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10 Best Facebook Spy Apps You Can't Miss in 2024

Since Facebook came to be, people have been using it to communicate all manner of things. We expect most users to be adults who know what they are doing, but time and the activities have proven otherwise.

That is why Facebook spy apps are rising, and more people demand them. Parents are dying to know what their kids are doing online, and employers want to keep the employees in check.

Instead of worrying about how you can access their accounts, we have ten ways to spy on Facebook remotely without bothering about the access credentials. Keep reading to see what will uncover the Facebook activities you have wanted to view.

10 Best Facebook Spy Apps You Can’t Miss in 2024

Can I Spy on Someone on Facebook?

As we said in the introduction, Facebook spying is on the rise, which means it started a long time ago. Back in the day, you had to use complicated techniques equivalent to the lies you used to see in the movies.

Now, it's a matter of investing in a Facebook spy app, and the rest will follow. The app you use determines the kind of results you will get. Let's also not forget that many spy apps have different approaches to how you will get the content.

In most cases, apps require a one-time installation or an online verification if you target an iOS device. The ones that can fetch limited information after that may need rooting or jailbreaking where necessary.

Those techniques will get you more information, but you risk ruining the phone if you don't know what you are doing. Therefore, getting a solution that does not prompt you to compromise the phone but still get all the information is crucial.

Here is a review of the ten applications to help you spy Facebook online. We have the five best and five more that provide alternative ways. Let's learn how to use each to reach the unreachable Facebook accounts.

5 Best Facebook Spy Apps


Spylix is a solution that has proven to be a giant when it comes to spying on phone activities. Getting Facebook information is one of its capabilities, and it does swiftly after the setup.

You can use it on Android and iOS devices, and you don't need to root or jailbreak the devices. It will still get you the comprehensive information, which is why it leads the list. In Android, you need a one-time installation on the phone.

Spylix the Best Facebook Spy App

For iOS, the setup is online since it uses the iCloud ID. Once it has a way to get to the phone, you will be getting all the content you need remotely. Spylix uses a user-friendly dashboard to display the information, and it works with all browsers.

That is where you will get all the posts, comments, messages from the messenger, and any attached media files. It's also important to know when the information arrived and from whom.

Spylix will display the contact details as well, together with the timestamps. If you want to access the account directly, you can use the keylogger. It collects the keystrokes made on the phone. You can therefore get the account's username and password.


mSpy is a recognized application that has been in the spy niche for more than ten years. It can spy on Facebook, among other phone activities, and all it requires is a one-time installation if you are targeting an Android phone.

In iOS, it will use the Apple ID to sync with the iCloud before showing you the results remotely. There is the Facebook tracking feature that captures the activities on the application.

You can also use the keylogger to fetch the username and password. That will help you enter the account directly and see what else is missing. Otherwise, it will still get hold of the posts, comments, and conversations on Messenger.

You can also view more, such as contacts, calls, real-time location, and other social media activities. Depending on what you need, it will give you comprehensive information but more is there if you root or jailbreak the device.


Snoopza is a perfect solution for parents who need a Facebook messenger spy app without a target phone. It's free of charge and among the free features available is the Facebook specification.

It will reach for the Messenger activities together with the media files available. You will also get the contact details of those involved and the timestamps. If you need visual evidence, you can also take screenshots of the application's activities and spy on other social media activities.


It's free to use, so expect the application to have some limitations regarding what you can get. It also works on Android devices only. So, if you are targeting iOS, you will need a different application.

The best part is that your target will never know what's happening because it operates in stealth mode. The icon will be hidden, but it will be actively fetching information in the background.


Hoverwatch will also help you spy on Facebook activities and display the details remotely. You will get the messages and the information about those concerned. If there are any files, you will also view them.

The advantage of using Hoverwatch is that it's free to acquire. If you upgrade to the plans, you have a chance to spy on more than 20 devices if you pick the business package. However, if you compare Hoverwatch to the first two in the review, there are fewer features.

It works on Android, macOS, and Windows. What's lacking here is the iOS, and that's quite ridiculous given that they have already ventured into the Mac world. You need to install the application once before getting the Facebook activities and more in your account online.

Apart from Facebook, it can also tell you the location of the Facebook user and the messages. The targeted phone user will never know anything since stealth mode hides the app's icon.


Nexspy is a perfect Facebook Messenger spy app for both Android and iPhones. It will get hold of the activities and all the supporting information. You can also use it to capture any photos or videos attached to the conversations.


More to that includes getting the location of the device and all the other visited places. You can also take screenshots using the application. There is also the keylogger to fetch the login credentials for you.

So, if you want to access the account directly, Nexspy has a way out. Depending on the device, you may have to root or jailbreak for the Androids and iOS devices, respectively. The developers claim that it will hide the rooting/jailbreaking evidence.

While that is quite an assurance, you may still not want to try if compromising the phone will ruin its warranty.

Top 5 Facebook Spy Apps Verdict

The top five applications above achieve to be on the top since they spy on Facebook activities and give you more information that ascertains everything. Some of them are free while others you have to pay for them.

There is limited information for those who don't need to pay like Snoopza, plus you may not get much from other features. Applications like Spylix and Nexspy have more to show, and that's why there is a price tag on them.

Therefore, it settles down what you need to know from the targeted Facebook account. Spylix wins the race here compared to the rest since it has comprehensive information to show, and you don't need to compromise the devices in any way.

Other 5 Ways to Spy Facebook

The top five have proven a point when it comes to Facebook spying. For more exploration, we have five more alternatives you can seek out. They also work for most parts, and you can also use them in various ways.


Parents are welcome to use eyeZy on their kids' phones and get all the Facebook activities. It's specialized to run on Android and iOS devices without root or jailbreak. After installation, it also allows you to take screenshots and collect login credentials using the keylogger.


You can use the application to get information from other social media apps and block them if the kid is using them inappropriately. It will get even the deleted messages and the supporting information such as the contacts and the timestamps.


Spyzie is another Facebook spy online solution that will also benefit from the social platform's online activities. It's not complicated to set up since it's all about a one-time installation on Android.

In iOS, all you require are the iCloud credentials, and you are good to go. After the setup, you will depend on your account to show you what's happening on the Facebook account and other phone activities.

The targeted user will be in the dark since it has stealth mode. You will see the texts, comments, attached media files, and contact details on your dashboard. The timestamps will also be available.


This application has been around for years now, helping parents and employers to uncover what their subjects are doing on the small screens. It also works on Android, and iOS environments where rooting and jailbreaking are not part of the requirements.


It's therefore easy to set up, and once you do, everything you need to view will be in your online account. The dashboard here is user-friendly, and you can use any device with an internet connection to view it.

Cocospy will show you all the Facebook activities. You can also depend on the keylogger to fetch the login credentials. In Android, the Facebook activities are under the 'Social Apps' dropdown.

In iOS, you can locate them via the 'Applications' feature.


Spybubble is another Facebook spy app that also captures Facebook activities, among other things. You can use it on a targeted Android or iOS phone, but there are compatibility issues to check before the setup.

It's compatible with some of the versions in both environments. If you find out that there is limited information after installation, there may be a need to root or jailbreak the phone. Later, you can view the FB activities online and what is stored on the phone.

Spybubble also does not have many features compared to the top five apps. So, if you want to view the basic activities only without altering the phone, it will suit you.


Lastly, we have the iKeyMonitor application compatible with Android and iOS devices. It has various features to explore, and Facebook spying is one of them. That's the feature that will tell you what your target is doing on the social platform.


It gets the post and comments together with the pictures and videos. In the Messenger, it will fetch the private conversations, contact details, and the timestamps too. While it has a nice dashboard to show you the results remotely, rooting or jailbreaking may be inevitable.

Other useful features here include screen time, which allows you to set up when the phone should be off. That is essential for parents with kids who are glued to their screens.

Verdict on 5 Other Ways to Spy Facebook

The alternative methods are also applicable, and they work. However, you will meet limitations such as more prices or having to root or jailbreak the phone. Since they don't involve much, apps such as CocoSpy and Spyzie may be safe for you.

For others, such as Spybubble, the targeted phone may be aware of something wrong after rooting or jailbreaking the device. So, the application may hide using stealth mode, but alteration footprints let the targeted user follow through.

FAQs on Facebook Spy

Is There an App to Spy on Someone's Facebook?

Applications such as Spylix will help you spy on someone's Facebook without the targeted phone. All you need is to follow the one-time setup instructions and then proceed to your online account to view the activities.

You get all the activities from the messages to the timestamps.

Can Facebook Messenger be spied on?

You can spy on Facebook Messenger and get all the conversations. With Apps like Spylix and mSpy, they will get the secret conversations, contact details, and timestamps. If there are any attached files, they will also be available.

Can Someone See My Messenger Messages from Another Phone?

If someone has a spying application, they can view the Messenger messages from another phone. The spying solution will sync the information from the Messenger and other applications and avail it on an online dashboard being used by the app remotely.

Since such dashboards are online, somebody can access them using their phone if they have an internet connection.


You now have ten Facebook spy solutions to help you get hold of the platform's conversations. We know that you are spoilt for choice, which may bring some confusion. The app you choose depends on what you want the results to be after the setup.

If you need the best recommendation, then look no further beyond Spylix. It will get you all the information you need from Facebook. You will also get a chance to know their login credentials and what else is on the targeted phone.

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