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Tips & Tricks on How to Find out If Your Spouse Is Cheating for Free

Loyalty and honesty are the fundamental aspects of a relationship, but if a spouse starts committing infidelity, it might leave no room for mending fences.

Even though the cheater will leave no evidence of their affair, they will definitely leave some breadcrumbs for you to spot.

But how to do it without breaking the bank?

Simply read this post to discover how to find out if your spouse is cheating for free.

How to find out if your spouse is cheating for free

Q 1: Can You Find out If Your Spouse Is Cheating for Free?

You can learn how to find out if your spouse is cheating online for free by snooping through their phone. Still, there are high chances of you getting caught, making it an unideal solution.

Another method is using a spy app to track their activities and see the details of the affair in real time, but this isn’t free. You can still utilize the free trial on these platforms.

Q 2: Can Online Cheating Be Detected?

Yes, online cheating can be spotted via spy apps once you enable it on your spouse’s phone.

It doesn’t matter if they commit infidelity on a dating app or using their social media accounts; these applications offer information on their dashboards.

Part 1: How Can You Tell If Your Spouse Is Cheating?

Even if a cheater manages to conceal direct evidence of their affair, they will invariably leave some subtle clues for you to discover. You can snoop through their phone and see if any dating app is installed.

This is a direct indication of cheating, as why would someone already in a relationship use such an app unless they are looking for other options.

If you can’t access their phone, notice how their daily routine has changed. Check if they have started to remain outside of the home more often than not.

Have they modified or altered their appearance? Have they stopped being intimate with you?

If yes, these are all signs that your spouse hasn’t been faithful to you.

Notice how they respond to your queries. If they are being distant, cold, and ignore you altogether, it indicates that they aren’t interested in you anymore.

Still, all these indicators are insufficient for a direct confrontation or accusation. You need solid proof!

So, what is the best free way to catch a cheating spouse? Check out the next section for details!

Part 2: 5 Best Free Cell Phone Trackers for Cheating Spouse

As mentioned earlier, the spy app is an efficient way to monitor a spouse and find out solid proof of them having an affair.

However, with so many platforms online, you could easily enable a faulty or unreliable service on the spouse’s phone, compromising your and your partner’s privacy.

So, this is why we have highlighted the top 5 free apps to catch a cheating spouse here.

Read on!

2.1 Spylix Cell Phone Tracker

Spylix is our number-one recommendation to track a cheating spouse’s cell phone for free.

Why? This app is easy to use, offers fast installation, and the stealth mode prevents the spouse from knowing that you are tracking their phone activities.

Moreover, it works on all standard Android devices, iPhones, and iPads. Every bit of data is uploaded to the online control panel, which you can access on any browser.

As far as installation is concerned, you do not have to enable the software on the device for iPhone spying.

For Android, it is a bit different! Although app installation is needed, the process is speedy and easy.

Key Features of Spylix Phone Spying App

With Spylix, you should start by accessing the Text Messages and Call Logs features to find out who your spouse is contacting frequently.

They could be cheating on you without someone you know. For this reason, these functions are quite handy.

Moreover, check their browsing history and the list of installed apps on Spylix’s control panel. If you find a dating app or URL, you have proof that they had committed infidelity.

Also, Spylix tracks their social media accounts to view who they have been chatting with online. Most cases of an affair generally start from social media.

How Can I Check My Spouse’s Phone for Cheating?

Follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to catch a cheating spouse texting for free!

Spy on Spouse’s iPhone

Step 1: Create a Free Spylix Account

Head over to the Spylix website, click Sign Up Free, and enter your valid email address to make a new account.

Sign up on Spylix for free

Step 2: Enter iCloud Account Information

Provide your spouse’s iCloud information to verify their device. No software installation is needed!

Enter the spouse’s iCloud account

Step 3: Check The Spouse’s iPhone

Open the control panel, and choose any feature to track their activities on the spot without them knowing.

Check the spouse’s iPhone to catch the affair

Spy on Spouse’s Android Device

Step 1: Set up The Free Spylix Account

On the app’s official website, enter your email to quickly make your free Spylix account.

Make a free Spylix account

Step 2: Install The App

Follow the instructions on your account to learn how to secretly install the Spylix app on the target device.

Install the Spylix app

Step 3: Check The Spouse’s Android Device

Once the installation is done, quickly navigate to the control panel to access several features offered by Spylix to collect evidence of the affair.

Check the spouse’s Android device to catch the affair

What Else Can Spylix Do?

Spylix also lets you track the spouse’s location and help you set geofences. With this, you can get notified if they visit the area where the other man/woman lives.

You can check their emails, monitor their calendar appointments, and even remotely block WiFi from their phone.

Also, with the Keylogger, you can spot keywords related to cheating or sexting.

Why Choose Spylix as The Best Phone Spying App?

Here are the reasons why we recommend Spylix as the best option to monitor the cheating spouse’s phone:

  • Ease of use
  • Excellent customer service
  • No root or jailbreak needed
  • Fast and hassle-free installation
  • Budget-friendly

2.2 uMobix

uMobix lets you view the spouse’s phone records, messages, browsing history, social media accounts, and more on an intuitive control panel.

The stealth mode on the app prevents you from being spotted. You can also track the target user’s location and browser history. Overall, it is a high-quality service.

uMobix spy app


  • User-friendly
  • Feature-rich


  • Expensive
  • Root/jailbreak is needed

2.3 Cocospy

Cocospy is another reliable service to keep tabs on the spouse’s phone activities without them knowing. Even though the tool is familiar and offers excellent service, it is still geo-restricted, resulting in slow updates on the control panel.

Its prevalent features include location tracking, social media spying, message spy, and more.

Cocospy spy app


  • Has a certain popularity


  • Geo-restricted
  • Slow updates

2.4 iKeyMonitor

With an intuitive interface and all the basic features, you can enable iKeyMonitor on the spouse’s phone without them noticing and collect evidence of cheating without worrying.

Its most compelling features are location tracking and browser history tracker.

iKeyMonitor spy app


  • Free plan available


  • Outdated control panel UI
  • Confusing website

2.5 Spyic

With Spyic, you can track other users’ social media activities remotely and collect any proof of them having an affair. The service is user-friendly, has a brilliant control panel, and presents all the top features, including location tracking, geo-fencing, SMS monitoring, etc.

Spyic spy app


  • Excellent refund policy
  • Easy to set up


  • Expensive
  • Sluggish customer support response time

Besides spy apps, you can learn information about your spouse’s supposed affairs online.

Here, we have listed the top 5 platforms!

Note: These platforms are quite convenient but offer limited information on the spouse’s affair. The details are often outdated and irrelevant. Moreover, the websites are not totally free!

3.1 UserSearch

You can search for your spouse’s profile on various dating sites (like Ashley Madison) and social networks using this website. If this feature does not work, you can enable the reverse phone lookup to track your partner.

User Search

3.2 Social Catfish

Social Catfish is an excellent reverse lookup service that can help you collect solid evidence of your spouse’s whereabouts and affairs. The platform is secure and reliable.

It offers features such as name search, email lookup, reverse phone lookup, username search, and more.

Social Catfish

3.3 Truthfinder

TruthFinder is an online-based tool to track any user’s personal details quickly. Just enter their name (first and last) and location to monitor the public records.

However, real-time information is often scarce on this website.

Truth Finder

3.4 Spokeo

After visiting the Spokeo website, just enter your spouse’s name, email, phone number, or even address to view the slightest bit of confidential information about them.

It is easy to navigate and offers instant results on the person’s personal details, whereabouts, social media presence, etc.


3.5 Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate collects data from several sources once you enter relevant details, including the spouse’s first name, last name, and state location.

This intuitive website lets you view contact information, criminal stats, location data, and social media account data.

Other features include reverse phone lookup, background check, username lookup, address search, and more. Also, you can download an app on your Android or iOS device to track a cheater.

Instant Checkmate

Part 4: How Do Cheaters Communicate?

In the past, cheaters communicated during social gatherings, but now due to technology and smartphones, they can utilize social media to keep in touch with each other.

Moreover, despite their positive usage, dating apps are prevalent among cheaters to contact one another.

They can make fake profiles on such sites and commit horrible acts without the partner noticing.

Furthermore, cheaters may even meet each other in the presence of their unsuspecting partners, particularly when they are unaware of the affair.


With this, our discussion on how to find out if your spouse is cheating for free ends!

Spy apps offer a piece of comprehensive information on the intentions of the cheating man or woman. You can gather evidence much more quickly and effectively than online websites.

Web-based trackers collect data from public records and are often outdated. So, it is rare that you would find substantial proof of your spouse’s affair with them.

Of all recommendations, opt for the Spylix phone tracker, a user-friendly, cost-effective, and powerful platform to gather proof of infidelity.

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