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10 Best WhatsApp Spy Tools and Apps for Cell Phone

WhatsApp is an amazing tool that is used in the communication and business fields. In the past, it was considered that WhatsApp is an end-to-end encrypted tool and no one can ever spy on it. Now the technology has provided you with amazing tools through which you can easily monitor WhatsApp activities.

WhatsApp spy tool  must be a very easily available and quick responsive tool. You would be amazed to look at the complete list of options according to the desire of the customers. Let's look at the complete guideline.

WhatsApp Spy Tool Is A Responsive Tool

What Makes the Best WhatsApp Spy Tools?

If you are looking for an official WhatsApp spy tool that provides the best services. The features that must be present in online spy tools are:

Simple Interface

A WhatsApp spy tool must be simple in its work. Any tool which has complex procedures and requires technical work is not appealing to the user. Quick services with simple steps are the most ideal ones.


Everyone wants a tool that provides the most authentic results without any doubt. If a spy tool is providing the biggest results then the user will always face a situation of worry. Authentic results provide confidence to the user in taking strict actions.

Authentic Results

The growing world has a lot of challenges for users. The main challenge that we need to cope with is to get the desired

Updated Features

Nobody wants to use a tool that has old spying features. Due to advancements in the present world, everyone wants updated features that are capable enough to deal with the present technology without any restriction.

10 Best WhatsApp Spy Tools and Apps for Cell Phones

Some of the amazing WhatsApp tools are explained below:

1. Spylix

Spylix is the only app that has the quality to provide 40 amazing features to Android users. iOS users are never forgotten by the Spylix as 18 new features are also there for them. This is the basic reason for the popularity of this tool among its competitors.

Create a Spylix Account to spy whatsapp

Experts always require you to use Spylix if you are a beginner due to its easy work. A person would be amazed by the customer reviews as everyone likes to use it due to its bugs free working. If you are stuck in any problem customer services will provide you with the help within a few seconds.

It has amazing compatibility with all Android and iOS devices. As it is well known that rooting and jailbreaking are quite destructive things for a device. Due to this reason, Spylix doesn't need rooting and jailbreaking.


Some of the prominent features that are provided by Spylix are:

  • Budget-Friendly: It is the most budget-friendly tool for the ease of the user.
  • Easy: It has an amazingly simple interface specially designed to help beginners.
  • Upgraded: Updated features at affordable prices are provided to create an air of relaxation for users.
  • Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are quite satisfying as a lot of audiences are praising this tool.
  • Compatibility: Amazing compatibility for Android and iOS devices without any need for rooting or jailbreaking.

2. mSpy

Another most trusted and famous spying app is mSpy. This service is considered the best among all WhatsApp spy tools as it is very helpful for parents who are concerned about their children's activities and found it a reliable way of keeping an eye on them.

It allows you to view the WhatsApp messages not only sent but also received with complete detail including time and date, etc. Hence, if you are a parent then it is suggested to choose mSpy at least once to check its features.


Although there are lots of benefits that make mSpy the best and most authentic the topmost benefits are mentioned below:

  • Access to browser history: The main benefit of mSpy is that it offers users a great interface to collect every activity done on the browser of targeted devices.
  • Compatibility: We have a great facility to use mSpy on both Android as well as iOS devices. Moreover, it doesn't require rooting or jailbreaking a device.
  • Cost-effective: We are given about three bundles of budget-friendly pricing plans that we can choose according to our budget and requirement.


Let us have a quick glance at another best working spying solution which is named as XNSPY. If you are trying to track someone's WhatsApp then this tool will never fail to provide you with the interface to do so. We can use it on an iPhone as well as an Android device.

But if you want to track the coming or outgoing call on WhatsApp then this service will require rooting of an android device. Not only WhatsApp content but sim contacts, text messages, emails, and browser history will also be provided to you.

Xnspy allows you to track one's whatsapp


Given are the benefits of XNSPY:

  • Untraceable: This is considered a great feature for the parents who want to keep spying apps secret from their children.
  • Updated data: If while tracking a message or an email is received or sent to someone else then we will be updated quickly at the same time.
  • Access to deleted messages: If the targeted person deletes a message then we will still be able to view that deleted message.

4. Hoverwatch

If you are in search of a monitoring app that lets you monitor WhatsApp of any person on an android device then Hoverwatch is the best choice. We can track WhatsApp messages, videos, and audio. It doesn't matter if they have been sent or received.

You can view WhatsApp data of your children, partner, or worker as well. Moreover, it will never cost you much money just like other spying apps hence you can use it without any worry of Budget or getting caught by the targeted person.


Let us have a look at the main and top features of Hoverwatch:

Compatibility: We have a great facility to track WhatsApp of our child or partner on an android device easily.

Track more than one device: Once, we have created an account on Hoverwatch then we are allowed to track about five different devices.

Remote access: If you can't have physical access to the targeted device then you can still monitor WhatsApp because of its amazing remote access feature.

5. Spylive360

There are lots of people who don't get satisfied easily with WhatsApp spy apps free. If you are also one of them then it is advisable to try Spylive360. There will be no exaggeration in saying that this tool is having a great number of users just because of its interface and advanced features.

All the features are amazing but the location tracker is the best one as it allows users to track the real-time location of a particular person at any time. Moreover, by using this service we can have easy access to all the messages sent or received by the targeted person which can be your child or partner.

use spylive360 to receive massages from the targeted person


After having a short introduction to Spylive360, let us have a quick glance over its top benefits of it:

  • Track remotely: It has the ability to track the phone remotely and hence there is no need to access the targeted phone again and again to check WhatsApp messages.
  • Startup: The most amazing fact about Spylive360 is its starting processing that takes only 3 minutes and hence users don't have to wait until loading completes.
  • Free trial: Before using spylive360, users are provided with a free trial so that they can examine every aspect of it and can't decide whether to use it or not.

6. Snoopza

Snoopza is considered the best choice if you are trying to spy on a particular person. Its amazing features have created its distinct position among all the other freespy tools and are helpful, especially for keeping an eye on your child or partner's WhatsApp messages.

The amazing fact about this tool is its hidden mode that will never let anyone know about your spying activities. This tool is budget-friendly and hence users don't have to consume lots of money just to spy on one's WhatsApp messages.


There are lots of benefits of Snoopza that contribute to making it a foremost and demanding service for spying on WhatsApp messages instantly.

  • Versatility: It allows users to spy on almost every social media platform like WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc.
  • Block sites: If you are a parent and are tracking your children's phones then you have a great facility to block the inappropriate sites from their phones.
  • Remotely control: It can control the phone remotely and hence there is no need to access the phone physically.

7. Tispy

WhatsApp monitoring feature is not as popular and hence few spying apps offer it. But Tispy is one of the spying apps that not only offer this feature but also gives us full authority to examine all the WhatsApp content easily without facing any error.

This service is also named a parental control tool as it is very helpful for the parents to keep checking and balancing children. The main purpose of this tool is to keep children away from scammers and inappropriate data by examining them.

Tispy is very helpful for the parents to keep checking and balancing children.


The uniques benefits of this tool are:

  • Untrackable: Parents don't want children to know about their spying and hence this feature proves to be helpful for them.
  • Budget-friendly: This tool is budget-friendly and we can track any WhatsApp without consuming lots of money.
  • No need for rooting: While using Tispy, there is no need to root the android device which takes up lots of time.

8. SpyBubble

Spying apps are always demanding but SpyBubble is the one that is at the next level. Its discreet features have contributed to making it the best and most reliable spying app. We can use it on Android as well as iPhone devices.

This tool proves to be helpful for you especially if you are a parent, wife, husband, or boss. As you can track your child, spouse, partner, or worker's WhatsApp easily without alerting them.


  • Money-back guarantee: The most amazing feature of SpyBubble is its money-back feature. That means we can have our money back in case of dissatisfaction.
  • Parental control: Parents are gaining full advantage of it by keeping checks and balances on their children very secretly.
  • Compatibility: The service is compatible with both iOS as well as android devices.

9. FlexiSpy

Now, the next and best spy WhatsApp software on today's list is FlexiSpy. The most helpful feature of this tool is WhatsApp Monitoring which lets you view every activity performed by the targeted person on WhatsApp.

We can use it on both iPhone as well as Android devices but the only drawback is that jailbreaking and rooting are needed for WhatsApp spying.

Flexispy is the best spy WhatsApp software


The benefits of FlexiSpy are mentioned below:

  • Compatibility: We have a great facility to use FlexiSpy on both Android as well as iOS devices.
  • Access to videos: By using FlexiSpy, we are allowed to view all the videos that are saved on the targeted device.
  • Undetectable: It doesn't matter how long we track a person, we will never be able to be detected by the targeted person.

10. KidsGuard Pro

It is one of the dedicated monitoring apps for WhatsApp without any rooting necessity. You can monitor chats, calls, and status, along with the voice messages of the target person. It has an easy-to-use interface that is available for Android along with tablets.

It provides quick services to its users as only 3 minutes are required for the complete installation of this tool. It doesn't give any alert to the target person and you can work freely due to its stealth mode.


Let's go through the prominent benefits that you provided by this tool.

  • Screen Recording: A user can screen record the working of the target person on WhatsApp to have authentic proof.
  • Easy to Use: If you are a beginner you can easily use this tool without any complexity or indulging in complex procedures.
  • Quick: It is quick in its working hence you can get the installation along with the monitoring results in a few seconds.

How to Spy WhatsApp Online for Free?

Spylix is an amazing tool that is specially designed to provide all the spying features on one platform. The most amazing tool that is present on this website is WhatsApp spy. It has the most simple interface for beginners with updated features at affordable prices.

If you are a parent who wants to monitor the activities of their children or a stakeholder who is not sure about the loyalty of employees or a person in a relationship who wants to spy on his or her partner.

In all the above-mentioned situations, you always think about tools that work secretly so that the other person would never get alert. Spylix becomes invisible after installation and occupies very less space without draining the battery of the target person.

You must become curious to learn the procedure to use this tool hence it is explained here:

Step 1: Register for a Free Spylix Account

Head towards the official website and register for the Spylix free account.

Create a Spylix Account to Track Phone Location

Step 2: Setting up The Target Device

Instructions are needed to follow to set up a Spylix account on the device.

set up a spylix account on your phone

Step 3: Start Monitoring WhatsApp Online

Login to the device using credentials and start monitoring the WhatsApp of the target person.

Login to the device with Spylix

A spying tool has multiple functions in it so that a user can use it at any time. The same happens for the Spylix as it provides marvelous WhatsApp spy features that work multidimensionally. Some of the WhatsApp spy features that are provided for its users are:

Calls Monitoring: A user is allowed to monitor all the call details including their timing and duration along with the contact details.

Messages Tracking: A person can track the complete conversation of a person on WhatsApp. You can get the details about the message, its timing, and date, along with the sender’s information.

Status Update: If a person has set a different status on privacy then you can have a look at it using this tool. The target person will never get to know about it.

Media Information: All the media that is present on WhatsApp is provided to the user. You will get to know about the documents, photos, and videos along with the sender/receiver details.

Updated and Deleted Information: A person is not restricted to learning about the present or saved information only. Spylix also provides you with all the information related to the deleted media on WhatsApp.

Get New WhatsApp Spy Tools and Apps for Free!

WhatsApp spy tool is needed to be ideal in its working so that a user would never feel unsatisfied or doubtful. If you are looking for the best WhatsApp spy tool and want to know what are the features that must be present in the best tool available on the internet. Spylix contains the maximum features that are needed to be present in the ideal WhatsApp spy tool.

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