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How to Get Text Messages from Another Phone Sent to Mine

If you are concerned about who your child is communicating with or suspect your partner of cheating, you may be wondering “how to get text messages from another phone sent to mine”.

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Here, we’ll take you through five of the most popular ways to get text from another phone and the best method of doing it.

Can I Receive Text Messages from Another Phone?

If you want to get or view text messages sent and received from another phone, the answer of this question is YES. All you need to do is to rely on a reliable third-party app.

Only in this way, whether your device is an Android phone or an iPhone, you can easily get text msg from another phone sent to mine.

Method 1: How to Get Text Messages from Another Phone Sent to Mine with Spylix

1.1 Spylix - The No.1 Text Messages Spy App

Spylix text messages viewer is a multi-function spy app that allows you to see all phone activity of messages on a target device. One of its functions is the ability to get text messages from another phone and have them sent to yours, so you can keep an eye on the target user who is communicating with and what messages they are reveiving from another phone number.

Spylix includes a huge range of features, so you need never miss any communication sent or received from another phone. These are included:

  1. Monitoring all incoming and outgoing texts
  2. Checking deleted messages
  3. Viewing social media apps and messages
  4. Spy messages in Stealth mode
  5. Keylogger function to view every keystroke on the device
  6. Spying Location info and history
  7. Keyword alert to show you when selected keywords are typed into the phone

The target device is not at risk as you don’t need to jailbreak or root it. That means the user will never know that you are keeping tabs on their phone activity.

Spylix has more functionality than any other spy app and supports 40 data types. You can use it to check call logs, see videos and images saved to the device and see pretty much any interaction it has been used for as well as where the device is now and where it has been.

1.3 Get Text Messages from Another Phone Sent to Mine Free with Spylix - a step by step guide

Spylix is the best text messages hacker you can get. If you want to receive someone’s text messages without access to the phone, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Get an active Spylix account.

Register for Spylix Account to get text from another phone

Step 2: Sync the target device with your account.

If the target device is on iOS, first make sure the iCloud syncing option is enabled on the device. You will also need to know the Apple ID and password for the phone if you want to spy on text messages without access to the phone.

Spylix Mobile Guidance Set up the Target Device to Get Ready

If iCloud syncing is enabled and you have the login details, simply go to your Spylix dashboard where you can input the cell phone number where indicated to connect it to your Spylix account.

Step 3: Monitor activity on the target phone in real-time from your Spylix dashboard.

Get text messages from the device sent to your phone and check in all activity anywhere at any time.

get text messages from another phone sent to mine with Spylix

Note: If you don’t have the Apple ID and password or if you want to spy on text messages on an Android device, you will need to access the target phone. Once in possession of the phone, go to your Spylix account and download the app to the target phone. You will only need to do this once and the software will run in the background so the user will not know that you are using a phone message hacker to hack text messages on their phone.

Method 2: How to Receive Text Messages from Another Phone with CocoSpy?

CocoSpy is another spy app that can help you answer the question of ‘How can I get text messages from another phone sent to mine?’

CocoSpy Helps You Get Text Messages from Another Phone

In addition to spying on text messages, CocoSpy enables you to see messages to and from the device on:

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Snapchat
  3. Facebook Messenger

To sign up to CocoSpy, go to the official website. First you must select the operating system of the device you want to spy on and make a purchase. For iOS, you will need to know the Apple ID and password for the device.

If you don’t know this information you will need to access the target phone to install the app in it. The same applies if you want to hack text messages on an Android device.

Once you have paid for a subscription you will receive an email containing a URL. Use the link to download the app and you can begin to hack phone text messages from the target device by following these steps:

  • With the app installed, sign in to CocoSpy.
  • Go to ‘Features’ on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
  • Find ‘Messages’ and click on it.

Once CocoSpy is successfully set up you will be able to view text messages from the other phone by logging into your account.

Method 3: How Can I See Text Messages from Another Phone with NexSPY

NexSPY is an advanced spying app that enables you to spy on many aspects of how the target device is used, including giving you the ability to hack text messages without access to phone. You can instantly view the location of the device as well as checking messages, videos and images, contacts, call logs, private search history and more. You can even censor certain content to prevent your child from accessing adult material.

Nexspy Helps You Get Text Messages from Another Phone

NexSPY includes multiple functions but cannot be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store and is only really suitable for Android devices. It can be installed on iOS, but you will need to jailbreak the device which brings security risks and increases your chances of being caught.

To install the NexSPY app on an Android mobile device, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official NexSPY website, create an account and pay for the subscription you want.
  • Now get hold of the target device.
  • On the target device go to ‘Settings’ and allow ‘Unknown Sources’ installation.
  • Then install the NexSPY app onto the target device making sure you accept the licence.
  • Activate ‘Update Service’.

You can now start spying on text messages on the target phone. If you don’t want the user to know you are able to view their text messages on your phone, remember to put NexSPY into stealth mode.

Method 4: How to Check Text from Another Phone with uMobix

uMobix is a spy app that allows you to see text messages from another phone on your device and monitor other information about the target device too.

The app doesn’t always require software installation on the target device and, in addition to intercepting text messages, it gives you access to call logs, location and other messaging apps.

Umobix Helps You Get Text Messages from Another Phone

If the device you want to spy on Android, you will need to gain access to it before you can start seeing text messages, call logs and any other communication the phone is used for. If it is iOS and you know the credentials of the phone, you can start to see text messages without accessing the phone.

uMobix is quite new to the spy app market and users have reported that it rapidly increases battery consumption on the target device which is likely to raise the users’ suspicion. It is also quite pricey for a product that is relatively unknown.

You can install uMobix by following these simple steps:

  • Register at the official uMobix website and pay for your chosen plan.
  • You will receive a welcome email with installation instructions and a link to your dashboard. For Android you will need to install the app directly onto the target device. For iOS, you can start tracking text messages on the target device remotely if you have the Apple ID and password.
  • Now, log into your uMobix dashboard to hack text messages on the other phone.

Method 5: How to See Text on Another Phone with mSpy

To check text messages from another phone, you could choose the mSpy spy app. It has multiple functions and is compatible with both iOS and Android.

However, it does drain the battery on the target device and the premium plan is quite expensive compared with other similar spy apps. Also, the dashboard doesn’t update in real-time so you are always behind time when hacking text messages or viewing other phone activity.

5.1 Step by step guide to mSpy

Step 1: Subscribe to mspy and select the ‘No jailbreak’ option.

Create mSpy Account to Get Satrted

Step 2: Create your mSpy account.

Step 3: Enter the details of the cell phone you want to spy on.

Choose Device to Set up mSpy for Spying

Step 4: Login to your dashboard to begin monitoring phone activity on the target device.

FAQs on "How to Get Text Messages from Another Phone Sent to Mine?"

Couple Tracking Text Messages on Another Phone

How can I get my boyfriend's text messages on my iPhone?

The above 5 methods are all suitable for you. If you want a simple and professional one, just choose Spylix which will help you get your boyfriend's text messages sent or received on your iPhone.

Can I get a phone's text messages without accessing the target phone?

Yes. It is perfectly possible to get a phone’s text messages without needing to access the target phone given the right set of circumstances. As detailed above, there are plenty of spy apps on the market that allow you to track a phone’s activity without the user knowing. The best spy app to hack a phone’s text message without the phone is Spylix as it has the most features, is easy to use, and is reasonably priced.

Can I track text messages on someone else's phone for free?

All the spy apps mentioned above will allow you to get text messages from another phone sent to yours. But if you want the best spy app you should look no further than Spylix as it is the most powerful and is affordable.

What types of messages can I hack without access to the phone?

Spy apps allow you to spy on pretty much any mobile messages:

  1. SMS
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Messenger
  4. LINE
  5. Twitter
  6. Snapchat
  7. Instagram

For the specific details of which messaging services can be monitored with which app you would need to go to the official website for each spy app. But it’s worth remembering that spy solutions supports the most data types and is the most powerful spy app.


So, there you are. If you have ever asked yourself ‘How can I get text messages from another phone sent to mine?’, you now have the answer. An online search may throw up several

different options. Some of these will claim to be free, others will come at a cost. In reality, there is no completely free option if you want a full insight into somebody else’s phone activity. But there are some very powerful spy apps that can give you the information you need to put your mind at rest.

We’ve looked at several of those options here and our conclusion is that the best spy app is Spylix as it has the most comprehensive range of features. Try Spylix now and find out for yourself.

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