared, and from the analysis and testing, Spylix topped the list.

Comparison of the Apps

1. Features:

  • For Spylix, it can clone all text messages the sent, received, backed up, and even those deleted. In contrast, the other four apps don't give you access to the deleted text messages.
  • In terms of data supported, Spylix has the highest, 40. The other apps like FlexiSPY supported less than thirty data types.
  • In terms of control, mSpy is limited to a parantal control app, thus it mainly focuses on text messages. However, Spylix offers absolute control over the cell phone, not just cloning text messages.
  • Although Spylix and mSpy slightly share some features, Spylix has advanced surveillance while mSpy lacks basic features such as cloning Facebook messages.

2. Stealth Mode

The five apps have to be installed on the Android device, implying that they can easily be detected. For Spylix, the icon will automatically hide itself ensuring it works in stealth mode. But for the other apps, unless you manually hide the app from the home panel of the target device. The owner will easily notice the cloning app.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best and rich feature clone app that works without being detected in the most simplified way, try Spylix today!

Part 4: FAQs About Cloning a Cell Phone

1. How can I remotely clone a phone?

To clone a cell phone to see text messages, you need a clone app such as Spylix. Once you have Spylix, if the phone to be cloned is iPhone, using the iCloud details of the iPhone, you can easily clone its text messages remotely. If it's Android, you will need to install Spylix on the target cell phone then start coning it from the control panel.

2. How can I know if my mobile phone is being cloned?

The easiest way to note when someone is cloning your device is through three aspects.

  • Call quality: try chatting or talking to other people while you are in the same room. If there is cross-frequency affecting the call, that's a sign.
  • Mobile phone traffic: turn off your network, both mobile and wireless. If you notice abnormal traffic, that's a sign.
  • Mobile phone record sheet: if you notice some unfamiliar information on other people's information, your phone could be cloned.

Part 5: Summary

The advancement in technology has made it easy to clone a cell phone to see text messages. However, before you clone a cell phone, you need to choose an app that will easily facilitate this in the most simplified manner. In this article, we discussed the best app that you can use, Spylix. Spylix is the most cost-effective, easy to use, practical, and effective among the discussed apps.

Why not try Spylix to spy text now?

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