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5 Free Keyloggers for Android in 2024 [No Root or Jailbreak needed]

It is possible to record every keystroke that you type on your phone using a free keylogger for Android. However, the problem comes in when choosing which keylogger for Android to use. The market has so many keyloggers, and most of them are merely scams and dangerous to use.

Searching for Free Keyloggers for Android Online

Additionally, various keyloggers have different functionalities, and unless you carefully select the available keyloggers, you might use the wrong one. In this post, I will discuss the some free keyloggers for Android that you should consider using.

Part 1: Are There Free Keyloggers for Android on The Market?

In all my years as a researcher and tech specialist, I have never come across any excellent free keylogger for Android, and if there is one out there claiming itself to be effective, you should consider it twice before using it. Why do I say this? A keylogger is more of a spying tool to record any keystrokes made on a keypad, and if you meet a free one, it probably has a hidden agenda and may do more harm than good.

Keyloggers for Android

However, there are excellent and reliable keyloggers out there like Spylix, and even though you incur costs using them, they are reliable, and they won’t sell your information to anyone out there. I mean, why would a keylogger let you use it for free if it doesn’t want to mine your data in return? From my experience, I would never recommend you to use any free keylogger without consideration. It’s better to incur costs than risk losing your data.

Today I will introduce you to the best keyloggers for Android, but before you try them out, ensure your country’s law allows using keyloggers to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.

Part 2: Top 5 Keylogger for Android - 100% Works

Before introducing the 5 keyloggers for Android, allow me to give you a quick summary regarding the most effective keylogger for Android that you should use. I have come across and tested most keylogger apps in the market in my quest for which is the best in meeting user needs and safeguarding their data. Honestly, no keylogger app out there is better than Spylix. Unlike other keylogger apps, Spylix is the most stable, with reliable and friendly customer support available 24/7. You should definitely try out Spylix.

In comparing the 5 keyloggers for Android, I presented the features in a table format to ensure you get the best out of it and have room to compare them before deciding on which keylogger app for Android to use.

App Best for Compatibility Editor’s Comment Rating
Spylix 1. Powerful tracking keylogger features 2. Stealth mode 3. Complete control of the target All Android versions Spylix is probably the winner in all Android keylogger apps that you will ever find. It works to meet your needs and gives you complete monitoring of your target. 10/10
Teensafe 1.Packed with basic features 2.Fair positive reviews Android 4+ Teensafe offers you basic features to monitor your target as an alternative app it can serve you well. 8/10
Cocospy Great functionalities, especially for parental control Android 4+ Cocospy is suitable for tracking your kid’s activities, and its basic features are limited compared to other apps. 7.5/10
ClevGuard Real-time but basic features Android devices ClevGuard is one of the very first spy apps in the market. And it has good stability. 7.3/10
iKeyMonitor Monitoring the phone’s activities. Android 2.3+ iKeyMonitor is a good app for parental control, but its features are limited. 7.0/10

The table above highlights the overall features of the top 5 free keyloggers for Android. It’s time we looked at them in detail.

2.1: Spylix – No.1 Reliable Keylogger for Android

Spylix is the number one keylogger you can find on Android, monitoring keystrokes for you and gives you real-time monitoring updates of the device.

Spylix Android Keylogger Can Help You in Tracking Someone's Keylogger

This spy app for Android is designed to meet your keylogging needs at the most cost-effective price with so many features at your disposal in one app.

Spylix ensures it serves you in the most user-friendly manner and has received 96% positive reviews for how easy and simple to use. Its good reputation and high quality have ensured that Spylix remains the most trusted free keylogger for Android out there.

Spylix’s key features

1. Keylogger

If you are looking for a keylogger app that lets you monitor any keystrokes entered on your target device, look no more. Spylix is the app you should use. With Spylix, any keys entered will be monitored and notified to you in real-time, and that’s why it remains the leading keylogger app in the market.

2. Geofencing

With Spylix, you can create geofences to get notified when a device enters or leaves the area. Geofencing is helpful, especially when you want to find your child’s or spouse’s location, and through this, you can safeguard them in a more optimized and remote way.

Spylix Geofencing Feature

Other Excellent Features Offered by Spylix

Apart from being the best keylogger for Android, Spylix offers its users other features, which include:

  1. Checking browser history of the device.
  2. Blocking a device from accessing specific websites.
  3. Remotely monitor a device from a control panel.
  4. Monitor videos and photos of another device.
  5. Intercept and view text messages and other social media apps like WhatsApp.
  6. Real-time GPS location monitoring.
  7. Spy on all Android devices and even iOS devices.

Advantages of Spylix

1.Incredibly undetectable

Spylix works in stealth mode, implying that once you install the Spylix app, a light 2MB app, it will automatically hide its icon. Therefore, the person you want to monitor won’t even know a free keylogger for Android is installed in their phone.

2.User-friendly and Easy to setup

Unlike most keyloggers, Spylix has a control panel that is easy to use and from which you can then monitor all activities of the target phone. Moreover, to set up Spylix, only three steps are needed, and you won’t need to root your Android phone to set up Spylix. Any information regarding the device being monitored will be displayed in the control panel.

In summary, Spylix Android keylogger offers you all the control you need to either monitor your children, spouse, or even employee on a real-time basis at the most cost-effective price.

To quickly install Spylix, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Spylix account.

Create an Android Keylogger Spylix Account

Step 2: Follow the guidance to install and set up Spylix.

Guidance for Stating to Use Spylix Keylogger for Android

Step 3: Start monitoring your target device.

Android Keylogger Spylix

2.2: Teensafe

Teensafe is a parental control app that monitors keystrokes and supports other features such as monitoring social apps like WhatsApp, tracking GPS location, monitoring text messages, and monitoring contacts and call logs of the target device.

Teensafe, An Undetectable Keylogger Remotely Installed on Android

Even though Teensafe has gained popularity as a parental control app, it has various shortcomings that disadvantage it.

  1. Unlike Spylix, Teensafe doesn’t monitor keystrokes in stealth mode.
  2. The update rate of Teensafe is after 6 hours, and this is slow compared to Spylix, which has real-time updates.
  3. Teensafe has basic features since it’s a parental control app.

2.3: Cocospy

Cocospy is a free keylogger for Android that supports most Android versions and has a good reputation as a parental control app. However, its features are limited. Cocospy can read keystrokes made on the target device and display them on the user dashboard for you to view. Other features offered by Cocospy include monitoring media files, tracking call logs, and keeping a tab on the browsing history.

Cocospy, A Keylogger for Android

 The main shortcomings of Cocospy are that it requires you to root the Android phone and the app itself is not stable in terms of functionalities.

2.4: ClevGuard

ClevGuard  is a good keylogger app with several good features, and it offers good efficiency as a monitoring app. However, ClevGuard attracts higher prices which are not cost-effective in comparison to Spylix. Moreover, its user dashboard doesn’t offer you the user-friendly and comfortable ease of use that you need.

Clevguard, An Android Keylogger

Other features offered by ClevGuard include monitoring calls, browser history, text messages, and location spying. However, the app is expensive, only works with Android 4+ versions, and has fewer features compared to Spylix.

2.5: iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a free keylogger for Android that supports Android 2.3+ and enables you to monitor keystrokes.

iKeyMonitor, A Keylogger for Android

The app offers basic features. Its features include GPS tracking, monitoring calls, text messages, photos, videos, and social apps such as WhatsApp. However, iKeyMonitor is complicated to use and only supports simple features.

Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Keyloggers for Android

3.1: Is Using A Keylogger for Android for Free to Spy Someone’ s Android Phone Legal?

No, installing keyloggers on someone’s phone without their consent is illegal.

Using A Free Keylogger for Android Should Follow Privacy Policy

A keylogger is treated as a violation of someone’s privacy, and this is illegal. Depending on the laws of your country, it can be a felony that can earn you a penalty or jail term. So, only use Spylix or any other free keyloggers for android when you have permission from the person to be monitored.

3.2: How Can I Know Which is The Best Free Remote Keylogger for Android?

A good keylogger should be easy to use. Apart from this, look out for the keylogger’s features and only choose one that is cost-friendly, has many features, supports all Android versions, works in stealth mode, and gives you control over the device.

3.3: Which is the Best Free Keylogger on Android for Free

Among all the keyloggers in the market, based on all my research, testing, and analysis of the keyloggers, I concluded that Spylix is the best free keylogger for Android. Get started with Spylix!

3.4: Can I Have An Undetectable Keylogger Remotely Installed on Android?

Any Android keylogger must be installed first, but with Spylix, you can remotely monitor the device and get real-time updates.

3.5: Can I Remove An Installed Keylogger for Android for Free?

Yes, you can use either of the following options.

  1. Restore your phone’s factory settings.
  2. Remove via a spyware remover tool.
  3. Update your Android
  4. Remove it manually

Part 4: Conclusion: The Most Excellent Keylogger for Android

A keylogger is an excellent way to monitor the data of a device. However, you first need to ensure you have permission before installing the Android keylogger to avoid committing a felony. Additionally, you need to select a safe, secure, and easy-to-use keylogger.

Having tested and analyzed many free keyloggers for Android, I introduced you to the 5 most reliable Android keyloggers that you can use to monitor your spouse, employee, or even kid. If you want the best convenient and easy-to-use free keylogger for Android, I recommend you use Spylix, which supports more than 40 Android data types, and gives you control over the device. Explore Spylix today!

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